When does come out Super Troopers 2 movie 2017


There will be a 2d part of the police comedy of 2001 about five road patrol cops of the border town. The gouging team returns to continue to have fun with their “service”, unless, of course, there is nothing more serious to happen. If you’re interested when does Super Troopers 2 come out, check out the crowdfunding page of the movie? It’s been promised to come out somewhere in the year 2017.

Super Troopers 2

What’s it all about

Frankly, the work of the five police officers patrolling the roadway isn’t that hard. Fava, Foster, Mack and Tony live in Vermont. Everyone has their own personal life, all they need is to earn money just enough for a piece of bread, but none of the guys have much desire to grow to develop a career or to improve and increase the level of education. Controlling part of the territory near the Canadian border, fearsome guardians do practically nothing, spending time eating donuts and trying not to die out of boredom. Road traffic is weak, so the guys “darn” the hole of free time as best as they can: sometimes managing to spill into the game of cards, play “meow” or find fault with trifles, extorting fines from the driver.

Stagnation continues until the news about city authorities decision to cut the budget come, and now five idlers risk to become unemployed idlers. And that’s a less pleasant experience. What’s their decision? Now, to get everything back to square one, Tony, Mac, Rabbit, Foster and Fava urgently need to disclose any murder or withdraw the drug game. Waking from hibernation Supercops are ready to do anything to save their jobs and to prove to the local police station that they are the best. The movie Super Troopers 2 trailer is yet to come out but the crew has filmed a teaser for the fans. You can find it on the web.

The effort of the crew and a cast

The film has a crowdfunding project, which is collecting money for the Broken Lizard company. The film crew has even filmed a promo video which contains the movie characters happily chatting and describing all perks that come with donating: T-shirts, merchandise, opportunity to go on a man-date with the characters. The money has not only been raised, it was doubled! Now the premiere will be in 2017, after the 16-year break.

Jay Chandrasekhar, talking about how he got the idea of making a film, said that the mood of the flaunt daredevils changes dramatically when they’re stopped by the police. The powers vested in employees in a form allowing to neglect the same powers. Whether they have a little sense of humor, it would be possible to come up with a bunch of ways to make fun of people, Jay thought. Combining two facts together we get «Super Troopers», the story of negligent police, filled with a dozen of sketches.

One of the major misconceptions that occur among the viewers before watching this movie is that the film will be about the everyday life of cops and a trailer has kinda confirmed it. In fact, it is a teenage comedy costume extravaganza: two competing police stations as two college fraternities, one of which, as expected in this genre is going to be evicted from the hostel. Carrying the analogy further, it turns out that the Rabbit is a newcomer who takes initiation rites, the people on the roads are first-years, chef is like an overseer, and the spirit of the idle messing around pushes our hero somehow pass the time between finals weeks (i.e. disclosure of crimes), turning their everyday life into the series of infantile disputes and fun.

Super Troopers 2 movie

Now things are starting to fall into place. Law enforcements are the key attributes for jokes, but the form of our heroes obviously have a room for growth, too. The words responsibility and procedure for them are empty sounds. Everybody is holding their breath for the Super Troopers 2 2017 movie release date.

The anticipation

16 years later comes the long-awaited prequel picture directed by Jay Chandrasekhar. According to the director, “Super Troopers 2” will be a prequel to the familiar story. Events unfold in the 1970s. One of the writers mentioned about the plot: the border with Canada changes, and now the police will set the US laws where there has been a Canadian earth just yesterday. Actor Rob Lowe will play a former professional hockey player in the film, who has become the mayor of a small border town.

When is Super Troopers 2 2017 coming to theaters — is the question that is asked quite frequently. You know why?  People just CRAVE for some fun. All jokes and absurd arguments, which are so common for the youth, disappear in the office everyday life and “Super Troopers” are fictional characters who come to the rescue when someone begins to absorb routine activities. And if there is value in this film, it is in the idea that the importance of the employment people overshadows the opportunity to enjoy the jokes and fun, acting according to the rule “keep a straight face in any strange situation.”

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