When does come out Geostorm movie 2017

You probably have not heard about the latest Jerry Bruckheimer’s movie and were not interested when does Geostorm come out. So, we will try to give you some reasons to wait. The main plot basically is about a man called Jake (Gerard Butler) who is going to stop Apocalypse. No, it is not about another big piece of rock or alien invasion. Just some climate controlling devices that supposed to save the planet went nuts.

Have to wait:

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Are the 90’s back in fashion – you might think but it is not all they got for us. While the Big Damn Hero will be trying to save the Earth from the biggest electromagnetic storm in the history, the Bad Guys at home will try to kill the President. Yep, that is official information. Sounds intriguing, to be honest, but the movie Geostorm trailer has not come out yet due to unexpected troubles with post-production.

Geostorm movie 2017

Troubles on the way to theaters

At the last moment, producers decided to reshoot a few scenes, which were rejected on the test view. Not a very good start but do not judge too fast. The history of the  cinematography knows many examples when the corrections or the scenes added at the last moment were for the benefit of the film. And fixing is way better than putting a film on a shelf for years. There are some interesting facts.

  • There was a lot of craziness with Geostorm 2017 movie release date. At the beginning, it supposed to be March 25, 2016, but then another film was released on this date. The catastrophic movie should have had its time on a red carpet on October 21, 2016, but yet again has been moved. Apparently, Warner was terrified by the failure with Superman vs. Batman movie.
  • The film was finished by the beginning of 2015 but after that, the Warner Brothers and the Skydance studios had to pay extra $15 million on the changes. The official explanation for this was that it took time and money to bring back together all actors. But, if the rumors are true, several characters were cut from the final version and replaced by the others and some very expensive new scenes were shot. This process happened without the director of the movie.
  • Since Geostorm movie is partly about space there were quite a few indispensable consultants from NASA on the set. A lot of the scenes were filmed in New Orleans at their science facility. Well, let us hope that is a good sign. And since the creators have taken care of the scientific certainty, this film will not be some passing popcorn blockbuster.

Geostorm movie

Plenty of reasons to wait

The cast of the film includes a list of interesting names. We have the king of memes – Leonidas – Jerry Butler as the leading male. There is also Ocean Eleven’s enemy and then their partner in crime Andy Garcia as the Unites States President. And the fans of TV show Vikings are waiting patiently to see their dear Katheryn Winnick on a big screen in a role of the scientist. US government in this film is also represented by the US Secretary Dekkom played by well-known Ed Harris.

As long as we know, it is going to be a good action movie. Surely, we will see space traveling and technologies of the future. There also will be some family issues, the main character will have to have his relationship with his brother (Jim Sturgess) fixed and to get along with his ex-wife while saving the Earth and the President.

We are still not sure when is Geostorm coming to theaters, whether the official date is final or not. But you must know that this whole new catastrophic film will be released first in October 2017. It is 19th for Belgium and France but all the other viewers will have to wait until 20 October 2017. Denmark has the latest date — 26th of October – for itself. So, let us wait and see.

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