When does come out My Cousin Rachel movie 2017


To begin with, almost every masterpiece book turns into its visual form on the screen, sooner or later. Each year there are plenty of novels’ adaptations being produced, and 2017 is no exception. It’s marked by the release of one of the most popular Daphne du Maurier’s work, named My Cousin Rachel. Back in the 1950s, at the time of its publication, the book was a huge success among the reading audience. Years on, it became a real classic of the English literature, triggering the projects of the worthy filming. Today Roger Michell’s screen version, featuring the prominent starring actors, is literally knocking on the world cinema’s doors. But before answering the essential question “when does My Cousin Rachel come out?”, let’s go deeper into the mystic world, appeared from under the pen of the British author.

Have to wait:

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Some nitty-gritty of the plot

In brief, the movie tells a story of a young man from Cornwall Philip Ashley. Involuntarily he falls under the spell of beautiful and mysterious cousin Rachel. She arrives at the country estate after the death of her husband who was a guardian and beloved friend to Philip. A hint of suspicion is hovering around this woman but the initial feel of revenge, experienced by a youth, transforms into an inexplicable infatuation.

My Cousin Rachel movie 2017

Some specifics out of the promo

The very trailer of My Cousin Rachel movie that landed several days ago doesn’t spill much of shed on the details. During the two unsettling minutes, we plunge into the atmosphere of the 19th-century English county. Imagine a gloomy ambiance of the Cornish estate, beyond the walls of which a whole gamut of emotions is growing. The tacit watching, enigmatic smiles and just a few words – “…maybe it’s you who knows nothing…” paint a vivid picture of the tension and prevailing attraction between two main protagonists. A magically sounding cover of the ever-popular Wicked Game is seemed to be an equally thrilling part of the clip.

In case you are inspired by the mysterious notes of what you’ve just watched, the uncertain “coming soon” in the end won’t disappoint you as My Cousin Rachel movie release date is already known. It is scheduled to premiere on June 9, 2017, in the UK and on July 14 in the USA.

Some information about the cast

Following the aforementioned facts, My Cousin Rachel movie is adapted from Daphne du Maurier novel of the same title which was made up in distant 1951. Actually, it’s not the first attempt to retell the classic. In 1952 Henry Coster introduced a successful screen version, adorned by the sincere acting of Richard Burton and Olivia de Havilland. Therefore, it looks like the upcoming work has some big shoes to fill.

My Cousin Rachel movie

The script was created according to the writer’s narration under the guidance of the film’s director and screenwriter Roger Michell. You may be familiar with his projects such as “Morning Glory”, “Changing Lines” or “Hyde Park on Hudson”. Together with Fox Searchlight Pictures production company, Michell gathered rather interesting cast, boasting primarily of the pure British accent.

  • Oscar and the Golden Globe winner – Rachel Weisz – was chosen to play the wicked character of Rachel Sangalletti Ashley;
  • Sam Claflin, best known for the “Hunger Games” and “Me Before You”, stars a confused Englishman Philip Ashley;
  • Holliday Grainger, recognized for the “Cinderella” and “The Finest Hours”, appears in the film as a true friend of Philip – Louise Kendall;
  • The television and stage actor – Iain Glen – famous for his character in “Game of Thrones”, also demonstrates his prowess in the movie.

It goes without saying that the film creators are widening the range of the potential viewers due to the intriguing alliance of the charismatic Mrs. Weisz and handsome Mr. Claflin. The public rarely sees them going into such serious roles, that’s why My Cousin Rachel is likely to draw the interested enthusiasts.

Some words to conclude

Now, when Daphne du Maurier’s fans and dramatic romances’ lovers are not tortured with the burning “when is My Cousin Rachel 2017 coming to theaters” curiosity, they are left counting down almost 130 days until the official release. And so are we.

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