When does come out The Life and Death of John Gotti movie 2017


The new upcoming movie “The Life and Death of John Gotti” by Kevin Connolly revives the history of the great boss. The answer on the main question: “When does The Life and Death of John Gotti come out?” you will see in the topic below and more other interesting details.


  • K. Connolly is a director of the movie. He is known for “Entourage”, “The Notebook”, “Unhappily Ever After”.
  • M. Barrett is a cinematographer.
  • J. Flynn is a film editor.
  • P. Farrell is a production designer.
  • D. Danielsen is an art director.
  • G. Grosso is a set decorator.
  • O. Miles is a costume designer.


The Life and Death of John Gotti movie 2017

When is The Life and Death of John Gotti coming to theaters?

The exact date is unknown.

Who is real John Gotti?

Now everyone calls Gotti a bastard, but he was devoted to his work like no other, La Cosa Nostra was everything to him, he is a man with principles and honor. Maybe he’s a criminal, he – the legend, his name will not be forgotten. I think if he was alive, he wouldn’t regret the life. He could be an entrepreneur, a businessman, would have lived in freedom for many years but he couldn’t be the real J. Gotti. This man is the last true “Godfather” of the all times.

J. Gotti is the head of all American mafia’s bosses. He received annual revenue of sixteen million $. In his climbing to criminal Olympus he made only one wrong thing. He trusted not the wright guy and made him as an his assistant.

During 30 years J. Gotti could evade punishment for the numerous crimes and violence that were registered on the bloody crime family. American Justice has repeatedly tried to bring to justice Gotti but every time things were falling apart due to lack of evidences. Gotti lived a luxurious lifestyle, trying to imitate the manner of behavior, dress, and even voice-known characters of American gangster films.

Gotti, surrounded himself with a group of drug dialers, ponces and killers, is seemed to them a generous and wonderful man.

The Life and Death of John Gotti 2017

J. Gotti administered his court at his armored doors, stuffed with signaling hardware and secret locks. It was the “Franta Don’s” office; that time it was his name too . Gambling, illegal sale of alcohol, prostitution, drugs and killing were his job, and Gotti managed it perfectly. No wonder that the FBI is christened Gotti as “Teflon Don”: all the charges rebounded from him without leaving any scratch.

Witnesses were ready to say he under oath that the “Godfather” is innocent to a particular crime that’s why he was a stand-up guy.

These people knew what boss will do with them if they say something wrong against the terrifying leader in the court.

Since 1985, special FBI agents collected information about all aspects of J. Gotti activities as head of the clan. In 1992, as a result of the seven-year investigation was able to collect enough evidence to accuse Gotti in five killings, racketeering and conspiracy.

In 1992, “Sammy the Bull” “cracked”; he agreed to be a witness for the prosecution. His “confession” broke apart the force of the great mafia.

After the detention of J. Gotti clan headed by his son, John Junior, however, in 1999, he was also convicted of racketeering for six years in prison.

A week before Gotti’s death was arrested his brother, who became head of the clan at the absence of his nephew and several senior people of the Mafia family.


The movie The Life and Death of J. Gotti trailer is not available but you can watch what happened behind the scene on the YouTube.


The movie will tell us a story about the mafia head J. Gotti and his son.


  • J. Travolta as John Gotti Sr.
  • K. Preston as Victoria Gotti
  • S. Lofranco as John Gotti Jr

Release Date

The Life and Death of John Gotti 2017 movie release date is unknown for now but creators of the movie promise to release it on screens in 2017.

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