When does come out Red Sparrow movie 2017


Jason Matthews novel “Red Sparrow” was released in the summer of 2013 and became an instant bestseller. The novel received a lot of positive reviews, as some critics have even compared it to the works of Ian Fleming and John le Carré. The movie will come sooner. On this occasion, we are prepared full information on movie and also the answer on the question: “When does Red Sparrow come out?”

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Francis Lawrence is a director of the movie. He is known for the big movie, such as: “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, “I am Legend”, “Constantine”, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay”.

  1. Howard is a compositor of the movie.
  2. Willems is a cinematographer.
  3. Bell is a film editor.
  4. Summerville is a costume designer.

Red Sparrow 2017 movie

When is Red Sparrow 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie will release on screens in the beginning of November 2017 in the USA.

Interesting Facts

  • The movie will be the third collaboration between Jennifer Lawrence and Francis Lawrence.
  • After the announcement of the film in 2013, the year Darren Aronofsky was considered for the role of its director but later dropped out from the project. In the same year, David Fincher and Rooney Mara were seemed as producers, as a director and actor of the film respectively. In July 2015 it became known that most likely that the movie will be directed by Francis Lawrence. Later, in September of that year, Jennifer Lawrence was presented as the female protagonist of the movie.
  • It is a debut movie for the Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin.


The movie Red Sparrow trailer is already available on YouTube.

The real spy story

British intelligence gave their officer difficult task. Out in the Pacific, where at that time was a war between the United States and Japan, in order to collect information about the fighting on both sides. Scout, let’s call him John Smith arrived at the area, first bought a small cargo ship to transport mail and goods between the islands of the Pacific Ocean. War is war, but eat inhabitants of the islands have to. Without such boats which are delivered provisions, it would be bad.

The second thing, this John Smith contacted the Japanese intelligence and offered it services to gather information about the American side for a fee. The Japanese agreed. White Anglo-Saxon, they reasoned, would make it better than any Asian.

The third thing, John Smith contacted American intelligence and offered them his services to collect information on the Japanese side. He told them that hates the narrow-eyed since childhood and always ready to help paleface brothers – American. Those, too, agreed.

And the work has gone. Transporting and trading of food, John Smith passed data to Americans about Japanese and to Japanese, respectively, about Americans. And he passed the information of both of them to the United Kingdom. All three explorations were satisfied by his work.

Red Sparrow 2017

Both USA and Japanese counterintelligence repeatedly arrested ingenious John Smith on suspicion of espionage. John Smith said the password, and counterintelligence, gritting their teeth, passed a spy in their exploration. In the exploration, he was asked: “Well, what are you this time gave to our mortal enemies?” “Yes, I told them little things! – Answered John Smith – and I do not remember exactly. How do I creep into the confidence of your mortal enemies? I’ll bring a lot of information about your enemies! You do not want to see your enemies have lost all confidence in me, and, moreover, tied me, and thereby depriving you of important intelligence? That’s why, reluctantly, I have to cooperate with the enemy for the sake of higher interests.”

Agents from both sides let go John Smith.

This lie would have ended well, but the Americans eventually occupied Japan. And they got to the Japanese intelligence archives. And the Japanese, it must be said or knew or assumed that this John Smith is also on the service in English intelligence. But they put up with this.

However, the Americans read the information provided by this John Smith to Japanese General Staff, outraged by this double-dealing of their faithful ally to the core.

Well, if your traitor caused damage to the United States, so, give him to us! – Insisted the Americans

The British government did not want to give their agent! After all, if the issue because Americans can get from him such information as the previous spy scandal seems like innocent misunderstanding! The British could not find this John Smith in its territory for a long time. But the Americans were persistent. They threaten to “unpredictable consequences” And the British had no choice, how to find that elusive John and agree to the issuance of a traitor to their faithful allies.

But, the best interest of the British Empire, there was a contradictory situation: on the one hand, it is necessary to give a spy, and on the other hand, it is inconceivable that loyal allies got him.

But this situation is resolved happily. The aircraft, which transported John Smith, crashed over the Atlantic. No one escaped. Moreover, the aircraft wreckage was never found.


Dominica has to seduce and to expose the FBI agent Nathaniel who is US mole in Russia. But there tied a relationship between them and it is jeopardized the security of both countries.


  • J. Lawrence as Dominika Egorova
  • J. Edgerton as Nathaniel Nash
  • J. Richardson as Nina
  • N. O’Neill as Sonya
  • K. Konrad as Ustinov
  • D. Miller as Victor

Release Date

Red Sparrow 2017 movie release date is planned on November 10, 2017, in the USA.

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