When does come out The Glass Castle movie 2017


The Glass Castle is a new film by Destin Cretton. Full information on movie you can read in the topic below. The answer on question: “When does The Glass Castle come out?” you can also know from there.


  • D. Cretton is a director of the movie. He is known for “Short Term 12”, “I am not a Hipster”, “Deacon’s Mondays”.
  • Joel P. West is a compositor of the film.
  • B. Pawlak is a cinematographer.
  • N. Sanders is a film editor.
  • S. Seymour is a production designer.
  • N. Lepage and C. Rouleau are art directors.
  • S. Cloutier and S. Thivierge are set decorators.
  • J. Cretton and M. Gordon-Crozier are costume designers.

The Glass Castle movie 2017

When is The Glass Castle 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie will come on screens in 2017.

Difficult Childhood

Childhood lays the foundation for future human life. This axiom was never in doubt from professional psychologists, but doctors and neuroscientists have long sought to find out this: whether the earlier injury or, on the contrary, a happy childhood affect the functioning of the whole body and mind in particular? And if so – in what way it occurs at the biochemical level? Recent studies confirm that this is true. It seems that dysfunctional childhood alters DNA methylation and expression of genes involved in adaptation to stress. And these changes can then be saved for life.

Effect of disadvantaged childhood on subsequent human life is never put psychologists in doubt. Fundamentals of the theory of psychoanalysis, laid down by Sigmund Freud, got more and more evidence in other theories and clinical practice. Children who have experienced childhood maltreatment, death of a parent or extreme poverty, then asked for help because of unexplained anxiety, depression, inability to establish trusting relationships with others, and other neurotic symptoms. Psychologists have also argued that the troubles experienced in childhood is largely responsible for obesity, cravings for smoking and other addictions, increased aggression or, on the contrary, the failure to grow up for themselves. Numerous studies have confirmed this correlation.

The Glass Castle

But in any case, the important role of childhood in the further development and state of health is no longer in doubt even among neuroscientists. And while scientists are looking for ways to smooth out the childhood trauma, parents should make every effort to ensure that such injuries do not occur.


Brie Larson 2016 dedicated to filming in the action-movies and blockbusters (dynamic fighter in the style of Tarantino “Free Fire” and the action adventure “King Kong: Skull Island”, and Brie will become the new female superhero of the Marvel universe – filming in the end of 2016, and assigned to the premiere at the 2019th  blockbuster  “Captain Marvel”, but the actress remembers, how she became world famous – the harsh drama “Room”, for which Larson won an Oscar for best Actress. Therefore, in 2017 the actress returns to the big dramatic cinema – picture “The Glass Castle” directed by Destin Cretton. Besides Brie, major roles in the film “The Glass Castle” performed by Woody Harrelson and Naomi Watts.


If you want to watch movie The Glass Castle trailer, you can see it on the YouTube.


The young Janet Walls grows in a very non-traditional nonconformist large family constantly moved from place to place, hiding from the FBI and not respecting any human law. Mother is the eccentric who also is an art windy nature. Father is an alcoholic who is also a dreamer, an adventurer and a brilliant storyteller. Family is poor but friendly. Glass Castle of their existence is constantly bursting from the blows of fate, the economy and the diseases of life; every day is preparing a new trouble, dramatic episodes and adventures.  However, childhood, sooner or later will end, and it is difficult to understand whether children Walls ready for adult independent life when they grow up and leave The Glass Castle of their eccentric parents.


  • B. Larson as Jeannette Walls
  • N. Watts as Rose Mary Walls
  • W. Harrelson as Rex Walls
  • S. Snook as Lori Wells
  • M. Greenfield as David
  • S. Crooks as Young Maureen

Release Date

The Glass Castle 2017 movie release date is unknown but creators assure that movie will come in 2017.

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