When does come out The Mummy movie 2017


Everybody is asking the question: when does The Mummy come out? Of all movie villains, mummies are among the most exotic: in contrast to the banal zombie it is an ancient evil that’s not so easy to write into the plot, so sinister figures in bandages appear on the screen not very often. However, they may already have a small exhibition.

Have to wait:

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When Hollywood runs out of ideas, studio bosses go back to the basics. They created a new look for the familiar story. Either they present it under the unambiguous slogan like “adaptation for the modern audiences”, because they think that people will be really interested. Well, watch once again how the “Mummy” story can turn out. Especially starring Tom Cruise.

The Mummy movie 2017

Back to basics

The first remarkable version of “The Mummy” was published back in 1932. Boris Karloff played the Egyptian priest Imhotep there. That film seems scary and creepy even nowadays. A year before the “Mummy”, the inimitable Boris Karloff played the monster in “Frankenstein”. Between these two projects in 1932 (just before “The Mummy”) another film starring Karloff was released on cinema screens — the “Scarface”. Frankly, it was a truly remarkable period in the career of the British actor.

A bit of history

From “The Mummy” in 1932 we will move to the sixty-odd years ahead — to the project with the same name, which was released in 1999. Directed by Stephen Sommers, starring Brendan Fraser as the main character. The picture was successful in the global box office, after which the producers have released another two sequels. And although the sequels were successful in terms of box office, the plot in both parts (especially the third one) was subjected to a harsh criticism. We can’t say that the first film hit the expectations in terms of the scenario, but in many ways, it was good and liked by the audience. The Mummy movie trailer was greeted by many fans.

And now, after 9 years since the release of “Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”, the new “Mummy” is expected to be presented. It was A.Kurtzman who wrote the script to the “Transformers”, “Star Trek” and the second part of “New Spider-Man”. The writer has repeatedly said that he wanted to try his hand as a director. His first feature-length project, “People like us” was a success, although not without flaws. Stuffed hand, Alex Kurtzman decided to take on the blockbuster once. One can only hope that he use his abilities properly and will not let the audience down. We will know this summer, because the Mummy 2017 movie release date is the 8 of June.

Newcomers and oldtimers in the project

Kurtzman is not specified as an official writer of the future project, but it seems that he will make a lot of amendments to the original text of John Spats. And this writer was behind the script of the “Prometheus” by Ridley Scott, which, however, is still criticized.

Producers think that Sofia Boutella who starred in the film “Kingsman: The Secret Service” is able to become a future star of the movie. Otherwise, why invite her at an early stage production? Certainly, not to make the news and create a buzz around the film. However, if that was the initial purpose, the hype was definitely created.

There is not much time left until 2017, so the crew will have to work quickly. The result of their work will be available sometime after the release when the first reviews for “The Mummy” will appear.

The Mummy movie

The new blood

Of course, nor movie from 1932, nor a picture of Stephen Sommers, published in 1999, or any forthcoming reel of film Alex Kurtzman have nothing in common except for the name and the story about the mummies. What will surprise us this time? Hardly, the “Mummy” of Alex Kurtzman will scare anyone. When is The Mummy 2017 coming to theaters, you ask? You will see it on the 8th of June. It will be pure entertainment movie with elements of fantasy and adventure.

Interestingly, the plot of the project is already there. Synopsis sounds like this: En Sabah Nur wanted to seize power of the planet and for this purpose, he resorted to sacrificing. Will Priest be the main character and if so, will it be Tom Cruise? While it is known neither one nor the other. Considering that Tom Cruise is experiencing a new wave of popularity, it can be assumed that he will play a role similar to the Brendan Fraser’s in “The Mummy” in 1999 directed by Stephen Sommers.

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