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When does come out God of War movie 2017

Japanese films are very popular among viewers and Japanese firm crews are extremely talented. Japanese cinematography is well-developed and stays on much higher level than any other in the world. Its specialists know, which script to write to make viewers totally involve to the film and empathize heroes. The special attention should be given to the process of filming and modern technologies, which are paste into the film. Moreover, the scripts usually differ from many modern films and directors try to show something new and extraordinary, which is not similar to usual pictures. The coming year is expected also by one of such new film, which will be called God of War. So, let’s discuss it a little bit ad know, when does God of War come out.

God of War

Short summary of the coming film

The first part of the film of the same name has already come to the screens in 2003. This time the main idea will be the same. Main heroes of the film will be pirates and the storyline will turn around their lives. The genre of the film will be treated like horror, mystical film, thriller, feature film. It could hardly be watched in the warm family atmosphere with children or parents. If you watch movie God of War trailer, you will understand, why it is so.

So, we have already mentioned that the story will tell us about the lives of pirates. If speaking about the time of action, the story takes place in Japan in the sixteenth century. The first film had the same time line and it was also a horror film. In the first part, the story told the viewers about two pirates, who were chased but had the luck to escape from all this. Finally, after hiding everywhere they could, they came to a monastery, where they had an opportunity to hide and not to be found. But after the first night there only one man woke up. Day after day he understands, that something strange and awful happens here every night. And the only question was if he would be able to get out of there alive.

God of War 2017

The second film has a bit other storyline and we will fully know about it, when is God of War coming to theaters. Now we have only chance to predict, what will be there. But the plot is already known. It will also tell us about pirates, but the main theme will be changed. Now they travel through the seas and oceans and once met a stranger ship. The war has begun between them and finally the pirates were defeated. Though they are criminals and can fight practically perfectly, they haven’t managed to win a Japanese commander. How has he done it? How did he manage to rout these wild and ruthless people? Well, he had his own strategies, which are quite unique and had some tricks, which were sudden for the enemy. You will have an opportunity to dispel the intrigue while watching the film in the nearest future.

God of War 2017 movie release date and cast

The director of the film will be Japanese Gordon Chan and the actors were chosen also from Japan. As it has been announced in the previous year, the release date has been chosen for March 2017. So, we have a little time to wait for the premier. The film will come out in the Japanese language, but at the very beginning it will be translated into English and the premier will wait in the USA too.

God of War movie

Many people are already waiting for the film to come as the plot is really breathtaking, mysterious ad unique. It promises to be a success, moreover, it is interesting to see, what Japanese film crew invented and will be ready to surprise: unexpected scenes, tricks, unique special effects, etc. Only in a couple of months, we will be able to see, what have they managed to create and is it all really worth seeing and will it be shown all over the world or not.

After the premiere of God of War, viewers will be able to compare it with the similar films. Right, there are a lot of pictures, which tells us the stories of pirates, their lives, their relationships, and journeys. We all have some stereotypes about them and usually they are shown in a similar way. Here it is interesting to see, how they will be described in this particular film and whether the authors and scriptwriters were able to insert some novelties into the plot and script. And those, who are fond of stories about pirates, will be able to evaluate the success of the film and originality of the story.

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