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When does come out The Purge 4 movie 2018

The Purge series is well-known and favored among the fans of horror/dystopian movies, and always comes with a killer mix of action, thrill, and mystery. Overall, the franchise includes three movies, and together, they managed to gross ~320 million dollars, with a budget of 22 million. So, with an international fan-base and great commercial results, when does The Purge 4 come out? Is it even announced yet?

Yes, it is: In the United States, the new installment will arrive on July 4, 2018, while the Germans will get to enjoy it the next day. In Russia, the movie will arrive on August 2, 2018; there’s no officially confirmed information about the Canadian, UK, Chinese and Indian dates, but rest assured the producers/distributors will let us know sooner than later.

The Purge 4 movie 2018

Going Back To The Roots

Now, we know that this film will be not a sequel, but a prequel, and tell us about the gruesome events that made the very first Purge possible. Who started this sick game, and what were their motives? It’s a safe bet that we’ll get an answer to at least some of our questions, which is exactly why it’s one of the most anticipated releases of the next year. Sadly, there’s no movie The Purge 4 trailer available right now – only fakes made by amateurs. Yes, it would be great to take a quick peek at the film and get a sense of what it’s going to look like at the day of the premiere, but, if you’re seen the previous three chapters, then you know exactly what to expect from the 4th installment. More blood, gore, violence, action-packed scenes, thrilling plot twists, and tons of suspense/tension.

Same Old Writer, But A New Director

James DeMonaco, the now-legendary visionary behind the Purge universe, is officially back, and that’s great news! This man is the writer and director of every single movie in the series.  With the Purge 4 movie release date in 2018 being a year away, we don’t really know about it, but one thing is clear: DeMonaco will NOT be directing this one, and right now he’s busy finding just the right person for the job.

Michael Bay and a bunch of other producers are helping him with that. The script will still be penned by this man, dear readers, which means the franchise is still in good hands. But hey – did you get the feeling that you’ve already seen how this story ends in Election Year? Well, you’re not the only one, and that is why the big Hollywood honchos have greenlit a prequel: what better way to get folks interested in the franchise again, right?

One Of The Most Successful Horror Series Out There

If you’re not familiar with the whole Purge phenomenon, here it is: in the near-future United States, there is a “guns out blazing” period that lasts for 12 hours and makes killing legal. It happens once every year, and the magnitude of the event increases with every new game. Unfortunately, we have no information about the cast, and there’s no telling whether someone from the original movies will be featured in Purge 4 or not. For some reason, the team behind it is trying to keep everything a secret. On the other hand, maybe they simply haven’t picked the actors/actresses yet.  It’s a normal thing in the industry these days.

The very first film came out in 2013 and grossed 64+ million dollars, with a budget of 3mil, and the next two installments were just as successful. Will this one make even more money at the theaters? It certainly does have the capacity of breaking yet another record. Ok, that’s pretty much it. We know exactly when is The Purge 4 coming to theaters in 2018 – on July 4th (2018) – and have a long year ahead of us. If you can’t wait to have a taste of the craziness that’s a big part of this universe, you can check out the first three chapters!

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