When does come out Grave movie 2017


“Grave” or the other name “Raw” is a French horror movie by Julia Ducournau. The full information on the film is prepared below.


  • J. Ducournau is director of the movie. She is known for works in “Neither Heaven Nor Earth”, “Mange”, “Junior”.
  • J. Williams is a compositor of the movie.
  • R. Impens is a cinematographer.
  • J. Bouzy is a film editor.
  •  L. Colson is an art director.
  • E. Ancion is a costume designer.

Grave movie 2017


The total budget of the movie is 3,5 millions $.

When is Grave coming to theaters?

It will come in the middle of March.

Thirst for Raw Meat is the Aggression

The mechanism of defensive aggression “is mounted” in the human and animal brain and it is designed to protect their vital interests from the threat. If human aggression was at the same level as in other mammals (for example, if our closest relatives – chimpanzees), then human society would be relatively peaceful. But this is not true. Human history gives a picture of incredible cruelty and destruction which obviously many times greater than the aggressiveness of his ancestors. It can be argued that in contrast to most animal man is a real “killer.”

How to explain this “hyper-aggressive”? And what is the origin – the same as that of animal aggression or a person has some specific human destructive potential?

In the first hypothesis suggests that the animals are often pronounced extreme, destructiveness when disturbing equilibrium in their environment. However, this is quite rare, for example, in overcrowded conditions. From this, we can conclude that human psychology was much more destructive due to the fact that man is not only himself created a living environment conducive to aggression (overpopulation, etc.), but also made the conditions are not the exception but the norm. So the hyper-aggressive person should not explain as a high potential of aggression but the conditions that cause aggression in human society, they are happening more often than in the animal world.

This argument sounds convincing enough. It is of great importance also because it gives rise to a critical analysis of the history of mankind. There is the idea that people, most of their history, has lived at the zoo, not in the “natural environment”, that is, not at liberty necessary for normal development. In fact, most of the data on the “nature” of man is the same character as the Zuckerman’s data about the behavior of baboon monkey on Mount London Zoo.

However, the fact remains that people often behave destructively even in situations where is no overpopulation at all. It happens that cruelty calls in man a sense of the fun and frenetic bloodlust can cover the huge mass of people. Individuals and groups may have the character traits due to which they look forward to the situation when there will be enabled to discharge their destructive energy and if it does not occur, they are often creating it.

Everything is different to the animals; they do not enjoy the pain and suffering of other animals and never kill “for no reason”. Sometimes there is an impression that the animal’s behavior is sadistic traits (e.g., a game of cat with a mouse). But if we think that this game brings fun to cat it means an anthropomorphic interpretation. In fact, any moving object results in the same sort of reaction, as a reaction to the mouse. Does this mean that the skein of wool in a cat excites the sadistic instinct? Or Lorenz tells of two doves, sitting in a small cage. At the same time a stronger “plucked” a weaker (by a feather); Lorenz had not intervened and settled them. But this example shows not violence but rather is an indication of the reaction to the lack of space, that is, it falls under the category of defensive aggression.

Grave (Raw) movie 2017

The desire to destroy for the sake of destruction – it is something quite different. Probably the only person gets pleasure from the senseless and wanton destruction of living creatures.


If you are interested to see movie Grave trailer, you can watch it on the YouTube.


The vegetarian girl begins to thirst for the meat when she undergoes the hazing at Veterinary School.


  • G. Marillier as Justine
  • E. Rumpf as Alexia
  • R. Oufella as Adrien
  • L. Lucas as Le père
  • J. Preiss as La mère
  • B. Lanners as Le routier

Release Date

Grave 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 15th of March.

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