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Sing 2 Movie (2021)

The continuation of the picture, which has gained many fans, and liked by not only the young audience but also people of all ages.

The movie is known primarily for the fact that it has more than 85 songs. In general, projects about music and dancing in the last decade have noticeably gained popularity. People like dreams come true. The soundtrack was released on CD a few weeks before the release of the picture. It included both classical songs and a new hit from Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder, which was called “Faith.” This song was written specifically for the project, and many people liked it very much. The premiere of the film took place in November 2016 and brought the creators 634 million dollars. At the same time, budget amounted to $ 75 million. The project was recognized as successful, which allowed the creators to think about the continuation.

If you want to know when does Sing 2 come out, then look through the topic below.


Already in February 2017, it became known that the second part is under development. The director and scriptwriter of the movie will be Garth Jennings. Christophe Lourdelet will be in the movie as co-director.

When is Sing 2 2021 coming to theaters?

Argentina1 July 2021
Slovakia1 July 2021
USA2 July 2021
Latvia16 December 2021


A koala named Buster Moon lives in a world inhabited by various animals. He was always cheerful despite all the difficulties he had to face. He was able to prove to everyone that it is always necessary to overcome obstacles and not give up. Buster has been working in the theater for a long time, but recently there have been difficult times and for this reason, he and other employees have stopped receiving wages. There comes a time when people ceased to go to the theater, and this only meant that they would close it soon. The management understands that concerts will not be able to bring good profit.

Employees immediately began to break their heads about what job they would now have to look for, but only Buster was not ready to give up just like that. He began to come up with unusual shows that could once again attract the attention of the public. And then he came up with the idea to organize a music contest. Many residents of the city became interested in this proposal and a large crowd began to gather near the theater, everyone wanted to demonstrate its talent. As we already know, Rosita, Ash, Meena, Johnny, and Mike won the contest.

Many years have passed since the contest organized by the Buster Moon. Rosita is the winner of several contests, but she still has not chosen a record label to become famous. Mike is a proud family man who quit jazz to become a singer. Ash sings in an old restaurant, but it is hard for her to get used to life without her boyfriend. Johnny is a famous singer who tries in every way to convince the record label to help him in his career. Meena is part of the choir and is struggling to gain the trust of her newfound friend.

Buster Moon, who needs help in his difficult mission, will again unite heroes…


The movie Sing 2 trailer is not available now.


T. Egerton voices Johnny

S. Johansson voices Ash

M. McConaughey voices Buster Moon

Release date

Sing 2 2021 movie release date is planned for July 2, 2021, in the United States.

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