When does come out Murder on the Orient Express movie 2017


“Murder on the Orient Express” is the new upcoming movie which is based on the same name book of Agatha Christie and filmed by K. Branagh. The full information about the movie and the main question: “When does Murder on the Orient Express come out?” you will see in the topic below.

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  • K. Branagh is a director of the movie. He is known for “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”, “Henry V”, “Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein”, “Valkyrie”
  • P. Doyle is a compositor of the movie.
  • H. Zambarloukos is a cinematographer.
  • Mick Audsley is a film editor.
  • Jim Clay is a production designer.
  • A. Ackland-Snow, W. Coubrough, D. Masters are art directors.


Murder on the Orient Express movie 2017

When is Murder on the Orient Express coming to theaters?

The movie is planned to come on screens in the end of the November.

What is a detective?

The detective is a work of literature, the plot of which is the conflict between good and evil, implemented in solving the crime.

In the detective is necessarily present a mystery, a riddle. Usually, it is a crime, but in contrast to the mystics, in this genre, the mysterious is objective, the “real” character, despite it enigmatic and inexplicability. The purpose of detective stories is a solution of the riddle; the story is tied to a logical process through which the investigator on the facts of the chain comes to the disclosure of the crime, which is a mandatory interchange of the work. The main thing in a detective is an investigation, so the analysis of the characters and emotions of them are not so important for it. Very often, the mystery is solved on the basis of what is known to investigator and reader. Detective work is not to be confused with the thriller, where there is always an element of fear or naked violence and crime novels, which reveals the causes and nature of the crime, depicting the underworld or the policemen’s world.


Murder on the Orient Express 2017

The first detective stories created in 1840 by E. Poe, who is considered as the founder of the detective genre but before him there are many authors who have used some elements of the detective.


The official movie Murder on the Orient Express trailer is not available yet but there is a fan made trailer on the YouTube.


Hercule Poirot is English detective of Belgian origin which urgently needs to be in London but the trouble is all the train tickets are already sold out. He manages to get on the train. Monsieur Bouc is helped him in this situation. Mr. Bouc is his friend, and then, the owner of this Express.

On the train to Hercule sits a strange at first sight man – Mr. Ratchet. He asks Poirot to be his bodyguard and offers good money, but the investigator refused to grant his request.


Murder on the Orient Express movie

The next morning it turns out that the express stuck halfway to London because of the strong snow storm that swept all the way. But mostly, though unpleasant, the news was the death of that very American Mr. Ratchet. At the same time the door to the compartment was closed, but window wide open.

Monsieur Poirot begins his own investigation at the request of the owner of Express Bouc. In the course of its investigation revealed that Ratchet is a thief and a killer of the Armstrong family’s baby. Poirot suggests that the main motive is a vengeance and begin to search for people on the train, which, at least, have some relation to the Armstrong family. But the investigation goes so far that Poirot understands that the motive could have each person on the Express.


  • J. Depp as Ratchett
  • W. Dafoe as Gerhard Hardman
  • O. Colman as Hildegarde Schmidt
  • K. Branagh as Hercule Poirot

Release Date

Murder on the Orient Express 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 22nd of November.

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