When does come out Transformers 7 movie 2019

This fantasy-adventure thriller will appeal to all who seek thrills. And the invariable tandem of young but fearless protagonists will definitely make watching the film Transformers 7 unforgettable.

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The epic about the cooperation of the Autobots and humans won the planet over from the first part, and Megan Fox who starred there instantly became a sex symbol of a new generation. A breathtaking story in the style of action, shot by Michael Bay, the world first saw in 2007. Since then, there have been 5 more parts (the fifth will be released in 2017), and the release of the latter, for dynamics and special effects will not be inferior to the previous ones, is expected in 2019. The premiere of the film Transformers 7 is eagerly awaited by fans.

When is Transformers 7 2019 coming to theaters?

The movie has to appear on screens in 2019.

Transformers 7 2019

“Transformers” announced the leader in the number of hidden advertising

The main blockbuster in 2014, the laureate of the Golden Raspberry for the worst director’s work and the last film of the series to date – the film “Transformers: The Age of Extinction” was again in the spotlight. The movie was noted for a record number of hidden advertising.

The Internet portal Brand Channel awarded the movie for hidden advertising of 55 brands – this is a record figure in the cinema for 2014. In particular, the film shows a glimpse of Armani, Budweiser, Victoria’s Secret. Special attention is paid to Chinese brands like Yili milk, which is explained by the orientation of the “Transformers” to the local industry: some of the scenes were shot in China. However, the “Transformers” are not accustomed: in the third part 71 brands were mentioned, and it also became a prize-winner in a similar nomination.


The movie Transformers 7 trailer is not available. It will come closer to release of the picture.


Fantastic film Transformers 7 will show the return of the famous alien robots, who dragged all of the humanity into their horrific war with many consequences. It was the participation of ordinary people that proved decisive in the battle with different invaders that flew to Earth from other planets. The film will deal with the war of the Autobots with the Decepticons, which are once again trying to capture the universe. The main purpose of the Decepticons is to obtain a powerful artifact, which, if fall into the arms of the enemies, can even lead to the death of the Galaxy. Autobots know this very well, so they try to protect this artifact with the help of people. People compared to these robots are weak creatures, but smart. They constantly come to the rescue of the Autobots, although this is very dangerous for them. Autobots themselves appreciate the devotion of people. That’s why they repeatedly save them when the invaders want not only to get their own but also to destroy all who are on their way.

The film Transformers 7 (2019) shows how people and Autobots work for one goal, and the Decepticons do not like it very much. Although, Autobots feel their superiority over everyone, but the danger from people still goes. To protect the entire galaxy, the Autobots will have to turn from fashion car brands to huge robots that are aimed at driving out invaders from the Earth and the world lived in peace.

Will humanity resist alien machines? And what consequences will their war have? All these riddles will unfold after watching the movie Transformers 7.


  • M. Wahlberg as Cade Yeager
  • G. Chan as Quintessa
  • Josh Duhamel as Lt. Colonel William Lennox

Release Date

Transformers 7 2019 movie release date is scheduled for June 28, 2019, in the USA.

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