When does come out Forsaken movie 2017

All people have different life circumstances. Someone is satisfied with well-fed food, a roof over his head, pocket money and boundless love of parents. But someone doesn’t have happy childhood. If parents split up early when their baby is only growing up, it has a certain effect on child psyche. And the child will be significantly different from his coevals who are growing up in two-parent families. This difference can be expressed both in outlook and lifestyle, behavior and habits.

This preview was of the movie which name is “Forsaken”. In this article we will tell you all information on this movie and will ask on the main question of the fans who like this kind of genre: “When does Forsaken come out?”


Reniel Bell is an American filmmaker and film producer. R. Bell is co-owner of the  production company which is located in Miami. He is known for “Icky”, “The Rundown”, “Leaving Grace” and “Hidden Secrets”.

The other staff is not disclosed.

What this movie will bring to us?

One of the main problems all over the world is incomplete families. Child rearing in such families has its own specifics. Normal execution of the basic functions (the economic, educational and spiritual) of the family disrupts. And most importantly – the socialization of the child, the entry into the world of public relations is become complicated. Especially hard for children of preschool age – up to seven years, the important stages of life follow one to another very fast, child constantly experiencing a “revolution” in his own mind without family shocks, and in case of divorce his life is crumbling.

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There are many causes of single-parent families – divorce, death of a parent, children born out of wedlock, the cases of adoption of children by single persons. In many countries, as a rule, incomplete family is a family without a father. The word “Fatherless”, which has no analogues for the female parent, is a proof. However, cases when father raises children alone are increased in recent years. Mechanisms of influence of father’s absence for boys and girls are different – more painful “father’s leaving” for a boy, a girl experiencing difficulties mainly due to financial problems, and in connection with an emotional impoverishment of communication, the boys lose their vivid example of gender role. The absence of rational beginning in family communication, paternal authority, and excessive maternal care perpetuates the infantile qualities in a child. Accordingly, if mother leaves the family, girls are affected more.

If one of the parents dies or kills, it is a heavy blow for the child, but in terms of impact on the psyche is a bit different from other types of separation from a parent – a negative effect on the psyche is strong, but short-term (especially if the child is small). In addition, death is irreversible and the baby gradually becomes accustomed to the inevitable, accept his fate as a fact. Grief and memory of the left unites mom / dad and child, and many of the difficulties of raising a child alone in the event of a divorce can be avoided.

Single parents have often two approaches to child-rearing. First is the strengthening control over the child to compensate the absence of the other parent. Such a child may turn inward and may become aggressive, not controlling himself. The second is the opposite when the child is beginning to feel sorry, when a child suffers at the same time with mom / dad about the unfortunate fate that fell to their lot and to atone for child’s support, mom / dad allows him, literally, everything. The child grows simultaneously spoiled, insecure and infantile.

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Single parent is easier a little from a psychological standpoint if there are few children in the family. In such families older children become models, though imperfect to junior; help the mother / father to raise others.

When is Forsaken coming to theaters?

It is planned to release movie in the end of February.

The official movie Forsaken trailer is now available on the YouTube.


The only one character is known in this movie – Reniel Bell. He will play himself is this movie. The other cast is still unknown.

Forsaken 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 24th of February.

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