Wonderstruck movie trailer 2017

Every once in a while, Hollywood produces one-of-a-kind movies that touch us deeply and warm our hearts. Wonderstruck is one of those special films, a drama slash mystery that you can watch with your family (including the little ones) and appreciate the strong message that the director/screenwriter are sharing with the world.

Judging by the Wonderstruck movie trailer 2017, we can expect a moving, resonating, slow-paced masterpiece that will be equally praised by the critics and the fans. Unfortunately, the one and only trailer that’s available today came out a month ago and just shows a little boy and a little girl in different timelines walking around in what seems to be a museum. The direction, however, and the camera work are off-the-charts, and the music is fascinating.


Back And Forth In Time

The atmosphere of the different times is amazing and allows you to truly see and feel how life changed. The first story follows a little girl from the American Midwest who left her home and went out to search for her icon Lillian Mayhew. The girl’s name is Rose, and she’s all alone in the world. The second story is about a young boy 50 years later, and he’s also on a quest towards finding that special something (or someone?) that will bring meaning and joy into his daily routine. The Wonderstruck teaser trailer is full of grace, hope, and beauty, which means the fans of authentic, emotionally strong, and powerful tales will embrace it.

The movie will hit the theaters on October 20th as a limited release; the wider release will follow a couple of weeks later. The official closed premiere back in May received a lot of positive reviews from the world-renowned critics who called it one of the best films of the Cannes Festival. Oakes Fegley, the gifted teenager who’s playing Ben, the little boy, is considered to be one of the finest young actors of our time, while Millicent Simmonds, the girl who portrays Rose, already has a couple of prestigious awards behind her back.

A Movie For Your Heart And Soul

At the end of the day, films like this one are like food for your heart and soul; no blockbuster or romantic comedy can give you the same experience as a heart-wrenching, inspiring tale like Wonderstruck. Fifty years apart, these kiddos are running away from their comfort zones to find their happily ever after. The new Wonderstruck official trailer 2017 did a great job of introducing us to the main characters; let’s wait for the next one to show us some action!

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