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When does come out Murder on the Orient Express movie 2017

“My husband is an archaeologist, and archaeologists are the detectives of the past” – these are the words of world famous British writer and crime novelist Agatha Christie. During her life, she managed to write plenty of different interesting novels based on criminal investigations and murders, also a few short stories. It is not a secret Hollywood movie companies love directing films based on world-famous novels and stories written by the authors that took a particularly special place in the heart of many readers. Agatha is not an exception. So when does Murder on the Orient Express come out?

Even if the trailer of the film hasn’t been released properly, the precise date of when the movie is coming on the big screen is already discussed and planned. The film’s release is scheduled for 2017, at the end of November in the United States of America. When it comes to German speaking regions of Switzerland, and also Netherlands, the famous movie is going to be presented at the beginning of the second week in November. After the USA premiere the next country which is going to “accept the challenge” and show the movie in the big cinemas is Germany following by two more big countries.

murder on the orient express 2017

The UK premiere is planned to be on 24th of November and followed by France as the last country on the list of dates. However, even if movie Murder on the Orient Express trailer hasn’t been shown yet people still have some information about the upcoming adaptation of Agatha’s book. The first film based on the book story was released in 1974 and had and still has the huge popularity among the crime lovers. So what is it all about?

The main character biography – how often does he appear in Agatha’s novels?

The interesting fact is that Hercule Poirot appears very often in Christie’s detective stories and the first time reader has the opportunity to meet him in novel “The Mysterious Affair at Styles”. Originally he was born in Belgium, but the precise date of his birth is unknown as well as his age. He isn’t very tall and the first book where he appears is already an old man who continues investigating the crimes. The thing that stands him out is his mustaches and dark hair. Mr. Poirot is very punctual and always has a clean cloth and takes the pocket watch.

Even if he’s a Belgian he speaks English on the professional level as a part of his job but sometimes speaks with an accent and forgets specific words. He explains that in one of Agatha’s novels – “if they hear me speaking with an accent they think I’m a foreigner, which makes it easier to find the killer without being suspicious”. Murder on the Orient Express 2017 movie release date has been scheduled for November. So in 2017 the audience will be able to see this character played by Kenneth Branagh who is actually a director of the upcoming project.

murder on the orient express

The list of the main characters – professionally organized murder

The cast of the movie is very big. There were twelve people of different nations, connected to Armstrong family, on the train who played the main role in the murder that is being investigated and carefully analyzed by Belgian detective:

  • MacQueen – young translator of Ratchett (real name Cassetti – the man who organized the kidnapping and murder of Daisy Armstrong) who knew the details of about his escape and wanted to kill Cassetti.
  • Greta Ohlsson – very religious Swedish nurse of Daisy and was respected in Armstrong family.
  • Fräulein Schmidt – German woman who was the cook in the family of the dead Later became a maid for Natalia Dragomiroff.
  • Dragomiroff – Russian lady, the godmother of Sonia, a good member of Armstrong family.
  • Foscarelli – Italian man who grew up in Chicago. He sales cars in Europe and was a chauffeur of Armstrongs.
  • Helena Andrenyi – younger sister of slain Sonia Armstrong, wife of Rudolph and daughter of Caroline Martha Hubbard.
  • Caroline Martha Hubbard – famous tragic actress in NYC, mother of Sonia.
  • Rudolph – Hungarian husband of Helena who has British manners.
  • Michel – the conductor, father of nursemaid in Armstrong family. His daughter committed suicide.
  • Mary Debenham – secretary of Sonia from England. When is Murder on the Orient Express coming to theaters the audience will be able to see the whole story and trouble in Armstrong
  • Henry Masterman – English man connected to the murdered man. He was a batman in Armstrong’s family on the war.
  • John Arbuthnot – British best friend of John Armstrong who saved his life.
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