When does come out After the Wedding movie 2017


Let the honeymoon begins!

The movie “After the Wedding” is directed by Claudia Cifuentes. It filmed in the genres comedy and drama. In this article we will try to get answers on the question: When does After the Wedding come out and find out information on this movie? Let’s go!


Claudia Cifuentes is a director of the movie. She is known for “Men in Black 3”, “Did you Hera about the Morgans”, “Someone like you”, “The next three days”.

  1. Barriga is a cinematographer.
  2. Quackenbush is an editor.

after the wedding movie 2017

When is After the Wedding coming to theaters?

The exact release date of the movie is programmed on the middle of February, 2017.

The idea of the movie

The betrayal of thee husband is only a consequence, but the cause of it is shared suffering in marriage. There are many signs of dysfunctional relationships of spouses and if the wife will notice them, she can prevent infidelity and breakdown of the marriage. One of the signs is a sense of boredom, lack of topics for conversation or when all the attention devoted to the child and the woman discuss education problems. Lack of joint facilities, attention to the husband, the constant complaints and reproaches to him can be a major reason that the husband starts to seek affection on the side.

The cause of male cheating may be the lack of a trusting relationship with his lover because of the fact that his wife is too jealous and cannot cope with her emotions. Usually all this is the result of constant hysteria on the part of women which is relevant in her opinion reasons, it may be for being late from work, because he looked after the beautiful girl in the street and she is always looking for proof of his cheating, digging in his pocket, read SMS and emails, then sooner or later the court itself trouble.

after the wedding movie

Why men cheat?

In fact, many men are looking for not sex on the side but the warm and friendly relations. Therefore assume that the husband has cheated because he liked a young and beautiful woman, in many cases do not correspond to reality. According to statistics, most men go to the one who looks inferior to his wife. Consequently, the cause of male cheating is not in appearance, but in the fact that the other, not very attractive woman could make him feel like a real man and not just the usual property, who is obliged to support the family. In many cases, men’s cheating falls on the period of life after 40 years. Age of the crisis for men, as they say in this period they have “gray hair in his beard and lusty.” Men cannot come to terms with old age and cheating is coming to them like a kind of protest that they want to prove to themselves and others that they could do everything. Many men in this period leave families.

Stalling the whole blame for her husband’s cheating to the wife that she is not beautiful, attentive, sexy, constantly jealous, does not watch her figure, she does not care about the comfort and poorly prepared, of course, wrong. The very many men lead to cheating their psychological problems inherent in their nature by parents in the education process. The conquest of every woman and cheating wife for them is a kind of victory and the proof of their superiority over others.

The official movie After the Wedding trailer is available now on our site.

after the wedding 2017


Diego Diaz (N. Puga) is  novelist and just married with Mariana (E. Ganem). Diego moves to Miami for two or three weeks in order to end his book before his little miracle is to join him for the wedding of their friend.  The disappointed Diego once already in Miami meets a cute and attractive girl named Vanessa playing the pool. But his meeting is not good for Diego cause during all these innocent friendship with Vanessa on the beach with parties all day long she tells him that she wants more than a friendship. And now Diego have to choose between the girl who he know very little about which like to live “one day life”  and his little miracle whom he loves so much but she wants a traditional life in tradition family. The movie is very good. This movie is like a portrait of the new age family with it dirty little secrets.


  1. Fay as Vanessa
  2. Ganem as Mariana Diaz
  3. Puga as Diego Diaz

After the Wedding 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 14th of February, 2017.

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