When does come out Drifter movie 2017


The new upcoming horror movie by Chris von Hoffman is named “Drifter”. On this occasion, we have prepared full information on movie and answer on the main question, of course: “When does Drifter come out?”


  • Chris von Hoffmann is a director of the movie. He is known for “White Trash”, “Fuel Junkie”, “Vodka 7”.
  • The compositor of the movie is Nao Sato.
  • T. Deml is a cinematographer.
  • C. Visser is a film editor.
  • T. Chu is a production designer.

Drifter movie 2017

When is Drifter 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie is planned to come on screens in the end of February, 2017.

Little history about cannibalism

The first of the most resonant cases of cannibalism in the twentieth century gave the world the Japanese Issa Sagawa, killed in 1981 his lover and ate part of her internal organs. He was examined by experts and eventually admitted as mentally diseased.

The most resonant case, which notified in the media in the twentieth century, associated with the American Arthur Shawcross. Creepy glory this man acquired because from 1988 to 1990 he traveled by its state and killed women prostitutes, a total amount of 11 victims. Gentle parts of their bodies he used to eat. What, by the way, especially he is not hiding to investigation, accusing in turn the United States government that sent him to fight in Vietnam. Where a soldier Shawcross, in his own words, first is tasted human flesh.

The dictator of the Central African Republic, Jean Bedel Bokassa ate body parts of his political enemies, who are kept in a special freezer.

Drifter 2017

In 1994, representatives of the Red Cross in Liberia (Africa) found 8 dead bodies of women and children. The surgeon, who examined the corpses, drew attention to the teeth marks left on their bodies. Individual muscles and organs were eaten, literally ate of the bodies. Teeth marks were human. It has been also suggested that the poor women and children were victims of a local cult leopard. Characteristically, the black police from Monrovia (capital of Liberia) have refused to investigate the matter in connection with the local superstitions.


The movie Drifter trailer you can watch on the YouTube.


So who is the man-eater? Cannibal is an ordinary man who likes to eat. All we are cannibals, but for all of us today had a delicious breakfast and we were all satisfied. But as soon … In short, the cannibalism is the most interesting in the world of science because it studies the psychology of the person, which turned into a beast. Particular interest to science is a turning point, that line that separates the existence of human and bestial existence. Turning people into beasts happens amazingly quickly. Do not forget – it is only six thousand years of civilization gently lay on us, and if it to scratch, under the layer is a hundred million years of unrelieved brutality. Atrocity pulls every person again and again but not everyone admits that pulls. And not only the mind pulls us into the depths of brutality – there are situations when it is necessary, or die, or eat near. Or this seems truly: to eat brother or he will devour you. Nothing to lose and the strong devour the weak.

Drifter movie

Becoming man-eater once, a person usually remains him till the end of life, although he tries to hide it. It’s like killing, once killed, the other, and then going with head into it! The cannibalism retracted faster than the usual murder. Cannibalism is a stronger drug than killing without devouring a corpse. The cannibalism man gets involved immediately after the first act, rarely – after the second. If after the first act of cannibalism in humans then there will always be enough food, and even then he secretly or openly remains cannibalism. He may practice cannibalism actively or just dream about it, but it does not change him; he is man-eater. However, as we all do. Soviet science, as the most advanced in the world of past times, has a unique experience of exploring the causes, conditions, processes and effects of cannibalism. Science had absolutely unprecedented opportunities of comprehensive study of the phenomenon of mass cannibalism, especially in 1919 and 1920, and in 1932, and especially – in 1933. Oh! Our science has made full use of the provided possibilities.


Two brothers hiding from the police found the quiet spot inhabited with cannibalistic crazy family.


  • A. Emory as Miles Pierce
  • D. Harwood as Dominic Pierce
  • M. Rosario as Vijah
  • J. McCabe as Doyle
  • A. Ficco as Latos

Release Date

Drifter 2017 movie release date is programmed on 24th of February.

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