When does come out A Quiet Passion movie 2017


Terence Davies is a director of the movie. He is known for “Distant Voices”, “Of time and the City”.

  • F. Hoffmeister is a cinematographer.
  • P. Ciaula is a film editor.
  • M. Sep is a production designer.
  • M. Glas is an art director.
  • I. Willocx is a set decorator.
  • C. Marchand is a costume designer.

When is A Quiet Passion 2017 coming to theaters?

It is scheduled to show movie on screens in the beginning of the April, 2017 in UK. In the USA exact date is still unknown.

A Quiet Passion movie 2017

Interesting Facts

It is interesting the different estimates of the picture from American and British critics. If the first slightly lift up the nose, snorting with displeasure, the latter shall take the story of Emily Dickinson, shown by Terence Davies, as an interesting study of the life of the poet-hermit who has been recognized only after her death.

We meet Emily as a teenager at the seminary, where it calls into question the existence of God, what irritates prim teacher. Girl then take home (her father decides that it would be better there). Emily asks her father permission to write poems at night, and he permits. By the standards of America’s middle of the XIX century, Emily’s father is behaving very progressive. In addition to her father and mother, aspiring poet communicates with her brother, sister Lavinia (Jennifer Ili) and the sister’s friend, a brisk at Vrayling language (Katherine Bailey). The existence of Emily – solid verbal swordplay at day and at night a writing poetry, which she then weaves touching in small booklets. She longs for love, but that avoids Emily’s side, until finally the poet is not closed within the four walls, refusing to even come out of her room.

Emily Dickinson by Cynthia Nixon, best known for playing practical Miranda from the TV series “Sex and the City” is incredibly nice, witty and well-read woman. Poems, sounding overs, Nixon recites gentle and with a little naive voice. Assuming that poetry is not the most natural way of expression (and certainly is given not to everyone), the understandable form that Davis selected for “Quite Passion”.

A Quiet Passion 2017

The film is almost static, it cannot boast of different locations, tense scenes or rhythmic montage. It flows slowly, gradually revealing the reasons for leaving Dickinson to her own world, ruled by rhyme ball and non-standard punctuation (dashes poet loved and used the mark more often than that required English grammar). The main character immersed in thinking about the feelings that she never be able to experience. Probably, it would be easy to bring everything to the phrase “This is the story of how Emily Dickinson loved but not married,” but Davis Dickinson looks farther mortal thoughts about love, understanding that we are all mortal. Despite the many ironic moments, regularly called laughter in a show in Berlin, “Quite Passion” is also a film about the death. She constantly is in the frame and behind the scenes, leaving a feeling of easy viewing of sadness.


The official movie A Quiet Passion trailer is now available on the YouTube.

Live without love

Now the concepts of love in the minds of our young men and women are so far departed from the faith, loyalty, responsibility, duty, that is, and you will never meet it, your destiny.

A Quiet Passion movie

Therefore, in the age of the insulted and injured, in an age when thousands of people are languishing without encountering around them a warm smile, a kind word, let’s just be mindful and we find a dozen hands outstretched to us.

Human heart longs for love, but when it begins to exude it, the world will be transformed, and we must be able to be happy, because happiness lies precisely in the fact that you are in demand, you can be spent arbitrarily, like Christ on the cross, in order to maintain, comfort and encourage.


Lyrical review of Emily Dickinson’s life which is sparse on external events but full of inner tension, burning and burnout. The film tells the true story of a wayward teenager, who over the years transformed into a unique poet and at the same time in the fading recluse.


  • C. Nixon as Emily Dickinson
  • J. Ehle as Vinnie Dickinson
  • D. Duff as Austin Dickinson
  • J. Bacon as Mother (Emily Norcross)

Release Date

A Quiet Passion 2017 movie release date is programmed on 7th of April, 2017 in UK. In the USA maybe film will be shown after the TIFF.

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