When does come out Blade Runner 2049 movie 2017


The next upcoming movie we are going to observe is “Blade Runner 2049” by D. Villeneuve. The full information on film you will see in the topic below, plus the answer on question: “When does Blade Runner 2049 come out?” Here we go!

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  • Denis Villeneuve is a director of the movie. He is known for “Prisoners”, “Incendies”, “Arrival”.

He says: “We decided to start the movie with something original. I’ve always liked the idea of  anti-utopian universe, and “Blade Runner 2” begins with the fact that personally reminds me the farm. It is cultivated plains of Wyoming State. It stretches into the distance, and there is nothing stopping things to see the 20 miles forward. There are no barriers, just ploughed up dry land. When you look back you will see a huge tree. It’s dead, but it is hold by ropes, do not give it to fall. Behind it somewhere in the 2 miles at dusk is working big machine, fertilizing the soil. The machine is 4 times bigger than the house. And then we see the car flies, raising clouds of dust. A barking dog is running forward to car, the door opens, here come R. Deckard. He opens the door, pulls the nose, smells the cooking food and sits down on the porch waiting for the one who works on the machine. He leaves the car behind the house (harvester rises above it) and go down the stairs. It is a powerful man. He goes to Harrison, the floor under him pops – a man weighs about 150 kg. Perhaps, that’s all. The rest you will see yourself.”


Blade Runner 2049 2017

  • J. Jóhannsson is a compositor of the film.
  • R. Deakins is a cinematographer.
  • J. Walker is a film editor.
  • D. Gassner is a production designer
  • D. Doran and B. Erdelyi are art directors.

When is Blade Runner 2049 coming to theaters?

It is planned to release movie in the beginning of the October.

Who are robots?

Robot is an automatic apparatus for manufacturing and other operations normally performed by a person. The robot can be whatever size or shape and work in whatever mode. Thermostat, autopilot, a scanner and a Martian lander are all familiar examples of robots. The term “machine” is often used to describe the automatic device-robots that do not have a close resemblance to a man.


The movie Blade Runner 2049 trailer is now available on the YouTube.


Blade Runner 2049 movie 2017


The story takes place a few decades after the events shown in the first part. The inhabitants of the planet Earth is also divided into castes in the society of which live as robots, which cannot be distinguished from the people, so simple, consisting of meat and blood people. Everyone dreams about such life. But life in this future is not as safe as it might seem at first glance. Because of this reason, scientists, quite a long time had been working on the developing of robots that could perform coolly unpleasant, dangerous, difficult job. They called them – replicants. Besides, replicants were not mindless and soulless creatures who just could to kill. They were the same robots as the rest, but distinguished them one thing – their intellectual abilities. They were smarter than robots and stronger than average person. There are excellent machines.

But the government in order to establish authority over the slaves in their replicants introduces a self-destruct mode system in 5 years, which is not liked by the bots. The uprising of machines begins. In order to prevent this rebellion the government creates a new division of the blade hunters.

Rick Deckard is a protagonist. He is a blade hunter. Will he be able to prevent such a revolution?


  • R. Gosling as Officer K
  • A. Armas as Joi
  • H. Ford as Rick Deckard

Release Date

Blade Runner 2049 2017 movie release date is planned on 6th of October.

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