When does come out Bokeh movie 2017


When it comes to the film about Apocalypse and changing the world because of the arriving of the aliens people have different feelings watching it. What would they do if they were in the place of the main characters of such movie? It is not a secret – each and every one of us would react differently. When does Bokeh come out? The detailed information about release dates will be described later.

Let’s talk more about the actual production of the upcoming movie project. Is it a completely new interpretation of Earth population being erased? At some point, it is a new interpretation of such films because the viewers won’t be seeing any blood and other cruel scenes in the film where people struggle with somewhat they have never experienced before. In the upcoming movie, there are just two people asking themselves what is going on and how to survive when there is absolutely no one in the place they are.

Bokeh movie 2017

Storyline – what to expect from such new interpretation?

There isn’t a lot of proper information about the film. But according to the movie Bokeh trailer and some plots that can be found on different sources, this is a story about a couple who goes to romantic vacation to Iceland. On the first day when they arrive in local town they find it beautiful and nothing seems to ruin their holidays. But who would have thought they would be struggling in order to survive. After having fun, the couple returns to the hotel and fall asleep, but when they wake up in the morning they find out everyone has disappeared.

After some time they both go to town to be able to discover the situation and make sure everything that happened is actually true. Whilst walking the couple don’t manage to see anyone in the streets. Later on, they start using it as a gift and having fun at the local destinations such as different shops and supermarkets. They travel all around the country when they find a car but still feel lost and alone. After some time they finally decide they need to do something.

The female protagonist called Jenai is sure that nobody is going to arrive there in order to help. The relationship between two people changes and the couple start thinking if this is something they both have to go through. What if this is a test and they should be prepared for something? However, they should be asking themselves if there is something they have to do right now to save their lives. So what is Bokeh 2017 movie release date in the USA so people can actually see the story?

Bokeh movie

Release date and production facts

According to some rumors appeared on the Internet the film is set to be released on 24th of March in 2017 in all American cinemas and theaters. Also, it will be available to download on iTunes later. When it comes to the title of the movie it can be confusing. However, according to the confirmed information, the word Bokeh (which means “blur” in the Japanese language) is a term that is connected to the photography. This is sometimes used by professional photographers when they want to blur the image but, at the same time, make an accent on the object of it, whether it is a person or any other object.

The main cast of the film contains two stars:

  • Matt O’Leary. American actor that is best known for playing one of the main roles in the Disney project “Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire” at the beginning of 21st This was his personal acting debut that successfully led to the bigger Hollywood career. He likes starring in comedies and dramas.
  • Maika Monroe. The American actress is best known for playing in the movie “Independence Day: Resurgence”. She is also a big lover of kiteboarding. Maika’s real name is Dillon but she had been often called by her today’s name so she decided to change it. She likes playing in action and horror movies and can be seen in psychological thriller films as well.

When is Bokeh 2017 coming to theaters people will be able to see amazing views of the place where the film was photographed. Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, calm ocean, small and cozy towns with lovely people and other beautiful destinations – all these things were captured in Iceland when the principal photography started. Together with the main characters, the viewers will be able to feel the atmosphere of that place.

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