When does come out Resident Evil: The Final Chapter movie 2017


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the latest unit in a number of stories about Alice Abernathy. It’s the next story about a struggle cons Umbrella Corp. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter can be included into the categories of science fiction films, action, horror. When does Resident Evil: The Final Chapter come out?

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter movie

General facts

Resident Evil is originally a block of video games. It gained great popularity. Later the plot was taken as a background of the series. The first showing took place in 2002. The plot changed a lot, though it has the same baseline, personages (zombies and Umbrella Corp.).

The cycle of films is a very successful project taking into account the box-office. The whole earning is almost 1 billion dollars. Though, critics don’t share the people’s opinion.  

After showing the fifth part in 2012 P. Anderson stated a possibility of the next part. The financial achievements of the previous part confirmed the persistent interest of audience to the story based on the cycle of games Resident Evil. Sony Pictures declared Milla Yovovich to be the star of the final story. Anderson declared that he was planning to make the next story about Alice. Several heroes from the previous chapters would return in this story.

The primordial release was appointed on September, 12th, 2014. A change of the release date was tweeted by Jovovich. The date was impossible. The shoot was to be started in the end of 2013. But few months later the process was not started yet. Anderson planned to release the story in 2015. The director of the film planned to start making the screenplay. The film was announced to be on 3D.

The title of the film appeared in summer 2014. At that time it was proclaimed to be the last film in the series. The group was going to begin their shooting work in August, 2014. But the producers delayed it again because Milla Jovovich was pregnant.

At last the next summer Milla’s photo appeared in Instagram. It announced the start in shooting process. Movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter trailer has already been presented. This story is to be shown in winter, 2017.

Filming events

Milla Jovovich still holds the top of cast. Her heroine remains the only hope of the mankind. She struggles against zombies, monsters. Her opponent (the Red Queen) tries to destroy the human beings. Megan Charpentier, a 15-year old actress, played a personage of The Red Queen in the media.

Alice’s partners help her to destroy monsters. Their characters were made by these actors:

  • Aryanna Engineer;
  • Spencer Locke;
  • Shawn Roberts;
  • Johann Urb;
  • Ali Larter;
  • Sienna Guillory;
  • Wentworth Miller;
  • Li Bingbing.

Other characters are presented by:

  • Iain Glen;
  • Fraser James;
  • Ruby Rose;
  • Eoin Macken;
  • Ali Larter;
  • William Levy and others.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

In 2014 the director declared a decision to invite L.Bingbing to present Ada Wong. Though, at first several performers from earlier chapters weren’t going to cast. These personages weren’t expected to act in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter:

  • Chris Redfield;
  • Ada Wong;
  • Rain Ocampo;
  • K-Mart;
  • Becky;
  • Jill Valentine;
  • Leon S. Kennedy.

Ali Larter was the first to rejoin the shooting. In September, 2015 it was informed about other personages’ appearance in the latest part of sequel. Doc Abigail, Cobalt, Dr. Isaacs, Christian, Albert Wesker, Michael are expected to appear on screen. The last person to join that command was L. Joon-gi. She returned as the head of Umbrella Corp.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter pictures (images) are broadly shared through internet, not only on cinema sites, also in Twitter. Milla Jovovich, other participants commented a process of trailer releasing, shooting.

2017, January, 27th is the date for this part. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 2017 movie release date is set on that day in America, Canada. It’ll be on 3D, IMAX 3D, 2D formats. Japan is the first country to watch the premiere. It’s going to be on December, 23rd, 2016.

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