When does come out The Babysitter movie 2017


The new upcoming horror movie by McG is called “The Babysitter”. It is probably what caused the making of a new topic. In this topic, you will know all known information concerning the movie and also the question:  “When does The Babysitter come out?”


McG is a director of the movie. He is known for “Supernatural”, “Chuck”, “The OC”, “Nikita”.

  • Photek was announced as a composer of the film.
  • S. Hurlbut is a cinematographer.
  • P. Gvozdas is a film editor.
  • S. Hubshman is a set decorator.
  • H. Jacobs is a costume designer.

The Babysitter movie 2017

When is The Babysitter 2017 coming to theaters?

There is now information on this question. But we hope that it will come soon.

Who is a babysitter?

Do you have plans for the evening? Or is it necessary to leave the house for a few hours but every day? If the child does not require attention, and close relatives are not close, it is worth remembering about the babysitter.

Recently, quite often use such a thing as a “babysitter”. Young parents are no longer looking for nannies and caregivers, now they turn to this new profession for our time. So who is the babysitter and what she’s doing?!

What is the essence of this profession?

In principle, this profession is not much different from the nanny profession, but the nurse – it is often the person who looks after your child for a long time, it educates, it helps with his homework, etc. The babysitter is hired for a short time: spend an evening with the baby, entertain him at the feast, to sit while the parents went to visit or stay at work. Work Babysitter mainly does university students, young people looking for part work or visiting foreigners.

The Babysitter 2017

A babysitter can be permanent – they come on a pre-arranged day several times a week and sit with the baby, feed him, put to bed, etc. There is also a temporary babysitter, nanny earning from time to time when they need to get some money out of pocket expenses. As a rule, babysitters are school and university students, rarely – more adults, even though it happens sometimes, especially among recent immigrants who agree to do any work and have any earnings, all the more cash. Babysitter also involved older cousins ​​and second cousins ​​and sisters, if they live nearby. The responsibility of baby’s parents is to bring a babysitter to home and then take back because many of them do not even have a driver’s license yet.

Many Babysitters consciously or unconsciously have a tremendous impact on the formation of the child. Therefore, parents try to take some of the familiar for work, school, church, etc., is not just a casual neighborhood teens. Volunteered to be a babysitter, the teenager begins to bear some LIABILITY for his care of the baby and the house. This babysitter is not just involved in the baby – his actions must conform to the rules adopted in the family, including religious, personal or medical. Parents, in turn, supply him with their phone numbers, phone closest friends, and family doctor, give guidance to whom you can open the door of the house and what exactly say the phone. It is the babysitter is responsible for the timely adoption of a medication by a child. But most important thing is security.

How does it happen?

By a special agency parents pick a suitable candidate, browsing recommendation or cover letters and be sure to carry out a “live” interviews. Babysitter average works 40-45 hours per week. He can look after the baby when he is sleeping, playing, when awake, is engaged in training and walking on the playground. In addition, often the employee job is just looking after employer’s house, cleaning, changing diapers and food if necessary.

The Babysitter movie

Payment for babysitter’s work depends on age and experience. So, for example, young people aged 18 to 23 years, with experience up to 1 year, can receive about 8-10 USD at one o’clock. More experienced workers can earn USD 13-15 at one o’clock. But illegal agencies and “private entrepreneurs” often bring down the prices of services for child care as even agree to work for $ 5 at one o’clock.

For this reason, the West has long been the law on state control of persons involved in the care and supervision for children. Thus, the citizens who take care of children for more than 50 hours per month for more than three months must first obtain official permission for it. Such work is considered illegal without it.


The movie The Babysitter trailer is not available.


The movie is about the boy named Cole, who is in love with his babysitter. She is clever, nice and sexy. One day, staying up his bedtime he knows that his babysitter is a killer who is working on Devil. Now he has to survive the night.


The characters of B. Thorne, R. Amell, E. Alyn Lind and H. Lee are not disclosed.

  • S. Weaving as Bee
  • J. Lewis as Cole

Release Date

The Babysitter 2017 movie release date is unknown but creators assure that the movie will come in 2017.

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