When does come out Bastards movie 2017


Imagine a story about two adult brothers, who lived all their life in a lie, that father died when they were children. However, one time they have learned that their entire world that they believed was not true and two men want to know who is a real father. This eccentric comedy will open new sides of the family in general and especially about actors that opened for us new emotions, so interesting in a new performance. All the fans of good comedy are interested when does Bastards come out. We can expect this funny but in somehow dramatic comedy after the new year, in January.


Wild child mother admits that she get laid with many successful people while swinging in the famous nightclub Studio 54 in the 70s. Boys are shocked and they decide that it would be in their best interest to find out who is their biological father with the childish hopes of improving their lives. Movie “Bastards” trailer full of surprises, famous people, and good jokes. You will enjoy seeing familiar actor in this beautiful picture.

Bastards movie 2017

Creating team

Lawrence Sher has already filmed whole 3 parts of Hangover and moves forward. He shows himself good in directing top-rated comedies. Wish I Was Here (2014), War Dogs (2016), The Dictator (2012). Bastards 2017 movie release date will be close to January 2017.


Glenn Close is a totally unexpected actress in this movie. In a career of today’s Glenn Close has always lacked serious dramatic works. But do not think that the great palette of acting roles, Glenn Close is limited only to these. Comedy and family films found in the filmography of the actress also quite common. A striking example is the film “101 Dalmatians,” “102 Dalmatians,” “Mars Attacks,” “The Stepford Wives,” “Captain Hook”. All these films occupy a worthy place in the record of the works of the legendary actress. She has worked on a film set with actors such as Jeff Daniels, Hugh Laurie, Bette Midler, Christopher Walken and others.

Bastards movie

Ed Helms and Owen Wilson is a little unusual couple for this comedy. We get used to seeing these guys separately in different roles but this time director will surprise us. Worldwide famous Paramount Pictures has obtained the rights to the script Bastards, which will come from writer Justin Malen. He has already written several comedies and his next masterpiece after “Bastards” will be “Bad teacher 2”. Besides this, he has written a script for Office Christmas Party (2016), Baywatch (2017), TV series “Trophy Wife”.

Edward “Ed” Helms a quite famous American comedian. However, despite the immense popularity of the series “Office” in which he starred from 2006, really famous he become after his role as Dr. Stu Price of “Hangover”. He is looking good in comedies. He played in all parts of Hangover, he starred in “We are the millers”, and the most outstanding, that he can play stupid naive guy and next time in another role he becomes successful millionaire.

Bastards 2017

Owen Wilson is not new in comedies. Before he starred in “The Internship”, “Little Fockers”. Also, we will see him in the upcoming movie 2017 year “Lost in London” that will come on 19 January. Owen Wilson is known for his talent of improvisation. Many funny lines in the movie, which he starred, was invented by the actor. Wilson loves more to write scripts than to play, although it is recognized that it is easier to play. In 2000, Owen Wilson starred the comedy “Shanghai Noon” with Jackie Chan. The worldwide box office film grossed nearly $ 100 million. And to Owen brought immense popularity.

R-rated movies are now so popular that director didn’t hesitate to make this picture in R rate.

American actor Jonathan Kimble (or JK) Simmons throughout his career has been known as a professional, who is comfortably inhabits the role. You’ve probably seen it in the movies about the Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire. And in 2015 he received the “Oscar” for his excellent performance as a despotic conductor in the film “Whiplash” (“Best Supporting Actor”). In this movie, he will play the potential father of boys. Another possible father will play Ving Rhames, famous with “Mission Impossible”.

When is Bastards coming to theaters we can say now for sure. You will see this eccentric movie on January 27, 2017.

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