When does come out World War Z 2 movie 2017


Studio Paramount has announced the premiere date of the 2d part of the zombie thriller “War of the Worlds Z” starring Brad Pitt. So, if you’re wondering when does World War Z 2 come out, the answer is the 9th of June, 2017.

“War of the Worlds Z” could become one of the most failed projects of the Paramount studios, given the difficulties faced by the crew. A conflict of the director M. Forster and B. Pitt, the budget excess, complete conversion of the finale — all this hindered the success of the picture. However, freestyle adaptation of the story by Maximillian Brooks, which cost 190 million, earned $540 million worldwide, becoming the most profitable film with Pitt.

World War Z 2 movie

The rumors

The last time you could hear about the film “WWZ 2” was at the end of May, when the project was attached with a screenwriter Steven Knight, the nominee for “Oscar” for the drama “Dirty Pretty Things” and “Peaky Blinders ” series author.

The sequel is being made by Brad’s company “Plan B”. The actor will take part in it, but the storyline is kept secret.

It was planned that “WWZ 2” would be directed by Spaniard Juan A. Bayona, director of the horror “Shelter”.

The Fincher-Pit iconic duo

Unfortunately, in January the sequel to the zombie action has lost the director Juan A. Bayona. Now a top contender for his place is a well-known director David Fincher, who is ready to begin filming because it involves Brad Pitt. There has recently been an intriguing movie World War Z 2 trailer that shows giant mutated plants covering tall buildings, hordes of running dead chasing soldiers and cars falling from the sky like a rain of wrecked metal.

Fincher and Pitt had previously worked together on several cult movies. The script for “WWZ 2” is already written, Pitt is ready to return to the role. The next film promises to be one of the most expensive movies in Brad’s filmography, as the creators of the first part did not expect such success. “WWZ” has collected one hundred and twelve million dollars in the first weekend after the world premiere June 21st of 2013. Filming of the next part should have begun this summer with scheduled World War Z 2 2017 movie release date on the 9th of June 2017, which Paramount will have to move forward now.

How it all started

The second part of the epic is based on the M. Brooks novel. It is directed by Forster. “Paramount” publicly declared that they are going to work on shooting pictures “WWZ – 2”, and those will be a sensational trilogy. Marc Forster had originally planned not to delay shooting of the picture “WWZ – 2”, as it became known in January 2014.

But the work on highly anticipated first part was very hard, so the producers, crew, and the cast decided not to do a franchise. But after the successful premiere, it was decided that the “War of the Worlds Z – 2” still will be a part of the trilogy. The movie is going to be a great success, the main question is — when is World War Z 2 2017 coming to theaters?

World War Z 2

Brad Pitt plays in the second part of the post-apocalyptic thriller about the war of people and zombies. Virologists have invented a vaccine that will stop the massive infection that turns people into aggressive, strong and fast zombies that hunger for human flesh. However, victory is far: a deadly threat still hangs over humanity as a whole and on the main character, the UN investigator Gerald Lane — in particular.

The production

They took the idea of creating a post-apocalyptic blockbuster from the eponymous novel by famous zombie story writer Maximillian Brooks. The story may seem familiar because there are quite a lot of zombie movies in the modern cinema. The protagonist Gerald Lane is trying with all his strength to stop the epidemic and save all life that is on the earth. This work of Pitt was on the verge of failure because his constant bickering with the director only interfered with the productive shooting. There has been spent over 190 million on the creation of the piece. Though initially, there had been a much less amount. The film itself is constantly remade – one final scene alone is worth a lot. Surprisingly, a picture was received well by the audience and the critics, and Brad Pitt showed that he remains a decent actor, able to cope with any difficulties.

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