When does come out Fifty Shades Darker movie 2017


Last year, Fifty Shades of Gray made more than $ 500 m far worldwide on a budget of only $ 40 million. It was a complete rout of the forecasts of cash receipts. So it is not surprising that the Lionsgate studio adapts two sequels by EL James. The eve of Valentine’s Day will be the day when Fifty Shades Darker comes out. But February 13, 2017 will not come so soon. We still live in 2016, and what do we know about the Fifty Shades Darker now?

Fifty Shades Darker movie


The movie trailer for Fifty Shades Darker really can be characterized by the phrase: Can I see the difference in the darkness yet? The first trailer talks about returning to life without secrets. But right now there are many unexplained items and promising. Also, there are luxurious fancy dresses, sexy clothes at showers and more. The Fifty Shades Darker plot becomes more and more indistinct and intriguing. What’s the story?

Previous series of the movie with charming Dakota Johnson and stylish Jamie Dornan ended with a parting of their characters. Young Anastasia Steele could not base their relations on BDSM, even if Christian is deeply loved by her, but he is a fan of his style of life. It seemed to be the final destruction of their relationship, because it is much more difficult to build and maintain. But it is obvious in the trailer that the pair is given a second chance. And, of course, that the continuation of the story is complex and unmanageable. How will young people cope with these circumstances? Will they really stay together? Is there sufficient experience and the intention to fix it and without spoiling the feelings?

New problems arise in any relationship. Especially here, when the new boss of beautiful Anastasia is interested in her. Jealousy arises and multiplies, because business partners of billionaire are women. And he has a total strange and misty past with one of them. Will he leave this “older woman” in his business community? Whether does Christian restrict communication with the one he was very close with when he was quite young?

The film crew

Everyone who will go to the cinema on Fifty Shades Darker 2017 movie release date will feel that the style of the second movie is special. We will have a great chance to compare and feel the difference. Director James Foley was replaced by Sam Taylor-Johnson, because the latter had disagreements with the author.

Curiously, the screenwriter was replaced in the team as a key creator of this show. Who could predict that the new screenwriter will be Niall Leonard.

The cast

You will enjoy the cast as before. Jamie Dornan initially did not want to repeat his role in the sequel. However, everything is settled and he will delight fans with his appearance on the screen. Many actors from the first film will return. For example, Max Martini again played a bodyguard for the Christian. His mother still is presented by Marcia Gay Harden. As well his brother and sister have a place in the story. Rita Ora plays the sister, and brother in the movie is Luke Grimes. There were rumors that Rita Ora hero will be of great value and time in the second part.

No one can replace the Christian’s psychiatrist as well. Friends of Anastasia: Jose and BFF Kate have kept a lasting relationship. The new boss of Anastasia will be performed in the role by a charming actor Eric Johnson.

Fifty Shades Darker

Kim Basinger plays the woman who really makes life difficult, returning to the business from the Christian’s distant past. She is older, very elegant and graceful. However, the other characters promise to be intrusive and disturb at the most unwanted times. Perhaps is Christian’s bodyguard able to save his boss from many troubles?


  • The opinion of the fans and the audience is very important. Project managers take into account the possibility of social networks and comments of people. For example, Christian Grey will look more brutal and unshaven in a dark sequel, because most people believe his character is more attractive and sexy in this style. Thus producers make adjustments to create a more realistic and impressive story.
  • The screenwriter and author of the book series it is based upon are spouses.
  • During the terrorist attacks in France they were filming in Nice. Filming this edition of Fifty Shades of Gray finished in July in France. And now we wait in anticipation when Fifty Shades Darker is coming to theaters.
  • The original music from the film Fifty Shades of Grey became famous for an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe. The soundtrack has played a key role in challenging film and is one of the main intrigues.
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