When does come out Viceroy’s House movie 2017


New upcoming film is a touchable story based on real events from the previous century. So the question is when does Viceroy’s House come out? Before answering this question there are plenty of different details that viewers need to know. Among them are some facts about filming locations and the actors that took a part in the project. So why is this a story about love and war that led to the born of two nations?

At the end of April in 2015, after some time the information about directing such story had been released, there appeared some rumors about the actors that managed to get main roles. Afterwards, the rumors were confirmed and it was announced that two famous British actors would be starring in the film. According to the movie Viceroy’s House trailer and the movie details, that have recently appeared on the Internet before the actual release, this is the historical drama based on the real events of 1947 in India. These events are also known as Partition of India. The project was directed by Gurinder Chadha – English movie director that was born in Nairobi that later became a British colony.

Viceroy's House movie 2017


The upcoming British-Indian drama is about personal inside life of The Rashtrapati Bhavan that is by most of the people known as Viceroy’s House. During 1947 it has some specific events between people of different nations because of the situation in the country. One of the main characters called Mountbatten takes the post of the last Viceroy that, as a politician, leads the nation and country and help people. He is absolutely sure that his task is to return India to its people, that is why he becomes so close to them. Mountbatten and his wife come to India, to the famous house mentioned above and live upstairs of the house.

On the Viceroy’s House 2017 movie release date people will actually get to know that the upper level of the building where the main character was going to live is a home for rulers from Britain. At the same time, there are other people living downstairs and they are Hindu. Nearly 500 such Indians together with other servants have to live on the first floor. The American release date is still unknown – all people know today according to the rumors is that it will appear in cinemas in 2017. However, the film, made by British and Indian cinematography, is going to be released in the UK on the 3rd of March in the same year.

Interesting facts

The cast of the upcoming movie is really worth to discuss. So the main actors who took a part in the international project are:

  • Hugh Bonneville. British actor that is known for playing the main role in English series called Downton Abbey that is also a historical drama. The actor says when he was younger he preferred acting and cinematography rather than doing academic work. However, even that love didn’t stop him from getting a high education after what he started his filming career.

Viceroy's House 2017

  • Gillian Anderson. The actress that was born in America but has British and also German ancestry. Among being an actress, she is also a writer and activist. Anderson is good at English and can quickly shift between American and British accent what depends on her current location.
  • Manish Dayal. When is Viceroy’s House 2017 coming to theaters people will be amazed by the play of American actors whose parents originally are from India. He currently resides in LA, but before he had been living for some time in the New Your City. He started his career by appearing in different American commercials.
  • Huma Qureshi. Indian actress and also model, she is best known for playing in Indian projects but has also started taking a part in American and British movies.

The interesting facts about the film are:

  • This is the first upcoming film that will be released in the UK in two languages – Hindi and also English.
  • The photography of the movie started in Jodhpur at the end of August 2015.
  • The building of Rashtrapati started at the beginning of 20th It was the famous project of British architect Edwin Landseer Lutyens. The building has around 340 big rooms. There are also beautiful Mughal Gardens that are opened to the public, local people and tourists during two months in a year – February and March.
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