When does come out Bloodshot movie 2017

All of us were expecting of coming The Bloodshot to cinemas’ screens. The release data was scheduled to 2017 but there are no posters or movie Bloodshot trailer, or even full cast. All we know is information about directors and writers. What’s going on?

About directing

When does Bloodshot come out no one know. Sony had got the advantageous proposition to hire David Leitch, Chad Stahelski who had been working for the huge project. As a result, we’ve got two of their films and no news about Bloodshot. Anyway, the hope won’t leave our hearts. Valiant or Sony don’t comment this situation.

Newsarama, the portal of comics and everything that includes this theme in it, tells that Sone adores the Bloodshot story. They’ve already told with screenwriter and also offered him to remake comics to a script for the future film. Eric Heisserer, the writer, agreed and he has still written the first part. There is an opinion that his long-time work includes the second part. However, there are three possible parts of comics so everything is possible and maybe Heisserer is writing the final part now. Also Valiant offered Jeff Wadlow to help with re-writing of the Bloodshot. He is known for the Kick Ass 2 and True Memories International Assassin. Matthew Vaughn was working one of the Bloodshot’s producers with these films.

For now, we’re expecting for two films of Bloodshot, two films that are based on Harbinger. When is Bloodshot 2017 coming to theaters? There are enormous plans. It explains delay or film’s release whatever that it won’t answer the main question. Will the Bloodshot happen? Sony or Valiant or whoever from the set keeps quiet. This film can be a very significant contribution to the war of “heroes” studio like Marvel for example. What we really know that the Bloodshot 2017 movie release date comes further and further from 2017.

About the story

Bloodshot was the comics. He appeared in 1992 and won lots of people’s hearts. The protagonist Angelo Mortalli is a killer who was fixated on family and accused of a murder. He was expected for many years in a prison instead of that he came out in Witness Protection for valuable information. Lack of luck let protagonist to FBI who injected to him nanites. These are very small computers that you can see them only with the microscope. FBI cleaned Mortalli’s memories for the whole pureness so he can remember nothing.

It was an experiment for making from the typical person the killing machine. He is superhuman, his body is a weapon and he has healing power. With such figures, new Mortalli easily escaped and started to figure out about himself. Especially about his own past. Everyone who tries to betray him is going to die.

The Bloodshot fans are in love with the comics that is why expectations about a film are so high. Everyone wants to see their favorite characters in 3D, the real-life way. The protagonist has his own challenges in life that he remembers and these challenges become bigger and more interesting while the story is coming. Nanites in his bloodstream make him even more like a robot than a human. The only thing he left is his feelings and his hunger about own memories. Anyway in his last life he was good in the gun shooting that is great advantage.

What about comics?

By the original Bloodshot is perfect machine which can heal itself, also has the highest speed and strength. Kevin VanHook with Bob Layton and Don Perlin created their world nearly 25 years ago and it deserves for a very good film. The comics had more than 7,5 million copies and were translated and republished in lots of countries. The last chapter was sold in 2012 and was totally sold out. That was the time when even New York Times paid attention to these comics. Three years later we’ve got an announcement of preparing to the film. There’s no information about the cast or anything that can help to wait. So all we have to do is keeping waiting.

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