When does come out Black Panther movie 2018


“Black Panther” is a new movie by Ryan Coogler. The movie will come on screens only in 2018 and we have prepared the information concerning the movie to date, including the answer to the main question: “When does Black Panther come out?”

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  • R. Coogler is a director of the movie. He is known for the next works “Creed”, “Fruitvale Station”, “Locks”.
  • L. Göransson is a compositor of the film
  • R. Morrison is a cinematographer.
  • M. P. Shawver and C. Castello are film editors.
  • H. Beachler is a production designer.
  • A. Hook is a supervising art director.
  • R. E. Carter is a costume designer.


Black Panther movie 2018

When is Black Panther 2018 coming to theaters?

The movie will come on screens almost on Valentine’s Day, 2018, in the USA.

Protection of the country

In a decision of optimal security should take into account the greatest contradiction: the individual criterion is largely inconsistent with the criterion of integrity.

At different times, the rulers of the countries out of this contradiction that suited the ruling regimes in accordance with the requirements, which could formulate themselves – at the level of their understanding. Therefore, the ruling regimes proved hard for the country which is able to development and prosperity, and most democratic for countries, in which the rulers did not aspire to long existence.

Interview with Feige

“This is an important character. His solo picture closes the third phase of “Avengers: Infinity War”. And we will have not only an interesting main character but also an important part of the history of Wakanda in the new scenery and with their culture.”

Feige promises that the roots of the Panther’s world remain:

“The main part of the composition of the actors will be African American. By genre, you expect a major geopolitical action-adventure game about the family of the King and the struggle for the throne by T’Challa in Wakanda, as well as about what responsibility comes with the noble title.

Black Panther movie


The movie Black Panther trailer is available but only fan-made.

The history

T’Challa – the successor rulers of Wakanda and the leader of the Clan Panther. He is the unquestioned authority. Panthers Title hereditary, but everyone can also earn it by series of tests. However, these tests are so complex that they can overpower the only ones who from childhood were engaged in special training. However, annually is held a competition, where everyone is given a chance to challenge the King.

T’Challa mother died during childbirth, for which he hated by elder brother Hunter who is also accused T’Challa that he oust him from the royal house.

When T’Challa was a teenager, a huge meteorite, consisting of Vibranium crashed in Wakanda. T’Chaka knew that strangers for the sake of this resources will attempt to manipulate his country or try to destroy it. Therefore, King kept secret from the rest of the world this element until the traveler U. Klaw has not found a way to country and created the sound guns from Vibranium. When Klaw was discovered, he had killed the King. Little T’Challa directed sound weapon at the Klaw and destroyed his right hand. Klaw left the country but vowed to return one day.

Black Panther 2018

T’Challa goes to study.  Then when he came back home, he went some trials and fought against the S’yan (his uncle), the current leader, and won special plant, increasing his strength and allows establish a spiritual relationship with God Panthers – Bast. Now as governor, he dismissed and banished Dogs of War and continued to reform his lands into a well-developed region.

He is learned to anticipate the actions of the enemies for the 2 steps forward, and friends – for 3, T’Challa considered owners of super-powers as a potential threat to the country. He invited the Fantastic Four; he subjected them to the tests, and then teamed up with them to win the opponent. Also, he joined another team the Avengers, to watch from the inside, but soon he has respected them as friends.


T’Challa’s main task is to keep his lands from enemies. He is a leader.


  • S. K. Brown as N’Jobu
  • M. B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger
  • A. Serkis as Ulysses Klaue / Klaw
  • C. Boseman as T’Challa / Black Panther

Release Date

Black Panther 2018 movie release date is planned on February 16, 2018, in the USA.

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