When does come out Carrie Pilby movie 2017


Carrie Pilby is a new upcoming movie directed by Susan Johnson. If you are fan of such intellectual movie you can find full information on movie in the topic below and the answer on the main question: “When does Carrie Pilby come out?”


  • S. Johnson is a director of the movie. She took part in “God Help the Girl”, “Eye of the Hurricane”, “Mean Creek”.
  • M. Penn is a composer of the film.
  • G. Amat is a cinematographer.
  • P. Bartell is a film editor.
  • C. Beech is a production designer.
  • A. Dempewolff-Barrett is an art director.
  • N. Gurevich is a set decorator.
  • L. Yarmo is a costume designer.

Carrie Pilby movie 2017

When is Carrie Pilby 2017 coming to theaters?

In is programmed to release movie on screens in the beginning of the April, 2017 in USA.


Over the mystery of genius is beating more than one generation of scientists. Some think it’s all about – in the peculiarities of the genes and brain structure. Others believe that giftedness is seen only in the presence of a rare disease. “Genius is a 99 percent work to exhaustion, and one percent imagination” – said Thomas Edison. And the Soviet geneticist Vladimir Efroimson has another point of view: “The study of biographies and patography of geniuses of all time leads to the inexorable conclusion: geniuses are born”. And what is true no one can say…

Children who can be safely attributed to the talented clearly stand out against their peers. Their main difference is a higher intelligence level, which is very easy to determine with the help of a special test today. At the same time, there are moderate, extremely highly and exceptionally gifted children. Less often found very talented, because the children is 1 to 3 million.

Children geniuses are those who are born with some kind of a pronounced talent. They have outstanding ability to express clearly idea in any one area. Most interesting is that such children must constantly exercise their talents, as if it is the meaning of their lives, and they simply cannot live in a different way.

Carrie Pilby 2017

Geeks tend to show their abilities at an early age. These abilities may be related to any intellectual activity areas: mathematics, physics, music, encyclopedic knowledge, and so on. At an early age, they can go to college, finish it and defend a thesis, while their peers are still at school; gifted children with musical talent write an opera; with the ability to chess – become champions.

Contrary to popular belief, that geeks do not get anything special, they are often left their genius to the maturity.

In conclusion, we must say that most geeks grow up, coping with complex tasks of life and becoming famous. In the United States we conducted an analysis and found that 282 of the 105 American geeks have succeeded in the very field which manifested in their early childhood.

French scientists researches have shown that out of 287 230 great personalities in the early years showed remarkable abilities and talents.

So the myth that geeks do not achieve in adult life, is now virtually debunked


The movie Carrie Pilby trailer is now available on the YouTube.

Interesting Facts

  • International premiere was held at the Toronto Film Festival 2016.
  • The basis for the script served the eponymous novel by Karen Lissner 2003.

Carrie Pilby movie

  • The role of Carrie was supposed to play Haley Staynfeld but the actress dropped out of the project because of inconsistencies in the shooting schedule.
  • This is a feature film debut of director Susan Johnson, previously engaged in producing activities and starring over 40 music videos.
  • Filming took place in New York.
  • According to Johnson, she was looking for a suitable script for ten years, to shoot it herself, and that is the story of Carrie Pilby finally forced her to take up directing.


Youth comedy is about the girl-child prodigy Carrie who after graduating from Harvard, confronted with contemporary reality, far from her ideas about sanity, culture and morality. At the urging of a therapist proud and lonely Carrie is undergo “positive adjustment” to society.


  • B. Powley as Carrie Pilby
  • N. Lane as Dr. Petrov
  • G. Byrne as Mr. Pilby
  • V. Bayer as Tara
  • C. O’Donoghue as Professor Harrison

Release Date

Carrie Pilby 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 4th of April in the USA.

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