Lavender is a new upcoming movie by Ed Gass-Donnelly. The full information on movie you will see …" />

When does come out Lavender movie 2017


Lavender is a new upcoming movie by Ed Gass-Donnelly. The full information on movie you will see in the topic below and also answer on the main question: “When does Lavender come out?” you can find in this topic.


  • E. Gass-Donnelly is a director of the movie. He is known for “The Last Exorcism: Part II”, “Small Town Murder Songs”, “This Beautiful City”.
  • C. Stetson and S. Neufeld are composers of the movie.
  • B. Steacy is a cinematographer.
  • D. Singh is a film editor.
  • O. Savytski is a production designer.
  • S. Silverman is an art director.
  • A. Dixon is a costume designer.

Lavender movie 2017

When is Lavender 2017 coming to theaters?

It is planned to release movie on screens in the beginning of the March, 2017 in US.


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The movie Lavender trailer you can watch on the YouTube. It is already available.


At the beginning of the film we meet a young woman named Jane Ruthton. The main character has an interesting hobby – she is a photographer, photographing mostly old and abandoned houses. During another trip Jane stumbles upon an old house that seems familiar to her. Having the right amount of shots, she sits in the car and going home, but in the road she gets into an accident. On the track suddenly arises a figure of a girl, because of this, Jane, trying to avoid it, falls into a ditch and loses consciousness. She wakes up in a hospital bed and realizes that lost memory. Despite this, women are beginning to show up the memories from her childhood. Looking through her latest photos, the main character realizes that she was in her own house!

Lavender 2017

After long conversations with the psychologist Liam she decides to listen to his advice and go into the house with her family. An additional problem for women is uneasy relationship with the younger daughter Alice. But all this pales against the background of those oddities that are starting to happen in the house. Jane actually obsessed with this place because it involves the murder of her parents. Jane really wants to unravel the secrets of the past but there is something that interfere her: house occur paranormal phenomena which are gradually beginning to threaten Jane and her family.


  • D. Mulroney as Patrick
  • A. Cornish as Jane
  • J. Long as Liam
  • D. Klattenhoff as Alan
  • P. Kennedy as Young Jane
  • L. Flanery as Alice
  • S. Abbott as Susie

Release Date

Lavender 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 3rd of March, 2017 in US.

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