When does come out Same Kind of Different as Me movie 2017


Amazing history of friendship between the distressed farmer Denver and rich Ron capitalize off the art trade. To do charity work at the insistence of his wife, Ron changes the lives of others. But Denver repays his benefactor in the same coin. When does Same Kind of Different as Me come out and what is the plot of a story we will tell further. Paramount Pictures and Disruption Entertainment released the movie.

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In 2016, the year Renee Zellweger left her cell or whatever the name of the place, where the actress spent the last six years in seclusion and presented three films – comedy, thriller, and drama. All three pictures will get on the big and small screens in late 2016 and early 2017. Thriller “The Whole Truth,” the most anticipated comedy of the year “Bridget Jones’s Baby ” and the drama “Same Kind of Different as Me”, where René appears with its new face, agitated the disappointed and even scare some fans.

Same Kind of Different as Me 2017


Drama “Same Kind of Different as Me” based on the eponymous best-selling autobiographical Ron Hall, tells the real story of three very different people whose life’s difficulties tied together and thus made it possible to overcome their own prejudices, limitations, and drawbacks.

Ron Hall, a successful art dealer, is trying to save his crumbling marriage. His wife literally every day away from Ron, confined in his own world, where there is no access to Ron. Surprisingly, the familiarity with the homeless old man becomes black for the hero the ability to build relationships, with not only his wife but also his father. Homeless, an art dealer, and his wife go to the most incredible existential journey of his life, to learn and to rediscover themselves and the world around. Movie Same Kind of Different as Me trailers you can see already on the internet with Renee Zellweger in the title role.


The drama was the debut picture of director Michael Carney, who has in his experience just one short movie. The scenario was written by Michael Carney as well together with Ron Hall. Same Kind of Different as Me 2017 movie release date is scheduled for February 2017.


In the new film, Renee became a brown-haired woman – she plays a character older than herself, and for the transformation of the stylists chose for her wig with dark hair, which she really looks five years older. Meanwhile, in real life, as recognized by the actress in an interview on the eve of a new film about Bridget Jones, Zellweger is not very concerned about the issues of appearance and rumors about plastic surgery, which she had done in recent years.

Greg Kinnear is the secondary character, who will play the husband of the main actress. He played in such movies as «The Philosophy of Phil», «Confirmation», «Little Men», and «Heaven Is for Real».

Same Kind of Different as Me

Djimon Hounsou is brought before us in an unusual look of homeless Americans. Before we could see him in “Constantine”, «Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life», «Never Back Down», «Guardians of the Galaxy», «The Fast and the Furious 7». In 2004 he was nominated for best supporting actor for the film “In America” and in 2007, nominated for the best supporting role in the film “Blood Diamond”.

The father of Angelina Jolie, Jonathan Vincent will join the movie.

When is Same Kind of Different as Me coming to theaters? The world premiere will take place on February 3, 2017, and Rene fans could already enjoy in September another premiere with the actress – comedy “Bridget Jones 3”.



Renee Zellweger definitely delights us with their new masterpiece, emotional acting game and an extraordinary transformation. We used to see her in the role of plump Bridget Jones, but the actress proves once again that she really knows how to change the role.

Though the director tries himself and for the first time in a feature film, the actors are quite talented and popular.

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