When does come out The Alchemist movie 2018

“Alchemist” is a new movie that will come on the screen in 2018. All known information on film production you can find in the article below. Also, there you can see the answer to the main question: “When does The Alchemist come out?”

Production and Creators

The movie is directed by Laurence Fishburne, also known by the actor’s work in the films “The Matrix” and “Apocalypse Now”. The shooting of the movie began in 2016.

Adaptation of the project is being developed since 2008. Laurence calls an adaptation of “The Alchemist” his dream project. He is engaged in its development under the control of Harvey Weinstein since 2008. Then Fishburne also was going to play the main role. At the time, the budget stated at the level of $ 60 million. Laurence with A-Mark Entertainment Company bought the rights to the Coelho’s book at studio Warner Bros., which, in turn, bought them directly from the author in 1994. The budget picture over the years has changed several times – from about 60 to 100 million dollars. In 2007, a year later he entered into an agreement with the studio The Weinstein Company in co-production of the picture. However, since then no news about the film adaptation has been reported. According to Laurence, it was not possible to get to work for various reasons.

Laurence Fishburne To Direct THE ALCHEMIST Starring Idris Elba

For Fishburne it will be the second directorial project, in 2000, he released a film called “Once in a lifetime”. The shooting and possible release schedule at the time of writing were not specified.

The novel “The Alchemist” was released in 1988 and became an international bestseller. To date, more than 65 million copies have already sold in the world; the book has been translated into dozens of languages.

When is The Alchemist 2018 coming to theaters?

There is no exact information on the release of the film but it planned to out on screen in 2018.

About the Book

There are books that are remembered for a lifetime, that give hope for a better future. Quotes from which, you remember all my life – this book is one of them. “The Alchemist” is not just a book, it is a lesson of hope. After reading it, you start to believe in miracles, you want to change your life for the better.

Paulo Coelho – wizard of the words, reading his books, you are filled with joy; you get the knowledge which does not just book wisdom but that you use in everyday life. The book impressed everyone: the main character is so similar to each of us – he wants to be happy, but, as we all, he does not know what happiness is. In the book, you can find brilliant aphorisms, a wise philosophical parable. The story itself was read in one evening as a legend but the memory remains forever. Reading the book is immediately obvious that an author is a person of high spiritual development, learned a lot in life and achieved a lot. Also in the book are many references to different philosophical movements and real-life stories of the lives of great people.

The book has taught and gave a different perspective on many things. You should advise it anyone who wants to know the life.


The movie The Alchemist trailer is not available but it will come soon.


The movie is about Spanish shepherd Santiago, living in Andalusia. One day he sees a dream that prompts him to make a trip to the Egyptian pyramids to find the treasure.


According to Deadline, Hollywood actor Idris Elba will perform the main role in the film adaptation of the novel “The Alchemist” by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

In 2015, viewers could see the actor in the thriller “Gunman” and the sci-fi movie “The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron”. In 2016, the film “The Jungle Book” was be released in which the actor was the voice of Shere Khan.

Release Date

The Alchemist 2018 movie release date is unknown but the creators assure that the movie will come on the screen in 2018.

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