When does come out Message in a Bottle movie 2017


Many years ago in 1999 right before Valentine’s Day the world had the opportunity to see the greatest love story filmed by Warner Bros. Company based on the novel with the same title. The lovers of Hollywood films should know there is a new film in production with the same name like the one released at the end of 20th century. So when does Message in a Bottle come out? It is completely a new story having no references to the one shown in 1999 but they both still have something that unites them – the notes that are being sent in a beautiful bottle by someone.

Brand new movie’s release date had been changing a few times but the last and final decision was finally made – the world will see the new story in 2017 on the last day of February. The show is going to be limited and will be able to watch only in the United States of America. However, as the movie makers say, later on, the world’s premiere date will be scheduled. That means afterward the film will be available on any website on the Internet where people can watch it online. The new movie is a great opportunity for teenagers, as well as the older people, to see the magic of such type communication as MIB that help people to not just send the notes and small letters but also find their identity through the journey.


Matthew Owen Kozak, Jack Champion, and Emma Morrison in Message in a Bottle

Movie Message in a Bottle trailer explains the audience the new format of the story where a few characters unite in order to achieve something very important and meaningful in their lives. And each and every one of them has their specific and unique goals that, however, help them to find a common language with each other.  Due to the play of young actors, the audience of any age can easily understand and feel the atmosphere on the set. Just getting the synopsis of the film is enough to understand what it is all about and get the idea the director had the desire to create.

The story line – how can one kid change the lives of many people?

At the very beginning of the story, a kid writes small notes, puts them in a bottle and sends them all downstream the river that is located near him. Message in a Bottle 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 28th of February in the 2017 year and then the movie lovers will be able to see the interesting and unusual story of sending letters in order to be found. At the same time, there are three different live stories and situations of three different people. The first of them is called Johnny has a lot of life energy, passion but doesn’t know how to use it right for his life. He was mislabeled by other people who have built the wrong opinion about him but through the film, people see his real face and behaving – maybe he’s not that bad?

Message in a Bottle 2017 movie

The second character is a sarcastic best companion of the previous one called Timmy. He has particular problems with socializing that’s why he always takes a medicine to get better and that, unfortunately, doesn’t help a lot. That’s the reason the character has been sheltered his entire life without having the opportunity to escape such life. Another hero in the cast has named Emily and she is a young lady whose goal is to find herself in this world. She has particular problems with sister and wants to get rid of her influence and shadow.

What is going to happen next? Key moments of the film

  • The big journey to the unknown and not experienced before the journey is started by three new friends.
  • They all share their stories and that is the reason their relationships becomes stronger.
  • When is Message in a Bottle coming to theaters the public is about to see how three different but, at the same time, similar young people who try to survive together fighting with unbeknown issues and severe day’s light.
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