When does come out The Case for Christ movie 2017


Perhaps you have not seen a film about Jesus Christ on the leestrobel.com website. It is made in a documentary style, and many of the audience spoke after viewing: “Everyone should watch this. One of the best I’ve seen a long time”. Not every film is lucky to receive such reviews. But if you have not seen this movie, it’s for the better. Expected in 2017 film based on Lee Strobel’s book also has the same title, by the way, it will be a feature film. When does The Case for Christ come out in 2017 and everything known about this movie is further down in this article

Strobel’s book has become a best-seller long before the film adaptation. This is a сonvinced atheist’s story. And the wife of the protagonist is a Christian. He is an excellent journalist and decides to apply his professional skills in order to disprove the Christian belief. Do you think he’ll get an unexpected result? Is it only a miracle that can change the course of his life forever? But in life it is not so simple as in the movies.

The Case for Christ movie 2017

Religious people believe that atheists are the most unhappy people. Is there something unknown for what is their experience of life? This is obviously more than the word of faith, because people believe in science, space and so on. Thus faith is inherent in every person, it is his or her characteristic feature.

The trailer

In the Internet the movie The Case for Christ trailer is already available to view. The film promises to be a beautifully shot drama about a fairly young man, a city dweller, a journalist by profession and vocation. The purpose of the journalist is to find and discover the truth. And his wife presented the greatest case in his life.

How to find a suitable language or a decisive detail, that really delve into the science impacts of Jesus and creationism versus Darwin and evolution? We see that this man with all his courage and enthusiasm has decided to prove and to show his wife the truth (at the same time prove that millions of people were wrong). But what is the truth as a result of these professional investigations? There are so many questions, and the answers are waiting in the movie. Interestingly, really will this feature film answer the main question also? So when is The Case for Christ coming to theaters?  The movie premiere will take place on 7 April (according to the trailer info).

Cast and the team

Brian Bird made the script and cues for actors from the true story of Strobel’s spouse. Among the actors, you will see a familiar face, someone from TV series or movies. There are Robert Forster, L. Scott Caldwell and Frankie Faison, Erika Christensen in the cast. And Mike Vogel is starring. Jonathan M. Gunn was the director of the project.

The Case for Christ movie

You can think with the benefits and be logical: If there is no God, and I believe in him, I lose nothing (as Blaise Pascal, who proved of God through mathematics, wrote). But if God is there, and I do not believe I’m losing everything. But there is in the depths of human consciousness a more profound need than a desire to gain.

Take a look at the basis of the historical evidence, along with the film’s characters and then decide the next step for you. What happens when you see how much Jesus has influenced the world? Perceiving him only as a human, maybe you lose something? If we assume that he was the son of God, a part of God must be in you then too. If there is no mirror for the soul – the consciousness sees itself? You will have an appropriate opportunity to reflect on this line of thought on the Case for Christ 2017 movie release date, on April 2017.

Maybe people are atheists or agnostics, due to lack of education, information and intelligence, because they have not studied in detail the question of God.

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