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When does come out Patient Zero movie 2017

The “Patient Zero” by Stefan Ruzowitzky is upcoming horror movie. In the topic below we will try to answer on the main question: “When does Patient Zero come out?” and other information on film.


  • S. Ruzowitzky is a director of the movie. He is known for “Dead Fall”, “Anatomy”, “The Inheritors”, “The Counterfeiters”
  • The compositor of the movie is M. Wandmacher.
  • B. Neuenfels is a cinematographer.
  • Mark Stevens   is film editor.
  • Jonathan Lee is a production designer.
  • M. Restivo and A. Rothschild are art directors.
  • S. Harman is a costume designer.

Patient Zero movie 2017

Why epidemic movie?

Many tragic episodes of human history associated with mass outbreaks of infectious diseases, which give a large space for the flight of director’s thoughts. Watch movies online on epidemic theme, in fact, like a lot of people because such events are themed to the movies in the genre of horror, science fiction and disaster. In addition, this topic is often elevated in historical films and documentary cinema. An example of this can be somewhat of popular TV series about the epidemic, telling the tragic events of years gone by and the present, due to the emergence of new diseases. Equally are popular fantastic movies, in which the action develops due to the emergence of new diseases, which is rapidly exterminating humanity.

Horror films about epidemics are very popular among lovers of zombie horror. The plot of many movies of this genre begins with a mysterious virus which is go beyond secret government laboratories. It infects humans, turning them into zombies and in front of the main characters is the task of finding a means of saving humanity. In other matters, in epidemic movie such characters are often necessary to survive.

Many of the historical events, which have had a major impact on civilization, occurred due to outbreaks of dreaded diseases. Naturally, these events draw the attention of the writers. Historical films about epidemics can be attributed to different genres, but all of them characterized by drama and the special atmosphere of despair. It is very well reflected in the film pandemic of plague known as the “Black Death”. It is good revealed a relationship theme in the society of the time, and often, as an additional line, is added a bit of the supernatural. Often movies, the plot of which is associated with the real-existing epidemics, can be attributed more to the drama. Characters of actors are aggravated against the background of the mass diseases but the situation often puts them in front of a difficult choice. An example of such movie is a picture “Luxury Life” which tells about the social changes that have arisen due to the spread of Lyme disease in the United States or heartwarming melodrama “Sparrow” – a love story that occurred in the time of cholera epidemic in Sicily in the middle of the last century.
Patient Zero movie

About the movie

It is the darkest apocalyptic movie of all time. The main achievement of the director is almost physical feeling of complete loneliness. His apotheosis is a man suspended by the leg, one in the middle of the empty, but at the same time filled with the invisible evil in metropolis. Evil, by the way, turned out to be extremely successful. Monsters, consisting of pure rage, close to the ideal.

When is Patient Zero coming to theaters?

It is planned to release on screens in the middle of February, 2017.


The official movie Patient Zero trailer is now available on the YouTube.


The global epidemic of rabies has led to what the survivors have to deal not only with the virus but also with its victims – “infected”. These “infected” are fast, aggressive and, most importantly, very intelligent creatures. Dr. Morgan and he has been impacted by the virus, but not infected, only became a carrier. This gave him an advantage over the others, at least, it can go on contact with “contaminated”. He decides to use his immunity in order to find a “patient zero” with which he thinks it all started. He assembles a team of survivors for this and goes on the hunt.


  • N. Dormer as Dr. Gina Rose
  • C. Standen as Knox
  • M. Smith as Morgan
  • J. Bradley as Scooter
  • A. Deyn as Janet

Patient Zero 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 17th of February, 2017 in USA.

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