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When does come out Gifted movie 2017

The new drama movie “Gifted” by Marc Webb comes to theaters very soon. In this article you will know “When does Gifted come out?” and full information on movie.

Have to wait:

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  • M. Webb is a director of the movie. He is known for “500 Day of Summer”, “The Amazing Spider-Man”, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”
  • R. Simonsen is a compositor of the film.
  • S. Dryburgh is a cinematographer.
  • B. Pankow is a film editor.
  • L. Fox is a production designer.
  • V. Mills is a set decorator.
  • A. O’Sullivan is a costume designer.


Gifted movie 2017

When is Gifted coming to theaters?

It is planned to release film on screens in the middle of April.

What does it mean “giftedness”?

Gifted child is a child who stands out with bright and obvious achievements (or has internal prerequisites for such developments) in one or another activity.

Today, most psychologists recognize that the level of the qualitative uniqueness and character of giftedness is always the result of a complex interaction of heredity (natural abilities) and social and cultural environment, mediated by a child activity (game, training, employment). Particular importance has its own activity of the child, as well as the psychological mechanisms of self-development, underlying the formation and implementation of individual talents.

Children’s age is the period of formation of abilities and personality. This is a time of deep integrative processes in the psyche of the child against the background of its differentiation. The level of integration and latitude determines the features of the formation and maturity of the phenomenon. Sustain of this process, its delay or regression determines the dynamics of the development of giftedness.


Gifted movie

It was necessary to address to the fact that the sample of gifted children is heterogeneous and features that inherent in one group cannot be extended to all gifted children. It is important to emphasize that the problems that arising in them are not the result of the most giftedness and not its inherent characteristics.

Interesting facts

  • “Gifted” is the first Marc Webb’s film on the original script after the “500 Days of Summer”.
  • C. Evans and O. Spencer previously played together in the film “Snowpiercer”.
  • The most part of the filming took place in the street Bull in Savannah (GA).
  • O. Spencer and J. Slate worked together on the animated film “Zootopia”.
  • Scenario by Tom Flynn hit the list of the best unrealized projects in 2014.
  • While filming between C. Evans and J. Slate is started an affair, although at the time she was married.


The official movie Gifted trailer you can watch on the YouTube.


Gifted 2017


Frank Adler (C. Evans), after sister’s death, alone is raising her seven-year child who is gifted in math girl named Mary (M. Grace). Their life in the coastal town of Florida goes on. The best friend Roberta supports the main hero. A young schoolteacher Bonnie (J. Slate), when knew about the capabilities of Mary, offers to pay more attention to its development. However, Frank is trying to do everything to his niece had a normal childhood, surrounded by normal peers. Once on the doorstep Adler’s house appears Evelyn (L. Duncan) – Mary’s grandmother, convinced that studying in the standard school will destroy the ability of a genius child. Disagreements have lead characters in the court. Realizing that he could lose the only truly loved one, Frank is ready to fight till the end.


  • J. Slate as Bonnie
  • C. Evans as Frank Adler
  • O. Spencer as Roberta Taylor
  • L. Duncan as Evelyn Adler
  • M. Grace as Mary Adler
  • J. Emery as Pat Golding

Release Date

Gifted 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 12th of April.

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