When does come out My Little Pony: The Movie 2017


Every year brings us all new and new paintings. Some of them fall on the big screen, and some remain undetected. The following year, this film comes out like a little pony. Let’s see what this film and whether it is worth it to watch. So, when does My Little Pony: The Movie come out?

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We have information that in the year 2017 will be filmed “My Little Pony: The Movie “. Apparently, it will be feature-length cartoons for an hour and a half. One source stated that the approximate release date November 17, 2017, onwards.

My Little Pony: The Movie 2017

The plot

Ponivilju is once again threatened by dark forces. Twilight Sparkle, Jeppldzhek, Rainbow dash, Pinky Pye, Flattershaj, and Rarity are sent in an unforgettable and fascinating journey beyond Jekvestrii. On their way they met a lot of new friends and resort to the magic of friendship, to cope with all the exciting jobs, and save your home. Maybe, the description is not enough to understand the sence of the movie My Little Pony: The Movie trailer can tell you more about the film. If you want, you can find it just putting “my little pony trailer” into the search line.

The story of “My little pony”

The answer to the question when is My Little Pony: The Movie coming to theaters in the following year. Nevertheless, for the beginning we need to know what the movie is about.

In the 2003 year, Hasbro drawing attention to adult collectors of my little pony introduced limited editions that were mostly at charity events and comic cons. And yes my little pony has its own Convention. Say someone even saw black and White Pink Pony who portrayed Ninja. Especially for customizers through selected specialty retailers can buy a pony-disc. However, customizers are more likely to buy dead baby toys and work with them.

My Little Pony: The Movie

Now no children’s lineup is complete without the support of show-business and baby pony is no exception. Already in 1980 came the first cartoons about good horses and their friends. All the characters lived in the length of dreams, the universe of all kinds of magical villains. Only recently a baby pony moved into its own town Ponivil’ where engaged completely in human affairs: began to go to school in the movie and even engage in synchronized swimming.

In 2000 the company changed its strategy to promote their films and serials and abandoned the expensive television broadcasting: now cartoons are released solely on DVD. Not worth the stop on my little pony filmography, she is very extensive, and most of this stuff is designed for specific children’s perceptions.

In view of this, there are many disputes about the influence of the cartoon on the psyche of the child. Many adults are categorically opposed to their children watched it. But as they say, how many people have so many opinions.

The Cast of Pony Family: Barrington known as Berritauny in toy form, Sanbrajty and Medousvity were released as toys, but they were only sold in some European countries. Some items this product is also sold in Europe with 7 Pony Friends such as comics, alarm clocks, backpacks, umbrellas and a piggy bank for money.

My Little Pony

My Little Pony brand

In the 2008 year, my little pony celebrated its 25 years. This extremely controversial in terms of the adult toy has its devoted fans among younger children prefer dolls and horses among grown-up girls, retained affection since childhood. The first line of the year 1981 was a prototype and was called My cute pony. Replaced by my little pony 1982 themselves, and they made a real sensation for a while even ahead on sales of Barbie. At the moment there are already three generations of my little ponies, the last that we have now. Unlike most toys, my little pony centenarians never changed radically. My little pony is a stylized figure of horses with a colorful mane and the wide world around them which includes Playsets, mechanical toys, merchandise in the corporate style, magazines, fan clubs, and more. The characters were originally very much, but over time there are only 7. Over a quarter of a century, my little pony has ceased to be just a toy becoming a striking phenomenon in pop culture.

Naïve primitive characters babies ponies, their Joie de vivre and obligatory happy ending all their adventures together with caramel colors make them an excellent target for parodies and mockery of varying degrees of stiffness.

But these touching images that have nothing to do with the real life that makes my little pony so unique and popular.

So, now we know the main things about the movie My little Pony: The Movie 2017 movie release date is November 17. If you are interested in it, enjoy the movie!

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