When does come out Fist Fight movie 2017


A large portion of humor, good mood and, of course, high-quality work of movie professionals – it all viewers will enjoy seeing the new film. When does Fist Fight come out is certain. The new American comedy from director Richie Keane called “Fist fight” will be released already in 2017.

The plot of the movie “Fist fight”

Filming a comedy, it would be seem very simple, but in fact, it is not. After all, much depends on not only the cast and well-prescribed script but also on the idea that underlies the film. As for the plot of the film “Fist fight” 2017, the following can be said with confidence. The idea, which sank as a basis, was in opposition to the two main characters.

Fist Fight movie 2017

So, initially, the audience will be acquainted with two men who are teachers not only in the professional meaning but also by nature. They were almost at the same time getting a job in the regular school and begining to give knowledge to their students.

However, not everything is so simple. Since the first days, these teachers have not found a common language and at each meeting tried to make fun of each other. First, many people didn’t pay attention to it, but over time the teacher’s team realizes that they need to understand the causes of mutual hostility, which prevents high-quality work.

Only teachers begin to understand the situation, as the problem is solved rather a simple manner. School director dismisses one of the teachers, and, seemingly, this all would end. But the film did not have the name of “Fist fight” if the viewer doesn’t see a real fight of two men in street smarts.

Therefore, dismissed teacher learns that his worst enemy is the teacher of the former school, provoked his departure from school. Now the ex-teacher will not rest until he put his opponent down. He comes back to school and calls his enemy to a fair fight. Would the second teacher to take up the challenge or will be he quiet? In addition, if he accepts it, then who will win? Alternatively, can teachers agree and thereby set an example for their students? Movie Fist Fight trailer is funny and will not leave audience disinterested.

The filmmakers

Director’s ideas on the film set are embodied by a talented and experienced Richie Keen. For him, filming comedies is not a new thing because he has already managed to please the audience with the series “Teachers” and ” The Comedians”. Quality comedy that conquered hundreds of thousands of fans of quality humor joined the track record of the director.  Recall that in addition to the director’s experience Richie also starred in films and television series (“Til Death”, ” Hot Properties ” and “Boston Legal”). Richie Keen also tried his hand as a producer and screenwriter, therefore, such a huge diverse experience will only help the director once again remove the high-quality film and please the audience. The writing of the script was begun by Van Robichaux, who will write the movie scenario already the third time. His popular work, in which he also distinguished himself as a talented director, was ” Seth Rogen = Worst Person in the World”.

Fist Fight movie

Van Robichaux will help in this difficult task Evan Susser, who also has not very extensive experience in the film industry. But despite this, these talented writers have made every effort and wrote a script that will not leave indifferent lovers of good jokes. Fist Fight 2017 movie release date is scheduled for 17 February 2017.

Premiere of the film “Fist fight” 2017

It is worth noting that 2017 will be very rich in movies in the genre comedy. And this is not surprising because the portion of good humor conquers even the most demanding audience and makes to laugh to tears.

As for the release date of the movie “Fist fight”, it is planned for early 2017. So, in February the sixteenth viewers all over the world for the first time will be able to see this film and appreciate all the efforts of the creators. We hope that all the fans will be satisfied with comedies like the plot, acting, and directing the implementation of ideas. Incidentally, it is worth recalling that in 2017 it’s released another long-awaited comedy Bad Boys 3. Therefore, look forward to the premiere of the new recharge and prepare for a good mood. When Fist Fight is coming to theaters we already learned, so don’t miss new comedy!

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