When does come out The Lego Batman Movie 2017


Computer animation, increasing by quick steps, you can create the most unusual cartoons. In this case, we will show the world, as if created from parts and thousands of Lego figures. A development team names give hope for a high quality and entertaining product – that has confirmed the positive impression of the trailer to the cartoon. When does The Lego Batman Movie come out? Fans of unusual animations and DC Comics will have a great surprise – in 2017 on the big screen will be a new “The Lego Movie: Batman!”

The Lego Batman Movie 2017

After the unexpected success of the cartoon in the Lego world, which, having the relatively low budget, was able to earn a very big box office, its creators have decided immediately start working on the next story in this world – the cartoon “Lego Batman” in 2017. Its output is already looking forward to all the fans of the previous project. The previous motion picture was able to earn about $ 500 million, although no one believed in its success, it is terrible even imagine how much revenue can bring to the founders of this film because it really would have expected, the audience, and the strictest critics.

The plot of the movie “Lego Batman” in 2017

Before you go to the very plot of the new cartoon, audiences just have to learn a bit about the history of the world of Lego. Of course, almost everyone knows that cartoon and his characters made up of small details. Lego at the time created by Ole Kirk Christiansen. His goal was to create a toy that helps children develop their creative thinking. And he did it! With this constructor, you can create not just individual homes or cars, but also the entire city. For this reason, creating a motion picture in the world of Lego, the creators hoped that history will be able to completely capture the viewers. And it is certainly possible.

The film received recognition and critics, and, in fact, the audience themselves. What this cartoon manages to captivate people? First, it is worth noting its remarkable and realistic atmosphere. Extremely well, that the characters in the frame moved the same way as those toy men move in life. That is, the directors do not overdo it with plastic fake characters. Movie The Lego Batman Movie trailer watch in good quality.

Also, no one cannot forget about the wonderful song that was played in the film. By the way, it was even nominated for an Oscar. Another rather interesting history has turned the main character named Emmett Brikovoski. After many years and the usual routine of life, the hero suddenly realizes that somewhere could be much better and more interesting. His attempts to change lead to the fact that the character has to start a real war with the main antagonist of the film – Lord Business.

Also, viewers certainly pleased multiple links to other well-known films. For example, the main character even had to meet on the way, Batman. The Lego Batman Movie 2017 movie release date is scheduled for 2017.

The cartoon will tell about a superhero named Batman, who will fight for fairness and justice in his hometown of Gotham. In this case, he will be assisted by true friends, and confront very powerful and evil enemies. But, of course, good heroes will conquer evil.

And let this story is well-known to all, it will definitely be interesting to see how it will show in the world of Lego.

The Lego Batman

Team founders and Cast

The creation of spin-offs for the animated film in 2014, “Lego. The film “manages director Chris McKay, known for his work on the spectator a fantastic cartoon” Robot Chicken: Star Wars. Episode III ». It also has a direct relation to the first part of “Lego. The film “in the cat, he served as the principal specialist for installation.

The script for the new project wrote Seth Grahame-Smith, known for his highly unconventional approach to the creation of film history. Among the most popular works of the masters of the pen, you can recall the “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” “President Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and “Dark Shadows.”

The team includes producers Roy Lee, Lin Dan and Phil Lord. Roy Lee, of course, knows how to promote entertainment projects, because it was he who created the hype before the release of ” The Lake House “, “Ring”, “The Departed” and a successful family cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon.” Dan Lin ( “Sherlock Holmes”, “Gangster Squad”) and Phil Lord worked on the first “Lego. The movie “, so well aware of the specifics of these animated films.

When is The Lego Batman Movie coming to theaters? It will come on February 9, 2017!

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