When does come out One Night movie 2017


New movie “One night” will come to the cinema in the 2017 year. It will be a romantic drama, with Michael Baig as a director and a screenwriter. The movie is made with Level 33 Entertainment and LevelFILM. When does One Night come out we will learn in this article!

The basis of “One night”

Michael Baig’s first movie that she wrote and become its own director – its “One night”. The summary of this picture is about the collision of past and present time when two couples experience love in the night in a hotel.

One Night movie 2017

Each director draws his inspiration from different sources. The inspiration for the film One Night literally originates and from life. Minhal Baig picked up the idea that all people fall in love and then diverge. The film director also shared her life story, according to which she was in high school and fell in love with a man with whom, as she thought, she will spend the rest of life. But this did not happen, and her childhood dream shattered by reality. This was the impetus for the creation of the film One Night. The director always wanted to describe the unconventional story of love. Also, she wanted to show how people fall in love, grow together, returning to each other.

Initially, the idea was that the two men (who were once in a relationship) meet at a party of a mutual friend in New York and spend the rest of the night talking knowing each other more. The author reviewed the idea and decided to do a story about three couples who are at different stages of the relationship. And all three couples will spend the rest of the night together. But in the end, the story will focus on two pairs (one older and one younger), who gradually learn about the night a lot of love and to know each other as a whole. History has gone through many changes and has an unexpected twist. Enjoy Movie One Night trailer in good quality!

One Night movie

The plot

It’s about the troubled teen named Bea, who reunited with his childhood friend, Andy. These roles are performed by Isabelle Fuhrman and Kyle Allen.

The second pair consists of a girl and a guy Elizabeth and Drew, who must decide or do they need to save their relationship after so many disappointments. Two couples face at night in the hotel as the past and present.

Actors have done extraordinarily hard work. The viewer may associate the characters in so many different ways. The film is very interesting, because we know so little about the life of the characters, and the entire film takes place in one night. It is at least curious. In addition, it is quite comical. The camera switches from one pair to another, you can compare them. The message of the film is a risk for the sake of love, no matter how scary it may seem. We recommend this film to anyone who likes a romantic comedy! One Night 2017 movie release date is scheduled for 10 February 2017.

One Night


Camp had a recurring role in the second season of “True Blood” in 2009, and had a notable role in the television series “Mad Men” and “The Good Wife.” She played a small role in the movie “The Help” in 2011, then received one of the main roles in the musical comedy “Pitch Perfect” with Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick, which was released in October 2012. She also received in 2012 a regular role in the comedy series “The Mindy Project” with Mindy Culling.

Isabelle Fuhrman is popular with picture “The Hunger Games” and “Orphan”. In this movie, she will play teenager Bea. When is One Night coming to theaters? The movie will come in February, don’t miss!


Relationships between people have always been the key idea in all the works of art. The author of the idea of the film was passed through all the experiences and emotions that are enclosed in this picture. We would like the viewer to appreciate positively the idea of the author and tried to look at the film from different angles. The film touches not only the relationship between the pair but the difference of perception of the same feelings at different ages. Here the face not only the individual but also the times.

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