When does come out Bad Boys 3 movie 2018

The third part of the adventures of a pair of black cops W. Smith and M. Lawrence has been in development since 2009. The first one (terrible) version of the script wrote David Guggenheim writer of Safe House but when in the project appeared director J. Carnahan, he wrote his own version of the script. It should be reminded that Carnahan also rewrites for Sony adaptation of Uncharted (an early version of it also wrote Guggenheim).

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Yes, in almost every Sony-action projects involved these two writers … Carnahan is famous for “Smokin ‘Aces”, plenty of smart scenarios to police thrillers. He is very reliable and a good writer and also a director with a unique style. If you want to know the answer to the question: “When does Bad Boys 3 come out?” please look through the topic below.

“Bad Boys 3” without Michael Bay

Talks about that Michael Bay is about to be reunited with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for the filming of the movie “Bad Boys 3” have been circulating for years but today leaked the information to the network that the Sony Pictures plans to film third part with another director: the chair of the third series may take director Joe Carnahan.

Bad Boys 3 movie 2018

The most recent version of the third part script written by David Guggenheim but if the news is true, then Carnahan will assume not only the responsibilities of the director but also would rewrite an existing script. Of course, Sony Pictures expects that W. Smith and M. Lawrence do not run away and return to the liked images of Mike and Marcus by the audience, so they try to do everything Smith to start the third “bad guys” immediately after the filming of “Suicide Squad”. Not completely clear is the situation with Jerry Bruckheimer who all these years dragged on himself hovering third part of “bad guys”, neither one source does not mention his name in the materials about bringing Carnahan to work on the project; perhaps, he does not want to make a movie without Bay or Sony does not want to do a movie with him, and, maybe he has already given up on the whole story and began to make something else.

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Despite the fact that Joe Carnahan has not signed any contracts, an attempt to attract him to work on the film looks quite logical: and “Smokin ‘Aces” and “The A-Team” showed that the director is not only good at the genre of “action” but knows how to make successful films of this kind. Of course, the picture spoils the situation with “Stretch” which is generally not released in the US but this bad luck has completely neutralized with the above-mentioned two films, coupled with “The Grey”. We all have setbacks.


The movie Bad Boys for Life trailer is not available.


The original “bad guys” were published in 1995 and has raised nearly $ 66 million at the set budget of $ 19 million. The sequel, got released in 2003, was worth much greater amount – $ 130 million, in the first weekend took about $ 46.5 million, that is not bad for R-rated picture (total benefit in the United States – $ 138.6 million), and collected around the world is estimated $ 273 million.

When is Bad Boys for Life 2018 coming to theaters?

The movie will appear on cinema screens in November 2018, in the USA.

First Photos

After years of rumors and distortions, it was recently officially confirmed that work on the new “bad guys” started, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return to their roles. It is an interesting thing that passed less than a year but Joe Carnahan, the writer of the film, has already shared subscribers of his twitter with some small parts of the new film.

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Bad Boys 3 2018

Carnahan has published a screenshot of one scene depicting a man on a motorcycle, with guns in both hands. Signature on the picture said: “Who is this man  … And how is he bad?” It seems that this is a subtle hint of the villain, who does not feel guilty when it comes to get his hands dirty, rather than to manipulate events from behind the scene.

But Carnahan did not stop there. Following the first screenshots appeared the second, showing what the consequences would have appeared on the road to someone on a motorcycle. The consequences will be most expected: explosions, chaos and a lot of innocent victims.


  • W. Smith as Mike Lowrey
  • M. Lawrence as Marcus Burnett
  • D. Gilbert as Son

Release Date

Bad Boys 3 2018 movie release date is scheduled for November 9, 2018, in the USA.

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