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When does come out Charlie’s Angels movie 2019

We live in an era when many movie directors tirelessly re-release cult films. One of such movies is the film “Charlie’s Angels” – a new version of the 2000s movie of the same name. The answer to the question when does Charlie’s Angels come out, you will know from the article below.


Elizabeth Banks took over directing, writing the script, producing and even played a role in the upcoming film. To keep the atmosphere of the original picture, the director accepted the decision to make the movie in an action genre with comedy elements using more spectacular hand-to-hand fight instead of fire weapon.

According to journalists, this film will be a re-launch of the film “Charlie’s Angels,” which was released in 2000. It is also known that Sony Pictures for several years wanted to make a remake of this film, and by 2015, the information about the restart has become official. Some sources say that this project will not be considered as a third part but will be an independent remake. The main stage of the casting project was from mid-2017 to the summer of 2018. In June, all the actors in the project were finally approved. Filming started at the end of September 2018. In early October, the crew filmed scenes in the German city of Hamburg. At the beginning of winter, the shooting moved to Turkey.

The first part of the film was released 19 years ago in 2000. The project was a remake of the famous 1970s series. The budget of the film was 93 million dollars. The movie grossed 264 million dollars.

The second part of the movie came out three years later in 2003. The budget of the sequel was 120 million dollars, and the movie grossed worldwide $259 million.

When is Charlie’s Angels 2019 coming to theaters?

You will know it soon.


The movie Charlie’s Angels trailer is not released yet.


This film is a remake of a  series about three wonderful private detectives working for Charlie Townsend at an agency in LA. They never saw him. However, the Banks story will probably have much more in common with the restart of the movie franchise in the 2000s.

The stars deliberately revealed some key details. “You know little about their lives or about who they meet,” – said Naomi Scott in an interview with Vogue Magazine. She also added that the agency goes to the world level, where there is high technology, and it is aware of everything. Stewart said that this is something like an improved version.

The movie centers on a new agent who is going to become a part of Charlie’s team. However, the villain R. Petankan, who caught and held hostage the rest of the team, threatens her plans. N. Woodhall will help the main character, Together they must save her future team.


In a new movie, N. Scott, E. Balinska and K. Stewart will play. The details about the main heroes are not disclosed yet. In the remake, N. Centineo and S, Claflin will appear. The most intriguing thing is that now there will be three versions of Bosley’s character – a mediator between boss and girls. Banks will appear in the role of one Bosley. D. Hounsou and P. Stewart will play the role of others.

Release date

Charlie’s Angels 2019 movie release date is scheduled for November 15, 2019, in the USA.

TOP Upcoming War movies 2019-2020

List of best War movies 2018

The war movie are very popular among viewers because of its great special effects and actor’s play, its reconstruction of battles.

Today, we are pleased to present TOP 10 best War movies of 2018 to watch.

If you ready we start!

List of best War movies 2018

  1. The Last Battle

The catastrophe deprives many inhabitants of the planet of life and housing. People lose their human shape and mind. Only a few have kept their minds and human shape, they will lead the struggle for the planet Earth in order to survive as kind.

The Last Battle

  1. Rogue

Most recently Mike Cutler was an important CIA official, but this organization is so ambiguous that if you are at the top today, then tomorrow you can be in the lowest rank. If yesterday you came to this organization as an arrogant daredevil, then it is quite possible that after a successful mission, you will be promoted to unexpected heights. Yesterday he was in his private office, and today he was transferred to work in the military unit of the elite army of the United States. He is entrusted with an important and very dangerous secret mission. According to the assignment, the agent Mike must go to the territory of the most dangerous place on Earth – to Afghanistan. There he will have to find the so-called base, where all the rulers of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda are located. As soon as he finds headquarter of terrorists, he will have to report the find to the headquarters. Then the Americans will do their best to destroy the deadly organization. It turned out that Mike was completely unprepared for this operation since he did not decide on whose side he wants to fight. Will he be able to fulfill his duty?

The Rogue

  1. Flags Over Berlin

The feat of two heroes during the war is in the TOP 10 best modern War films 2018.

The film will tell the story about the event that occurred in the end of World War II. A time when every citizen of the Soviet Union showed real courage to fight against the German troops. Every warrior knew why he was fighting for. He fought for his homeland, for the peaceful sky, for the future for his children and grandchildren. The viewer is to see the reconnaissance operation, which was conducted in April 1945. Mark Spencer, agent of the intelligence service of Great Britain, under the guise of a journalist is being introduced into the Red Army unit. It is in this unit that Koshkarbayev and Bulatov serve. It is they who in the decisive counterattack of enemy positions will raise the flag of the Red Army over the Reichstag and will go down in history as the deserved heroes of the Soviet Union and brave national fighters of the World War II. The viewer will see the events that really happened and will be able to feel the emotions experienced by the fighters after long war years when victory was finally won over the enemy.

Flags Over Berlin

  1. The Red Man’s View

This western tells about the tragedy that occurred with the indigenous inhabitants of the American continent – the Indians. There was a time when the expanses of boundless prairies were inhabited by numerous diverse tribes. They hunted, caught fish and gave birth to children in their ancestral lands, until, one day, they were visited by Europeans. The Indians had no idea what mistake they made, allowing pale-faces to live on their continent.


  1. Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

A true story about a sergeant named Stubby, who received the title and awards for exploits in the First World War. A homeless, starving puppy fell into the good hands of a young soldier and became a member of his regiment. Together with his army family, the dog Stubby went to the French front, where he took part in battles, saved the wounded and caught spies.

  1. The Bombing

It is Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best recent War movies.

The movie will tell about five brave warriors who have to fight against air attack. Will they be able to finish their task or they die in that damned place?

The Bombing

  1. The War Magician

The movie is about Jasper Maskelyne, a magician who participated in the First World War. He fought not only with the help of weapons but with his own mind, successfully using his talent as an illusionist on the battlefield. He and his platoon once managed to disguise the Suez Canal (along with 1,000 tanks and 150,000 people)! An amazing story, in fact, is quite real. He developed an ingenious and large-scale system of illusions, which made it possible to make the tanks invisible from the air, hiding whole buildings with ammunition and supplies.

War Magician

  1. Ghosts of War

At the end of the World War II, five American soldiers have a task to guard the French castle, where the Nazi command was previously located. But in the walls of the castle, they are met by something more terrible than fascism and all the horrors of the war.

Ghosts of War

  1. The Aftermath

The film is about a man who is sent to live in one of the German cities with his wife after the end of World War II.

Keira Knightley in The Aftermath

  1. Horse Soldiers

Here is the first place of the TOP 10 best new War movies 2018.

The new war movie will tell a story that will not leave anyone indifferent. At the very beginning of the XXI century, there was a tragedy that forever went down in world history. On September 11, 2001, something happened that the inhabitants of the whole world still cannot erase from memory, because of the terrorist act, which destroyed the twin towers, took with it a lot of human lives. This event showed the world how power is powerless against terrorists who are ready for anything to prove their power.

At an emergency meeting of special services, a decision is made to create a secret organization that will track down terrorist organizations. So the special squad was sent to Afghanistan to find Taliban leaders who planned an attack on the United States.

Geoff Stults and Chris Hemsworth in Horse Soldiers

TOP is coming to an end!

We hope it helped find out the answer to the question – what is the best War movies in 2018?

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TOP Upcoming War movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released War movies of 2017

Battle or War films are historical films, recreating the tensest moments of world history, beginning with the bloody battles of the Ancient World. By the will of the director, the viewer becomes its eyewitness and invisible participant.

We are glad to show you a compilation of new War movies releases in 2017.

The acuity of sensations is guaranteed because war movies recreate a dangerous reality in details. Entertainment, skillful reconstruction of events is the law of the genre. For the sake of this, huge sums are spent to organize “a crowd-of-extras”, to produce large-scale scenery and incredible special effects.

As a rule, expenses quickly pay off, because good films about the war win the hearts of the viewers by many other features:

  1. Memorable images of the protagonists, demonstrating the best qualities at the time of brutal tests;
  2. A lot of heat;
  3. Fascinating peripeteia, dynamic plot;
  4. A clear demonstration of famous tactical techniques;
  5. Stunning computer graphics;
  6. A collection of weapons and military equipment.

In addition, the concept of “cinema about war” combines films of various genres. Large-scale battles serve as a grandiose background for melodramas, adventures, detectives, comedies, biographical and comedy stories, and many other storylines.

The Ottoman Lieutenant

As a rule, in unusual circumstances, extraordinary stories are developed that long excite the imagination. Therefore, it is interesting to watch war movies from young to old. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice, especially if among the audience there are children or nervous ladies.

Let’s begin to watch list of TOP 10 recently released War movies of 2017.

  1. The Ottoman Lieutenant

The events of the military drama unfold during the First World War. With humanitarian aid, American nurse Lily arrives in Turkey. The girl has a strong character and, by nature, she is an idealist. Lily also does not suspect that against a background of bloody battles she will meet true love.

When a nurse arrives in Turkey, she is given a military escort for protection. Together with the soldiers, the heroine is sent to the hospital through dangerous steppes. During this trip, she meets a Turkish officer, who will eventually captivate her heart.

Once in the hospital of a small settlement, Lily immediately begins to treat the wounded. Pictures of war-maimed people are crushing her feminine psyche. However, most of all, the girl is afraid of losing her loved one, who can be shot any day on patrolling the terrain.

  1. The Yellow Birds

An anti-war drama dedicated to the Iraqi company and the problem of adapting veterans in a peaceful life. The screen version of the bestseller by Kevin Powers that was included in the list of 100 most significant books by the New York Times and became the owner of several literary awards in 2012.

The Yellow Birds

  1. Their Finest

Operation “Dynamo” is in the compilation of latest War movies in english 2017. British comedy drama directed by Lone Scherfig is based on the eponymous book by Lilly Evans. The film is set in the 1940s, at the beginning of the Second World War in London. The main character of the movie – screenwriter Catherine Cole – decides to raise the spirit of local residents who suffered during the bombing. For this, Katherine is going to make a film about the Dunkirk operation. She is full of enthusiasm, but first, she needs to deal with personal problems.

  1. Check Point

The protagonist of this film is an ordinary tramp, who once discovers a well-conspiratorial terrorist organization. It is interesting that this cell operates in a small provincial town, where everyone knows each other in person. As a result, the team, consisting of several random characters, is forced to stand up to protect the world from global evil. Will they be able to defend their country without the help of the authorities?

  1. The Wall

The action revolves around two snipers (American and Iraqi) on the battlefield. The only one will go home alive.

  1. Mine

It is the fifth place of the list of TOP 10 War movies recently released in 2017.

The protagonist of the movie, trying to avoid problems, goes to serve in the army and gets to Afghanistan. Together with his friend and partner, Mike gets the task to kill the leader of one of the bandits, but they do not cope with the mission and now they have to flee from the chase, as a result they lost their way in the middle of the desert and in addition realize that a sandstorm is starting. However, our heroes still manage to contact the headquarters in order to get directions to where to go. Guys are given the coordinates of the settlement, where the helicopter will arrive in order to pick them up.

Departing on the route, they accidentally fall on the minefield. A friend of our hero, having decided that this is just a trick of their pursuers, does not pay attention to the warning sign and as a result becomes a victim of a landmine. Survivor Mike can notify his position in the headquarters, but he will have to wait for help in a terrible situation because he is on a mine and does not dare to move, otherwise, he will be surely dead. Mike does not know how long he will have to spend in the middle of the minefield, under the ruthless sun and the wind. In this difficult situation, the guy is saved and supported by thoughts of his beloved, who promised to wait for him and he really wants to return to her…

  1. Sand Castle

The hard time of American soldiers in Iraqi village is in TOP 10 modern War movies of 2017.

It is 2003. A group of American soldiers went to the Iraqi village to restore the water supply system there. However, in Iraq, for obvious reasons, Americans are treated very negatively. America has violated the lives of civilians, America has bombed schools and hospitals, so even when a group of US military is now trying to do something good, they still do not believe and are eager to resist. The guys are subjected to regular and unexpected shelling. With every hour spent in the vicinity of the village, it becomes clear that it will be an extremely difficult task to return from this seemingly absolutely non-combat task alive.

  1. War Machine

Brad Pitt is in the compilation of newly released War movies 2017.

It is the story of the backstage life of those who led the American army in Afghanistan, made decisions and developed ambitious plans, pompously controlling the machine of modern war.

  1. Megan Leavey

The film was based on a real story of friendship and fidelity between the US Army Megan Leavey and her dog.

  1. The Zookeeper’s Wife

The film is based on real events that took place during the Second World War. Many peoples suffered from the Nazi plague, but the Jewish people were destroyed with particular cruelty. There were those who betrayed them or participated in persecutions, but there were those who tried their best to help, even though they risked their lives.

TOP 10 War latest movies 2017 is coming to an end!

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TOP Upcoming War movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 english War movies 2017

Many viewers enjoy watching war movies. A typical component of this direction is the presence of large-scale battles, weapons, equipment and costumes of the soldiers of the period under the demonstration, a recreated atmosphere and excellent scenery. Not surprisingly, the creation of such film projects requires significant funds, a large number of actors and the creation of complex special effects.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best english War movies 2017 to watch.

War Machine

In many cases, the costs are paid off due to the successful rental of the film and the receipt of various prestigious awards. The authors need to thoroughly convey the selected historical fact, in order to gain the confidence of the viewer and critics, paying attention to the slightest subtleties.

Let’s watch TOP 10 english War films 2017.

  1. Zookeeper’s Wife

The movie will tell about Jan and Antonina who saved many Jews in their zoo during the Second World War.

  1. Dunkirk

The main event of the film is operation “Dynamo”, the primary task of which was the evacuation of allied forces of England, Belgium, and France, stuck near the city of Dunkirk. They were surrounded by the military of the Wehrmacht. As a result of the most severe air battles, 140 German aircraft were destroyed. During the operation, about 320,000 allied servicemen were evacuated.

  1. Bitter Harvest

Holodomor is in the list of TOP 10 english War movies 2017.

Hunger is a terrible phenomenon, devouring the population no less than incurable diseases. But when the famine is the result of a drought or flood, this is one tragedy. And when soldiers forcibly take away food, condemning to death ordinary people, then this tragedy is a completely different scale.

Events of the tape are transferred to the audience at the beginning of the 30s of the last century. Against the backdrop of an eerie period, for which millions of people died from starvation, the story of two lovers will unfold. The main characters quietly lived in their native village, enjoying love and building plans for the future. But everything changed when Soviet soldiers invaded the territory of the country, executing the orders of the tyrant Stalin. The soldiers take away food supplies.

Discouraged people did not try to resist, although they knew perfectly well what chaos would begin when they had nothing to eat. Strongly worried about such tyranny, the protagonist, like thousands of his compatriots, decides to join the insurrection in order to fight back those who doom ordinary people to starvation. He must part with Natalya and go to meet uncertainty.

  1. Mine

Michael and his friend had to flee the enemy’s territory when their mission failed. But soon his friend dies and Michael remains alone. He wants to leave the war zone as quickly as possible, but he steps on a mine, it’s impossible to remove a foot. He stands alone and starts all to ask for help, calls on the phone, asks for help from passing people. But no one knows how to help him. Michael stood for more than two days on the mine and is not sure that he will be able to stand still. Despite all the hopelessness, he does not give up but stands with the last of his strength in anticipation of help.

  1. Check Point

In the past, Roy was a real hero – a brave defender of his country, a military officer who passed the hot spots. But going to a citizen, he faced complete indifference from the authorities and others and his total futility for the current social system. Forced to wander, he could not find his place in the peaceful world, and soon lost everything – home, family, allowance. But he did not lose his old skills and common sense.

  1. War Machine

It is the fifth place of the TOP 10 popular english War movies in 2017, list of which is enriched with best war movies of 2017.

The comedy tells about the role of the American command in the Afghan conflict. At the heart of the narrative is the bold military leader Dan McMahon.

  1. Sand Castle

A group of American soldiers is sent to the Iraqi village to help people. But local people are sharply against their presence.

  1. The Yellow Birds

There is nothing worse than war. These terrible events ruin everything, including human lives.

The main characters were two young men, two soldiers who are in the service in a dangerous Iraq. These guys have long forgotten about the privileges and pride, all they care about is saving their own lives. One of the guys promised his friend’s mother that he would return her son alive from the war. Every time he remembers these words. After all, if a friend dies, then Mom cannot continue to live. Thoughts about it do not leave him for a minute. The soldier believes, hopes that soon this hell will end in his life, and he will return his friend to his native people.

The Yellow Birds

  1. Leavey

The story of the friendship of dog and woman is in the TOP 10 new english War movies 2017.

The film is based on the real-life story of the hero of the war in Iraq Megan Leavey and her dog Rex. She and her dog during their service performed many missions, clearing harmless hundreds of bombs. After Megan was injured, she was sent home. And only five years later the girl was able to get custody of Rex.

  1. Darkest Hour

The history of Great Britain knows the greatest politician, who played an important role in the struggle against fascism during the Second World War. The name of this outstanding man is Winston Churchill. The film was based on historical facts and declassified archival documents. Nobody knows what fate awaited Britain if Chamberlain, Churchill’s predecessor as minister, did not leave his post.

Intelligent and determined Winston had a huge support of citizens because he promised to correct the sad state of affairs at the front. The new minister was respected by the leaders of many countries, including Hitler and Stalin.

Winston knew: if the fascists win, it will be a disaster for all the inhabitants of the planet.

Darkest Hour

TOP 10 latest english War movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

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TOP Upcoming War movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good War movies 2017

The theme of military conflicts has always been of interest to mankind, therefore this genre of cinema is very popular among film fans. Military pictures describe the events of fierce fights, not only from the distant past but also from military battles that occurred relatively recently. Here you can TOP ten good War movies 2017 in theaters, shot by the best filmmakers.

Interesting military films have been shot a lot of these exciting stories about the courageous duels of the great generals, the battles with opponents, the bloody battles of the First and Second World Wars, shootings in Syria, Afghanistan, Chechnya and other hot spots.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good War films 2017.


  1. Dunkirk

The film takes the viewer in 1940 to France almost at the very beginning of the Second World War. After the breakthrough of the Maginot line, significant parts of the French, British and Belgian troops were blocked by the Germans at the seaside town of Dunkirk. Because of the impossibility of full-fledged on-land assistance, the British Admiralty and Churchill’s cabinet decided to make a complete evacuation of the surrounded units by sea.

  1. Bitter Harvest

A large-scale historical epic tells about the tragic events in Ukraine that occurred in the 30s of the XX century, also known as the Holodomor.

  1. Mine

The war in Afghanistan is in TOP 10 really good War movies.

Sometimes fate presents tests, the cost of which is own life. Going to serve in the army, the main character of the thriller – American guy Mike Stevens realized that he could be in a war where his life would be threatened by great danger. Fulfilling a mission in the Afghan desert, Mike was ready for any tests.

As a result of the failed operation, the guy is forced to flee with his partner Tommy, who dies before his eyes, exploding on a mine. Mike himself with horror discovers that under his foot is a mine and if he moves Tommy’s fate awaits him. Now the guy is going to have a difficult struggle for life under the hot sun in the Afghan desert, and also struggle with himself, his fears, and despair.

  1. Check Point

The film takes place in a small provincial town, where an underground terrorist group is located. To deal with the hidden threat that the homeless man accidentally discovered, a team of local heroes gathers in the town. Together these tough guys have to protect their country.

  1. War Machine

The protagonist of the movie is General Dan McMahon – a daring warlord of the American army in Afghanistan, who made a rapidly became successful, but was forced to resign after the publication of a scandalous article in the “Rolling Stones” magazine, giving rise to rumors and various assumptions.

  1. Leavey

It is the fifth place of the TOP 10 good english War movies 2017.

The film is based on the real story of a young female soldier who served in Iraq. In war, the main character finds a loyal comrade. It’s a dog named Rex.

For several years, the main characters are on the verge of death. On account of the girl and the sheepdog more than 100 successfully performed missions. Together they manage to determine the laying of explosive devices, thus saving a lot of lives. But one day everything changes. An unexpected explosion puts the future in jeopardy, and their roads diverge in different directions.

  1. Sand Castle

The film takes place in 2003. A Special Forces detachment of US is sent to Iraq for a specific mission – to establish a water supply system in a remote provincial village. The soldiers will seem to have an uncomplicated task – to accompany the tank with water, without which life in a remote village surrounded on all sides by sand is unthinkable.

However, most locals treat Americans as the enemy. With every minute, the situation gets hotter. The villagers begin to provoke the Special Forces in every possible way. As a result, the situation is getting out of control. Both sides grab for the weapon. The first shots are heard, followed by the victims. After the death of civilians, the clash evolves into a large-scale conflict involving aviation. Arrived with good intentions, American soldiers are now compelled to fight for their own lives. It’s not so easy to get out of the village.

  1. The Wall

A film is about two friends who were in Iraq in the war as a gunner and sniper. Mutual understanding, courage, experience helps them overcome many obstacles and deceive death, but until a certain moment. When they meet a similarly thoughtful enemy, they will have to remember a lot to get out of this fight alive.

  1. The Yellow Birds

Jennifer Aniston is on our list of TOP 10 good War movies 2017.

The film is based on the novel of the veteran of the Iraq war. This is the story of two soldiers who became friends in the training camp. A senior friend promises to take care of the youngest on the battlefield. But under fire in real conditions, this is not so easy.

The Yellow Birds

  1. Zookeeper’s Wife

Antonina and Jan Zabinski keep their own zoo in Warsaw. This territory belongs to the city, and therefore the spouses feel relatively safe when the Germans came to the country. The persecution of Jews began everywhere; they were sent to the ghettos of the camps and were simply killed. Under the onslaught of war, the zoo also surrendered – almost all animals fled during the fighting. Only Antonina suddenly realizes that this is a chance to save the Jews. After all, the zoo is large, and in cages and feeders for animals, she can hide people. For the whole of World War II, the spouses saved three hundred Jews and after the end of the war received well-deserved awards. Only all four years, there was a German Lutz Heck nearby, who suspected Zabinski of treason. But while the man was in love with Antonina, the woman used it to trick him and help the Jews.

TOP 10 new good War movies 2017 release dates, you can find on the Internet.

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TOP Upcoming War movies 2019-2020

List of best Hollywood War movies in 2017

The Great Patriotic War left a deep mark in the World history and in the hearts of all people. It is an eternal memory to the heroes who fought for their homeland, thanks to which we can enjoy a peaceful sky and a free life. In our TOP 10 best Hollywood War movies of 2017 to watch you will find films about the war where you can watch stories of incredible courage displayed both on the battlefield and in the rear, the history of the struggle for the sake of a common cause and incredible honor.

List of best Hollywood War movies in 2017

  1. Mine

Mike and Tommy – the sniper and his team-mate Commo – are sent to carry out the important task of the army leadership. They were thrown into the desert of Afghanistan so that the soldiers would eliminate the terrorist. The protagonist of the film was ready to pull the trigger, but because of his own oversight, he attracted the attention of the bandits. The fighters had to flee from the armed men who pursued them.

During running away, the men came on a minefield but noticed it was too late. Tommy is undermined on one of the shells. Mike runs to him to help, but in the end, he himself hears a treacherous click that condemns him to certain death. Contacting the authorities, the hero explains the situation. He is promised to help in the shortest time – he just has to wait for the helicopter … 52 hours. Mike sets the timer and begins to wait for help, hoping it will be easy. But ahead of him, there are a lot of difficulties: unbearable heat during the day, terrible cold at night, dangerous predators, thirst and even a sandstorm. And at the same time, he cannot move. Is not there too much testing for one person?

  1. The Zookeeper’s Wife

The basis for this touching film was the international bestseller describing the real events that took place in Poland in the last century. In the center of the narrative is a woman named Antonina. She is the wife of a zoo keeper in a district of Warsaw. The heroine is used to trusting animals more than people capable of betraying even their loved ones. But the war begins, and the quiet life of Antonina, like the rest of the Poles, is changing.

Germany is dropping bombs on the cities, setting their own orders and sending all the disliked people to the ghetto. As is known, most disagreeable are Jews, persecuted by the Nazis for several years of the war. Seeing what is happening, Antonina and her husband Jan are daring to shelter those who need from the fascists. Since all the animals from the zoo were taken away, there was a lot of space that pushes the woman to the idea of ​ the rational use of cells and cellars – the couple hides the Jews there. They do everything very carefully, but at some point, one of the officers-invaders – Lutz Heck – begins to guess about the underground activities of the characters…

  1. Their Finest

It is an ingenious story about filming a propaganda film at the beginning of World War II, which glorifies the fabricated feat of the two sisters. The creators of the film are aware that they are setting out a fairy tale, and besides, they all dislike each other – but all these are trifles when the morale of the British nation is under threat?

The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood War films 2017 because it came out on April 7, 2017.

  1. The Wall

In the center of the plot of the war movie is the deadly duel between two snipers – Iraqi and American. The Iraqi shooter manages to drive his American opponent into a trap in which he keeps him under vigilant sights. Defense of the American is only a piece of concrete wall, which fell off from some structure. Once in a desperate situation, an American catches the radio frequency of his colleague and at the same time a mortal enemy. And they begin to communicate. However, no matter how formed their audio relationship, the way out of this trap is for only one. The price of one’s life is the death of another.

The Wall

  1. War Machine

Based on the book of the reporter Michael Hastings, the film will tell about the Afghan period of the military career of General McChrystal.

  1. Bitter Harvest

In the center of events is Yuri – a young Cossack, who has a passion for painting. The guy is trying to win the sympathy of his fellow villager – beautiful Natalka. Between them arises a bright love, which will have to go through many difficult tests. Heroes do not have time to enjoy happiness: the soldiers of the Soviet army are invading the country, taking food from the peasants, which provoked the strongest famine.

  1. Sand Castle

A true story based on the memories of the young American Matt Ocre, who served in Iraq. His unit is sent to a troubled village to repair the water supply system, where they are met not as saviors but as deadly enemies. The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood War movies 2017 because it was released on April 21, 2017.

  1. Check Point

The protagonist is a former military man, who became a tramp. The man is engaged in the fact that he finds out the position of the terrorists, finds out the plan of their actions. This time it became known to him that the group plans to make a sortie into the city and this time in a big way. A retired military understands that it’s time to act to shield himself and others from these cruel people.

  1. The Yellow Birds

It is the story of two young soldiers who were thrown into the heat of the Iraq war. One of them is tormented by a serious promise given to his mother, not to perish.

The Yellow Birds

  1. The Ottoman Lieutenant

It is the leader of the list of Hollywood War movies 2017.

Every person in our life leaves an indelible mark. On the day when on the eve of the outbreak of the First World War a girl named Lillie met a doctor, she could not imagine what turn of fate awaits her. She was strong-willed and confident, she did not give anyone a chance to spoil the world, and she was trying to make her planet more secure.

An accidental rendezvous with Dr. Woodruff led her to a hospital in the world, she began to actively help the wounded and was not even afraid to go to the hot spot. The place of the dislocation was assigned to the Arab world. There were fierce confrontations, after which there were many wounded, and suffering, urgently needing medical assistance.

The heroine met a local young man there, a passion flared up between them. The girl was amazed at his depth, how much he was interesting and attentive. But when the military clashes in the country intensified, the guy who had already become not just a friend, showed himself as a true activist, he did not stay without business and went to fight for his land. She did not expect such a reaction. How can she perceive her lover, will she be able to reconcile herself with such a fierce outlook on life?

So our TOP 10 new holly War movies is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

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When does come out Darkest Hour movie 2017

The new movie by Joe Wright called “Darkest Hour”. The information on the main question: “When does Darkest Hour come out?” and more details on the movie you will find in the article below.

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  • Joe Wright is a director of the movie. He is known for the next movies: “Atonement”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Hanna”, “Anna Karenina”.
  • D. Marianelli is a composer of the movie.
  • B. Delbonnel is a cinematographer.
  • V. Bonelli is a film editor.
  • S. Greenwood is a production designer.
  • O. Goodier is an art director.
  • K. Spencer is a set decorator.
  • J. Durran is a costume designer.

Darkest Hour movie 2017

When is Darkest Hour 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie is going out on screens in the end of November 2017 in the USA.


In 1899, Winston Churchill decided to devote himself to politics. By the time he was already a well-known journalist, so may count on the support of society. The first attempt to enter parliament as part of the Conservative Party has failed – the voters chose the Liberals.

By staying out of the policy, Churchill once again went to the journalistic journey. This time he was sent to South Africa, where was developed the Anglo-Boer War. There he was captured by the enemies he made a daring escape from the capture what made for Churchill a finest hour as a politician: the voters promised to vote for him regardless of “political affiliations”. However, he decided to return to the battlefield, where he took part in many battles for the sake of saving the compatriots from his former prison.

Courageous Adventures of Churchill was allowed him to return to his homeland a hero – he easily won parliamentary elections in 1900 and entered the House of Commons, where firmly established for the next 50 years. In the same year he published his only literary work, the novel “Savrola” which, according to historians, a politician portrayed himself in the role of the hero.

From the early days in Parliament Winston Churchill without constraint acted with sharp criticism of the conservatives, expressing total disagreement with the program of the country’s chief ideologist Joseph Chamberlain. That is why the future Prime Minister of the UK left Conservative Party after 4 years and moved to the Liberals – this step allowed him to rapidly move up the political ladder. First, he became deputy minister of colonies, then was appointed to the post of Minister of Trade, after was promoted to Minister of the Interior, and a year later Churchill became Secretary of the Navy, thus becoming the youngest politician occupying the most influential posts in Britain.

As head of the Secretary of the Navy, Winston Churchill suffered a resounding failure: by his fault were unjustifiably killed 250 thousand soldiers in Dardanelles. Then, trying to make amends, the politician resigned and volunteered for the front. A few years later, when the “passions” around Dardanelles subsided, Churchill returned to the government, where he took the post of minister of military supplies, which also could not express himself properly, so had to take “political break” for a few years, completely moving away from politicians.

Back to policy was marked by the beginning of the Second World War, when Germany invaded Poland, then the United Kingdom declared war on Adolf Hitler. He was invited to become First Lord of the Admiralty, having the right to vote in the Military Council, as he never promised eternal peace in his country and was one of the few people, according to the authorities, capable of leading the nation to victory.

Darkest Hour 2017

Concentrating in his hands all the main leverages to mobilize the country, aimed at a decisive struggle against Nazi Germany, Churchill was able to climb to the top of power and become prime minister of Britain, however, in the most difficult period for England. But determination, perseverance and a sober assessment of the situation allowed the British Prime Minister to successfully lead war until victory, creating a victorious coalition with the United States and the Soviet Union. Being a bright opponent of Bolshevism, Churchill between Hitler and Stalin chose the latter, as he hadn’t the other option.


The official movie Darkest Hour trailer is not available.


The movie is about Winston Churchill and his decisive step as the Prime Minister of Great Britain not to go to an agreement with Hitler.


  • J. Hurt as Neville Chamberlain
  • L. James as Elizabeth Nel
  • G. Oldman as Winston Churchill
  • B. Mendelsohn as King George VI
  • K. Thomas as Clementine Churchill
  • J. Waller as Randolph Churchill
  • H. Steele as Abigail Walker

Release Date

Darkest Hour 2017 movie release date is scheduled on November 24, 2017, in the USA.