When does come out The Last Face movie 2017


Sometimes when you watch a trailer of new upcoming film it makes you shudder because of its unusual atmosphere and the things that are not that often met in the contemporary films. And it is not a surprise that such film is made by famous Hollywood actors who decided to try themselves in a new area of cinematography. One of such actors is American actor and well-known activist Sean Penn. His new upcoming film includes famous international actors who united together to tell the unusual story of life in Africa. So when does The Last Face come out?


The Last Face movie 2017

At the beginning of April in 2014 was the first time when the director’s name was announced to the public – Sean Penn had already chosen a few actors before the photography finally started.

There were lots of different world’s locations where the film was shot. Among them are:

  • South Africa – Cape Town – this was the first destination where the movie had to be filmed.
  • Other locations in South Africa due to the story line.

On the movie The Last Face trailer the audience will be able to see the story of real events that can touch the heart of each and every one of viewers. It begins with the female character who explains her incredible feeling when she sees her love. But then everything is changing to the shoots with the war in Africa, where people just have to survive – and the ones who are the warriors and the ones who are the doctors. The war tears people apart, but the hope and strong belief in a something good hold people together. “He knows that maybe he won’t say her name again, but at least he will see her face”.

The Last Face 2017 movie release date for different countries has already been scheduled. The first premiere was in France at the end of May in 2016 on Cannes Film Festival which was visited by many famous actors including all the team of the upcoming movie. As people know today, the first cinema premiere is planned to be in France in 2017 at the beginning of January. The next location is Spain with the release date is 27th of January the same year. And the last country is Cambodia – there local cinemas will represent this film on 23rd of February.

Story line and actors’ team

The film represents many stories; one of them is in the center of the plot. Wren Petersen is an activist working in Africa and leading her dead father’s international organization of doctors. She is very happy and honored to head this organization but sometimes feels not good enough comparing herself to her father and his own personal achievements he managed to get in the past. At the very beginning of 21st century, she suddenly meets Miguel – he is a brilliant surgeon and all his life dedicated to helping people who became impoverished. Wren and Miguel fall in love.

The Last Face

All the relationship difficulties, among the war and surviving, begins when main female protagonist suddenly finds out that her new love previously was in sexual relationships with the person she has known for the whole life – her own cousin. That contributes to appearing the reason why they, Wren and Miguel can end their relationships. The cast of the film is very unusual. There are the actors of different nationalities who united together in a new upcoming movie. The main characters are played by:

  • Charlize Theron. At the time of filming the movie, she was in romantic relationships with the director – Sean Penn. She was originally born in South Africa and has its citizenships as well as the American one.
  • Javier Bardem. Spanish actor, who played in Hollywood films. He is the husband of Penélope Cruz, both are fluent in English so Hollywood movie production takes the first place in their career.
  • Jean Reno. French actor born in Spain, also fluent in English. Best known for filming in such movies as Léon: The Professional, The Pink Panther, and Mission Impossible. His best film series are Les Visiteurs (The Visitors).
  • Jared Harris. British actor, best known for playing in science-fiction, horror, action and other similar movies. Also, he has appeared in some dramas. He also played in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and in the film about Lincoln.
  • Adèle Exarchopoulos. French actress best known for playing in well-known French and American films such as Les Enfants de Timpelbach, I used to be darker etc.
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