When does come out Naked movie 2017


The new comedy movie by Michael Tiddes is called “Naked”. On this page, you can see the full information on the movie.


  • Michael Tiddes is a director of the movie. He is known for “A Haunted House”, “Fifty Shades of Black”, “A Haunted House 2”, “Crawl Space”.
  • D. Ortkiese is a cinematographer.
  • L. Jordan is a film editor.
  • E. Febo-Orsini is a production designer.
  • C. Hill is an art director.
  • T. Edwards is a set decorator.
  • A. Wald-Cohain is a costume designer.

When is Naked 2017 coming to theaters?

This information is not disclosed.

Naked movie 2017


Tomorrow will be the most important day in Anderson’s life. He and Mary decided to get married. His bride is beautiful and clever, so that future family life does not promise anything wrong. Mad rush, fuss, nerves – all this will happen tomorrow but now friends are a reward to Anderson an unexpected surprise.

They threw last bachelor party to a guy (the sea of ​​beer, girls- strippers and so on) because tomorrow Anderson will live a quiet measured life of exemplary family man and now he had the last real chance to go crazy last time with friends. It’s obvious that the boy is not too eager to rest so but against reckless friends you can do nothing. And now the party is in full swing: beer and other strong drinks flow like water, and later girls arrive. As poor Anderson did not resist, his friends managed to pump him up the eyeballs. Especially, his best friend is made efforts to all of that. In what purposes did this dude, stay unclear, but he tried his best. He poured weird thing into the glass, and then Anderson finally drunk. It turned out even so that in a drunken stupor Anderson slept with the best friend of Marie and did not immediately was able to figure out what he had done. Well, friends that in all this time, reached the condition, they decided to play a trick on Anderson.

He was dragged into the elevator, all clothes were removed and left him to “rest”. Now it seems ridiculous (even so) but in the morning … A guy wakes up sharply from the meticulous ringing clock tower. With barely opened eyes, he cannot understand: where and how he got here?! However, there is no time for reconsider. Now 11 o’clock and the ceremony begin in less than two hours. The first thing he tries to make is to find the least clothes because in this obscene form (do not forget that the man completely naked) and get out on the street ashamed. But this is not so easy.

Naked 2017

Passing by people naturally shy away from him (probably think he’s crazy or worse), and a tender-hearted old lady even brought the police. The apartment where Anderson decided to go is a gathering of homosexual, who does not mind to talk with “sweetly” boy. Without thinking, Anderson kicked the ass of the owner, picked him first clothes that came to hand, and moved to the exit. Funnier, probably, does not happen: Have you ever seen a man, running around the city in nearly a transparent feminine dressing gown?

The only thing that remains is to rob the clothing store. Miraculously he did it and does not care that he was without shoes. In general, while Anders got to the church where the wedding was to take place, everyone is got separated. Mary, of course, becomes angry at him and did not even want to talk. Nothing else to do but go home and wait out the storm, and when the dust settles, try to make peace with his beloved. And he did so. However, the next morning, the whole picture is repeated again (someone else’s house, elevator, lack of clothing), and the date is the same (in the sense of his wedding day). When it came to Anderson, he tries again to catch the celebration but unsuccessfully. As a result, Anderson lived the same day many times (perhaps with some new nuances). How long will it last?


The official movie Naked trailer is not available.

Naked movie


The plot of the new tape is like a “Groundhog Day”. Rob Anderson – irresponsible dolt who does not want to grow, despite the approaching marriage. To teach the main character a few lessons, life makes him, again and again, to live a few hours before the wedding, when he wakes up naked in an elevator.


The information on the characters of Marlon Wayans and Regina Hall is kept secret.

  • D. Haysbert as Reginald Swope
  • N. Brown Jr. as Officer Rick Mcbride
  • L. Devine as Brides Mother
  • D. Sheridan as Officer Mike Bentley
  • C. Hardrict as Drill
  • M. Messmer as Impatient Guest
  • J. Davis as Principal Melon

Release Date

Naked 2017 movie release date is actually unknown. The creators are only said that the movie will come in 2017, in the USA.

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