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When does come out Raw movie 2017

The trailer of the most scandalous French-Belgian horror film 2016 Raw (Grave) published on YouTube. The trailer is red band. This means that it is not exposed by pop-censorship. So, a potential viewer can find out what to expect from the movie.  There was only one question. When does Raw come out?

Julia Ducournau and her debut film Raw

Screenwriter and Director Julia Ducournau was born in Paris, France on November 18th 1983. She participated in more than two films since 2011. The first picture is Junior. She was filming only a movie in the Comedy genre and fantasy short film before that.

The trailer of movie Raw was very intriguing. It is the debut in a feature film of Director Julia Ducournau. This debut was quite successful according to reviewers. The movie premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival where it received an award for best debut and became mandatory viewing from that time by all fans of horror movies.

Raw movie 2017

It also received prizes from other film festivals around the world.

However, a few of the viewers even fainted at the Toronto International Film Festival from what they saw on the screen. The audience was not ready for the bloody scenes and realistic pictures too. They claimed that they felt the smells and sounds seemed too alive.

According to the marketer of the movie, Ryan Werner, he saw such reaction from the film only once in life – when there was a screening of the “Antichrist” by Lars von Trier.

Despite favorable reviews from critics experts believe that the wide-screen release of the film a risky venture: not everyone is able to accept and withstand such hard and bloody history.

If the person loses consciousness from fright, then nobody knows you will have time to bring to life it. Experts advise most to consider the security that the movie was not accompanied by deaths,


The movie Raw trailer was release in January, 2017.

This film tells the story about a girl named Justine (most likely a reference to De Sade). She is sixteen and she is a convinced vegetarian. However, Justine’s family has another tradition – the profession of a veterinarian. So Justine goes to veterinary school.

All went well at first. The girl has no difficulty with learning and she is passionate about her study. There is a frightening tradition of student “initiation” where you need to eat raw meat. Girl forced to eat the raw liver of a rabbit. But the girl never ate tasty cooked meat. Justine overpowers herself and tasted a piece… but then she threw up.

The worst thing in her life will occur later – she realizes that she cannot to control the extremely growing necessity to bite the flesh. No matter whose flesh is.

This quiet shy girl has to go through hell for the first few weeks. But she quickly adapts. And when she begins to experiment with sexuality her diet is changing in favor of human flesh…

The new Raw trailer is full of shocking sights of blood, bites, scratches. It becomes obviously that this film is not for the faint of heart. And one view alone may be enough for fans of this genre.

Raw 2017

Release date

Good news! Raw 2017 movie release date is 03/10/2017 in the United States by Focus World. And the release in February will take place in France.


The main role of the girl Justine played by actress Garance Marillier. Garance Marillier played roles in more than four movies since 2011. The first film is Junior (2011). It is also such films as Ce n’est pas un film de cow-boys (2012), Solo Rex (2014), Hotaru (2016). She is active in social networks and has a personal website.

Also starring: Ella Rumpf (as Alexia), Rabah Naït Oufella (as Adrien), Laurent Lucas (as Father), Joana Preiss (as Mother) and more.

Raw 2017 in theaters

When is Raw 2017 coming to theaters? The world premiere will be held in May 2017.

However, some countries still not decided about the release of the movie on the wide screen.

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