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At the end of 20 century, there was a film that became very popular not just in Hollywood but also in other countries. The question about life and death and what is behind of the death is still an unanswered question that has always been interesting for scientists and other people. So when does Flatliners come out? The new upcoming movie is actually a sequel to the one that was released in 1990 starring Julia Roberts and other famous actors. These both movies will be definitely interesting and breath-taking for those who also, like all the biologists and other scientists, show lots of curiosity when it comes to what happens with a human being after death.

In the film that appeared on the screens at the beginning of 1990s people had the opportunity to see the story about five scientists. One day, one of them came up with the idea to experience clinical death in order to find out whether the life after death exists or this is another fairytale for people. All in all, after some time of arguing he succeeded with the assistance of his friends. They help him to come alive again. More or less, they liked the idea of clinical death and decided to try it by themselves.

Flatliners 2017

After having near-death experience all the friends start seeing weird paranormal hallucinations. Each and every one of them somehow manages to see the people who are already dead and afterward they get the situation – these are the persons they killed, hurt or saw being killed in the past. They are connected to their lives and know that scientists saw the death they can see and contact with dead souls. All these killed people want the forgiveness or to be forgiven.  Even if movie Flatliners trailer hasn’t come out yet, people still can make a guess – what is going to happen next?

At the very end of the film, the experiments with the death have finally finished after five scientists solved their personal problems that appeared right after their crossed the line that shouldn’t have been crossed at all.

Back to 2017 – what to expect from the upcoming sequel?

The production of new science fiction drama started at the end of 2015 when it was the time some rumors appeared about who was going to play the main roles. After some time Flatliners 2017 movie release date was announced to the public. At the end of September 2017, the film will be shown in American and British theaters and cinemas. The interesting fact is that in July 2016 it was officially announced that Kiefer Sutherland – the one who starred in the original movie of 1990 – would take a part in a new one. Among him, the cast contains next famous actors and actresses:

  • Nina Dobrev. Best known for playing Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova – originally from the Bulgarian language) in American series “The Vampire Diaries”. She was born in Bulgaria but when she was two years old her parents moved to Canada and rose in Toronto. She speaks both Bulgarian and English fluently, what can be seen when she played Katherine. One of her last project includes actor Vin Diesel.

Flatliners movie 2017

  • Diego Luna. Mexican actor that is a voice of Spanish version of National Geographic Channel documentary films. In 2016 he appeared in the film Rogue One.
  • Ellen Page. Canadian actress that started her career in small Canadian local TV shows and different programs as well as advertising. Ellen is best known for playing Kitty Pryde in the famous Marvel series X-Men. She also played in the 2010’s film Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio.

For sure, when is Flatliners 2017 coming to the theaters the audience will be able to see amazing views and sights of the local city where was the principal photography. It started in July of 2016 in interesting places of Toronto, including Cambridge, Oakville etc. Before the actual filming, the actor that already played in 1990’s movie said that the upcoming project, in his opinion, was more a sequel than a remake. He also admitted that there would be used some new scenes, unexpected turns when it comes to plot – all in all, this is a new story about experiencing and discovering afterlife. The photography successfully finished at the very beginning of September in 2016.

Another interesting fact is that the film will be announced after 27 years after the old one was released.

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