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Social media – they appeared in our lives quite recently but have already conquered the internet and our free time. Using them people all around the world still aware of the situations that can appear while being online – there are lots of fake accounts with unreal people. But the Hollywood movie production companies have gone a little bit more far than usual starting making the horror films about the internet. So, what is the new in this movie industry?

Friend Request movie

The lovers of horror movies already asking – when does Friend Request come out? There is the good news. Friend Request was already released at the very beginning of 2016 in Germany and today can be easily watched online on the website the auditory prefers. However, it is still expected to be showed and released in Canada and also in the USA only in 2017.

Movie Friend Request trailer or, as the original name of the film says “Unfriend” in the German language, mixes up all the best horror movie moments that can attract the attention of the viewers. What can add a strange person without any friends on social media cause? Warner Brothers production is a new view on European cinematography and young people lives in general. However, the German director decided to film the movie in South Africa with the actors mostly speaking the English language so it required the new project to be filmed in English. It doesn’t take so long to make it and the shooting was finished in 2014 so Friend Request 2017 movie release date was planned for the January of 2016 in Europe and 2017 in the USA.

Unusual way of showing social networks – film plot

So the plot of the movie is a little bit complicated but has a good base due to the English-speaking cast that has been carefully chosen before filming. The main character is called Laura and she is the popular one in her college having nearly thousand Facebook friends. However, one day she receives a friend request from the person who is totally her opposite – she is not that popular and looks like a shadow but has a big talent in drawing animated sketches. But for Laura they don’t look very attractive what makes her feel uncomfortable while communicating with her.

On the Birthday Laura posts the picture of her and her close friends on Facebook and her new companion sees it and gets angry because she wasn’t invited to that party thinking and hoping she can be the best friend of Laura. After that, Marina has a conflict with Laura, what made Laura angry and she pushed the girl in front of the students. Accidently, the hat Marina was wearing took off showing her hairless head to the students watching the girls’ fight. After that Laura decides to unfriend her but it appears to be impossible. But the next day she receives the very unusual and terrifying video that is later somehow being posted on the main character’s page without her permission and not being able to be deleted.

Friend Request

The next day after an unsuccessful deleting strange girl with black fake hair from friends Laura went to the college and got the information from one of the professors that Marina Mills committed suicide. This new made her scary. And then the most terrifying nights and days start for the main character. At the end of the movie she becomes a lonely weirdo, without any friends neither in college nor on the social network.

When is Friend Request coming to the theaters you may ask? After the film was released in Germany in 2016 it was then scheduled for American premiere in 2017 in the winter.

Interesting facts

  • Original name of the film should have been “Unknown Error” but then was changed to avoid coincidences.
  • The horror movie was filmed in Cape Town.
  • Even it is all about using Facebook it wasn’t mentioned and shown properly.
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