When does come out The Promise movie 2017


The film portal team already knows when does the Promise come out. Also, we collected all valuable information about storyline, actors, and trailers available at the present moment. Let’s go.

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The plot nuances

The main storyline of this film is a classic love triangle. Michael, one of the main characters, arrived in Constantinople as a medical student from the small native village on the east of the vast Ottoman Empire. His main aim is to get 400 gold coins and keep his promise to a rich woman. Besides, he desires to bring modern medicine to his small motherland settled mostly by Turkish Muslims and Armenian Christians.

The Promise movie 2017

There he meets photojournalist Chris Mayers who arrived at the capital urban hub to cover geopolitical situation in Turkey. He acquaints Michael with his girlfriend, Ana. She is Armenian by origin but raised I France. She returned to Turkey after the sudden death of her father. Michael falls in love with her too…

The background of all drama is following Armenian genocide. Michael is Armenian and sometimes risks his life. He moves through camps and another trouble. So could he keep his promise and save his countrymen from total death?

Cast roles

When Terry George, the director of this film, decided to create it, he wanted to make the situation as more authentic and sensitive as possible. So the roles of most ethnic Armenians were spread between cast originated from this country. Their great grandfathers and great grandmothers suffered from Osmans who accused them of destroying of one of the powerful empires. So Armenian Americans showed the natural feelings and emotions which gave the truth to most episodes.

The viewers also will watch the new brilliant roles in the filmography of such famous actors like:

  • Jean Reno;
  • Tamer Hasan;
  • Kevork Malikyan and others.

The Promise movie


The team presented the first movie the promise trailer in September 2016. Two-minute clip charges us with the atmosphere of that times. The viewers can watch the sufferings together with leading episodes from the film. Besides, the trailer calls the audience to learn George’s heritage deeper. The official video description should empower the participation of the film in a couple of international movie festivals. The team presented it at Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. Later the limited part of Americans had a chance to watch it during Virginia Film Festival.

Political significance

This film called the active political scandals. A number of countries with Turkey on the top tried to stop the shooting process and premiere. The key arguments of the opponents are the denial of Armenian genocide. The Turkish, Azerbajdzhan and some other leaders told that Turkey is innocent in death of millions of ethnic Armenians. Each portion of news about it called a wave of the protest movement in these countries.

The Promise 2017

However, the story told in this two-hour movie has a real background. The crew carefully studied a lot of historical documents regarding that time, fates of deported people and ways of the struggle of Armenian people who fought for freedom and calm life according to testimonials of ancestors. As a result, we received a true story which plots its viewer till the entire end.

Release date

The official US movie the promise release date is April 28th, 2017. The specialists except that this date will be a start point in a lot of other countries except several countries. We’ll follow the information about dates when is the Promise 2017 coming to the theaters online.

The film producers also promise the release on DVD, Blu-Ray, and other portable electronic devices. Their dates will be announced soon.

WARNING: Don’t confuse this film with a comedy which has the same title. We’ll dedicate a separate article to it.

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