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List of TOP 10 good Foreign movies 2018

This category includes a large number of films, intriguing viewers with bright special effects, unique stories, memorable scenes and an excellent performance of actors who have become the perfect actors for millions of fans.

If you want to watch TOP 10 good Foreign films 2018, then we are happy to show it.

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List of TOP 10 good Foreign movies 2018

  1. Le sens de la fête (France)

Max has its own company that organizes holidays, weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. Recently, his business is little tough, but one very large order can fix everything. Max must organize a “turnkey” wedding, which will take place in a large and beautiful 17th century castle. He will get a big fee if everything goes well and the bride and groom will be satisfied with the event. The hero is very worried about the preparation and gives his staff detailed instruction, explaining in detail how everything should go. However, despite all the precautions taken, the events will take wrong direction.

  1. Selfie (Russia)

Bogdanov is a talented writer who is very popular and is able to earn a lot of money. He leads his own popular show on television, meets with the most beautiful girls, and often has fun. Many people wanted a life like he had, but the hero does not appreciate what he has. Recently, he not only stopped writing but also even failed the channel on which his translation is going. Bogdanov could not handle the burden of glory, he began to drink a lot, he almost does not see his daughter and is no longer respected by others. No one likes him. He does not even try to change his life, which greatly offends the people close to him.

  1. The Death of Stalin (Great Britain)

The life of people after the death of Stalin is in the TOP ten good Foreign movies 2018 in theaters.

Stalin was the Leader of the entire Soviet people for a long time. People feared and respected him, no one dared to contradict him. However, Stalin’s unexpected death left one of the most powerful countries in the world without a leader. At the same time, his place was free, a real war began between the most influential politicians and figures of that time for it. The harsh regime has ended, but instead of it, there has come chaos, because there is no obvious challenger for the post of the new Leader and everyone tries to prove himself.

  1. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Great Britain)

Unknown kills Mildred’s daughter Angela, who lives in a small town. Now she only dreams of finding criminals and cruelly punish them. However, the police, it seems, is in no hurry to carry out their duties. It has been several months since the murder was committed and there are still no suspects. A desperate woman in response to the inaction of the sheriff and his assistants decides to take an unusual step – she rents three billboards located at the entrance to the city and expresses her outrage on them. By her actions, the woman wants to draw attention to the case and stir up local law enforcement agencies, in particular, the police chief, who is popular authority among the residents. However, instead of it, sheriff begins to hate this woman.

  1. Happy End (France)

There is a large and prosperous family. Isolated from the problems of “ordinary mortals,” these “Taoist Gods” are mired in their own insincerity and hypocrisy to each other. Only the old grandfather Georges and his 13-year-old granddaughter Eve can afford to show in this family the sparking feelings that have become “taboo” for others. Eve and George are not indifferent to the fate of others and the world crisis, but they cannot provide a happy end to each of them.

  1. Girl In The Fog (Italy)

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Foreign movies 2018.

The events unfold in a small town in the Alps. Once there disappears a 16-year-old girl named Anna. To investigate this case, an experienced detective Vogel arrives in the city. The main suspect of Vogel is a teacher from the local school, Loris Martini. However, in reality, everything is much more confusing than it seems at first glance. Will he be able to solve this case?

  1. Euphoria (Germany)

From early childhood, two sisters could not reach mutual understanding, had no common interests. Ines was a very selfish, self-centered and hard-hearted child, causing many problems and troubles to close people, remorse without feeling conscience and guilt for acting rashly. Being a difficult teenager, she was only interested in personal experiences and needs, not being interested in the opinions of others. Growing up, she turned into a narcissistic, ambitious person who does not have feelings for family members. Emilie was the youngest daughter; she was the complete opposite to her sister. Now, they go on the big journey together. What will this journey bring to the main characters who have nothing in common?

  1. Incident in a Ghost Land (France)

Two sisters – One fear is in the TOP 10 really good Foreign movies.

Housewarming in a secluded rural house became a cruel test for the mother of two daughters, who was forced to protect them from raiders-killers. This terrible night determined the fate of both girls, one of whom became a successful author of horrors, and the second – plunged into paranoia. After 16 years, the sisters return to the old house, where their old fears come to life.

  1. Barrage (Luxemburg)

Ten years ago, Catherine left her young daughter Alba in the care of her authoritarian mother, Elizabeth, who is unable to give her a happy childhood. Upon returning home, Catherine is trying to establish a connection with the grown-up Alba.

  1. The Professor and the Madman (Ireland)

In the center of the plot of the film is Professor James Murray, who in the middle of the XIX century began to create the first Oxford dictionary. The patient of the clinic for the mentally ill Chester, who went to the clinic for killing a passer-by, will help Murray.

Sean Penn & Mel Gibson on cast for the Professor and the Madman

A list ends now.

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TOP Upcoming Foreign movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released Foreign movies of 2017

Since its inception, scriptwriters and directors of foreign cinema were able to translate a huge variety of ideas and views on the screens, presenting the true masterpieces of the classics to movie lovers. The main feature that distinguishes the best foreign films from other genres is realistic graphics, exciting and dynamically developing plot, carefully thought out staging and stunning stunts of professional stuntmen. As a rule, a considerable amount of money is spent on the shooting of novelties of foreign cinematography. This investment not only quickly returns to the creators, but also brings a big profit after the premiere of the film, and also justifies the popularity of the best bestsellers and blockbusters.

We are glad to present you a compilation of new Foreign movies releases in 2017.

If you are a true connoisseur of intriguing action movies, sentimental French dramas, realistic English detectives and colorful Asian films, then you should visit our topic to watch foreign movies. We picked up an impressive collection of movies that won prestigious prizes and awards and gained popularity in the world cinema community in 2017. For small TV viewers, there is a wide choice of animated and adventure films.

Let’s begin to watch list of TOP 10 recently released Foreign movies of 2017.


  1. Void

The man went to the next patrol and notices a guy covered in blood. The section of the road he followed was completely deserted. Carter cannot ignore what is happening, he hurries to get the person into the car and goes to the nearest clinic. The policeman was in a hurry, but behind him noticed that the gloomy void was gathering, and this seriously frightened him. As soon as Carter could get to the nearest hospital, he realizes that the real devilry is taking place in the city.

  1. T2 Trainspotting

Twenty years later, director Danny Boyle decided to film the continuation of the cult film, bringing together the old cast. He again returned to the screen the favorite characters in the film which takes place after two decades. Mark Renton returns to Edinburgh, from which he ran away a long time ago. Only this place he considers his home and only here his friends live, with whom he lived through the most difficult times.

  1. The Invisible Guardian

The dark past is in the compilation of latest Foreign movies in english 2017.

The film begins its narrative with an acquaintance with the main character, Amaya Salazar, who left her native places for personal reasons many years ago. Since that time, it has been a long time and now the girl works as a detective and is doing quite well with her duties. The main heroine has many times proved her professionalism. The main heroine is known for being able to successfully unravel even complex cases. The last investigation sends the girl to her hometown, from fear for which she was so long hidden. Salazar is terrified and tries to pull herself together. Due to the absence of any other choice and sense of duty, Amaya is sent on the road. She promises herself to hold on and be stronger than her children’s fears. The young detective understands that she must, despite everything, fulfill her duty and find an intruder who is guilty of a crime.

  1. Goon: Last of the Enforcers

The main character of the sports comedy continues to build his career in professional hockey, but how he does it is another conversation. After once the event brought the guy into the sport, there were dramatic changes in his professional and personal life. Now he became one of the team members, but it is not so simple to play the game, there are also behind-the-scenes intrigues.

  1. Smetto quando voglio: Masterclass

Peter and his life’s work are in TOP 10 modern Foreign movies of 2017.

The plot of the film tells about the scientist Peter, who works in one of the universities and, together with the main work, conducts a private investigation. Soon the project is suspended, as there are no new sponsors. Peter is confused, because this research he devoted a long period of his life, gave him soul and strength. The scientist is not going to give up and despair in the face of difficulties. Peter intends to earn money at any cost and continue his work.

  1. Radin!

The Golden Mean of the list of TOP 10 Foreign movies recently released in 2017.

No genius people without serious shortcomings. A lone violinist, the son of a lonely mother, used to count every penny. And even becoming rich, he remained unchanged.

  1. Kill Switch

The plot of the movie takes us to the near future. The influential Alterplex Corporation has created a special Tower, which with the help of new technologies periodically releases blue rays into the sky, extracting a new kind of energy. The protagonist of the film – former combat pilot Will – lives near the Tower and daily, along with his nephew, watches the dazzling blue ray pierce the clouds. He is one of those people who is fascinated by this achievement. But everything changes when unexplained catastrophes begin to occur on Earth.

  1. A Stork’s Journey

Before he could hatch from the egg, the sparrow Richard was attacked by a bird of prey and lost his parents. He was found by a stork. Grieving over the baby, she decided to take it to her nest. He was brought up as the most ordinary stork, although from the very beginning everyone noticed the essential differences between Richie and other chicks. Tell the baby the truth was decided shortly before the winter, because to winter, the birds fly south, but Richard is not one who can withstand a long flight.

  1. Kidnap Capital

The hard lives of illegal aliens are in a compilation of newly released Foreign movies 2017.

In the psychological thriller, it will be how illegal aliens become hostage to avaricious criminals who make their back in ransom. The film unfolds in the basement of a house on the outskirts of Phoenix. There were more than ten people from South America who tried to cross the border illegally but eventually were captured.

  1. My Life as Zucchini

After the sudden death of the mother, the boy remains completely alone. Under the law, a minor is sent to a children’s home, sending a policeman named Raymond for him. Between the man and the boy builds a solid friendship. Soon the protagonist will have to get into the world, completely unfamiliar and alien to him, in which many children with similar fates live.

TOP 10 Foreign latest movies 2017 is over now.

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TOP Upcoming Foreign movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Foreign movies 2017

In the TOP ten good Foreign movies 2017 in theaters, you can find new foreign films that will come out in 2017. The collection presents foreign films of different genres – adventure action movies, romantic comedies, exciting detectives, touching melodramas. The TOP will include best works of Italian, English, French filmmakers.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Foreign films 2017

  1. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Events unfold in the distant future. We learn that mankind has managed to conquer time and space. Now no one is running around the travel agencies in search of vouchers for resorts because interstellar flights are already available. The prospect of visiting another planet is much more tempting than the opportunity to splash off the coast in the ocean. Yes, such tourism is much more expensive, but emotions from it can get more vivid.

The government creates a special detachment whose members must ensure the safety of all travel and resolve possible military conflicts. One of the members of the special squad is the main character of the movie – a brave guy who works in tandem with the beauty girl Laureline. Together they are to study the nearest space, where tourists go. The work is simple but very responsible. The next turn turns for Laureline and Valerian mad adventure: the couple learns about the impending attack on the Earth and with all their might trying to stop the inevitable catastrophe.

  1. Goon: Last of the Enforcers

The story of the hockey player continues. He plays badly in hockey, but he fights well, with the help of his enormous strength and big fists.

  1. The Invisible Guardian

It is the Spanish psychological thriller in our TOP 10 really good Foreign movies.

After the graduation from the school, Amaya Salazar was forced to leave her native city and move to live in the capital. For a long time, the heroine of the movie did not appear in these places and many people could not understand what the reason is. After a while, the girl entered the police academy and graduated with great success. Now she works as an investigator and almost always gets not the easiest things. The only thing that Amaya decided for herself is that she will never return to her native land under any circumstances.

However, one ordinary day, fate decides that Salazar must return home. The next case, which is entrusted to lead the main character, leads the girl to the place where she was born and grew up – the rainy town of Elizondo. This investigation becomes one of the most difficult for Amaya, because, in addition to searching for a criminal, she has to cope with her fears.

  1. Braven

Earlier, Joe had a happy family, but in one moment he remained alone in this world. Only the husband of his sister became for him the most native person. Joe is true martial arts professional. A young man often trains. But soon fate will present the guy not a very pleasant surprise. His only native man was kidnapped. This was told to him by the person who called the phone number of the protagonist. Now he is ready for everything to find him.


  1. The Third Wave

In the not too distant future, a virus appeared on the Earth, capable of completely destroying mankind. The infected people turned into eerie monsters, such zombies, destroying all life. The world was divided into two halves – mutants and healthy people. And every day the number of patients continued to grow steadily. If in the very near future not to take any steps to save civilization, then intelligent life on the planet will come to an end. For six long years, the best scientists from different countries have tried to create a vaccine capable of stopping the growth of the epidemic.

  1. Void

It is the fifth place of the list of TOP 10 good Foreign movies 2017.

A young policeman finds a man in blood on a deserted road. He decides to immediately deliver him to the hospital, fearing that the wounded guy may die. Soon the hero of the horror film begins to notice that darkness that is gathering around him. Already in the hospital, having delivered the wounded man, the policeman understands that something supernatural is going on around him. Meanwhile, around the building of the hospital begins to gather a group of mysterious people in white overalls. In the building of the hospital, patients start to go crazy, they become infected with some unknown virus, because of what they become obsessed and try to kill everyone who is next to them.

  1. T2 Trainspotting

Twenty years have passed. Renton returns to the only place that he can consider his home. Along with his friends, there he will see other old acquaintances: revenge and fear, hatred and love, friendship, regret, and hope.

  1. The Snowman

Fassbender is in our TOP 10 good english Foreign movies 2017.

The film presents to the viewer the story of the unusual serial killings that occurred in Oslo. Instruct this investigation to start Detective Harry Hall, who only graduated from the FBI training courses and plans to soon become a federal agent. The management is trying to assess the possibilities of the guy and does not give him any helpers. But this does not frighten the young man because he was an excellent student, which means he will be able to prove himself worthy in practice. Carefully studying the materials of the investigation the hero understands that many murders in this city have much in common and the most distinctive feature is that near the victims there were small snowmen.

The Snowman

  1. On Chesil Beach

The film tells about the newlyweds, virgins Edward and Florance, because of the fear of sexual intimacy on the wedding night, their marriage cracked.

On Chesil Beach

  1. Redoubtable

The central figure of the film is the famous Franco-Swedish film director, who simply won people with his interesting films. The man always knew what exactly the viewer wants to get and tried to satisfy all the needs in this. However, despite his popularity, this man for a long time could not find a woman who would answer all his parameters and understand his soul. During the next filming of the new film, fate introduced him to the beginning actress Anna.

TOP 10 new good Foreign movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

TOP Upcoming Foreign movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 english Foreign movies 2017

Hollywood might be the greatest movie-making machine on planet Earth, but the Americans aren’t the only ones shooting ’em right. The Europeans, the Asians and everybody else in between have their own, unique vision and style, and that is exactly why we made this TOP 10 best English Foreign movies 2017 to watch list. If you want to stay tuned to what the rest of the world is offering, check our collection out!

  1. Cold War II

Lau is now the chief of Police, and the stakes are getting higher by the minute. With his new appointment, the man is to face one of the most personal investigations in his entire career: a thug abducts his wife and demands the chief to release a highly dangerous prisoner – Lee. Lau is in over his head, and he can’t make a wrong move, because his family is now in the hands of the bandits. How can one man outrun and outsmart an enemy that has such a huge advantage over him? Even his own colleges are in on it, which means he can’t trust anyone from the police – only himself. Cold War II is all about action, drama and crime.

  1. Enter The Warriors Gate

A regular teenage kid spends his days and nights playing video games, but when he discovers that some supernatural force has moved him to China, everything changes. Now, even though he can’t enjoy his games anymore, due to some, let’s say, technical difficulties, all of his exceptional skills from the virtual arena help him survive and even prosper in this harsh new reality. Kung Fu is what he’ll need to master if he wants to prevail in this game of life, but there’s a villain out there, and he’s hell-bent on destroying the boy – both physically and mentally. Of the TOP 10 new English Foreign movies 2017, this one will be appreciated by the fans of Martial Arts and laid-back, fun and chill films.

  1. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

As you might’ve already known, Final Fantasy is one of the greatest video game series in history, and Kingsglaive is considered to be one of the best animated films based on the franchise’s universe. War has been tormenting the two kingdoms for centuries: Lucis holds a magical crystal that Niflheim wants to possess. Lucis is trusted with protecting the crystal’s enormous power and the kingdom’s team of highly-trained soldiers is ready to die for the right cause. But the enemy is too strong to beat, and, even though the King and his trusty soldiers fight to the very end, the oppressors are slowly, but steadily taking over.

  1. Railroad Tigers

China is known for making thought-provoking and heart-wrenching movies, and Railroad Tigers is most definitely an epic film. The story follows a regular railroad worker who becomes the leader of the oppressed and frustrated Chinese citizens – a bunch of ill-equipped men that attack a train filled with Japanese soldiers and kill them all in a devastating blow. The train is carrying provisions that could save the innocent women and children of the village, and that is why these heroic men are not afraid to put their own lives at risk for a chance to bring food to their families. Put Railroad Tigers on the list of TOP 10 English Foreign movies 2017 – you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Shin Godzilla

A strange eruption of water in Tokyo puts the government on high alert: they think it has to do with volcanic activity, but, as it soon turns out, it was Godzilla, a gigantic creature that can’t be stopped by guns, rockets and missiles. It comes out of the water and destroys everything in its way. Time is running out, and if the city officials fail to come up with a plan of attack, everything will be lost. Godzilla doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses but the soldiers and a few civilians work 24/7 to figure out how to hurt this beast and send it back to where it came from.

  1. Headshot

A young man comes to on a shore with no recollection of how he got there or who he is in the first place. He’s suffering from a nasty head injury and can’t make himself remember anything that could help him figure out what’s going on. A gifted doctor treats his wounds and gives his the necessary hope and encouragement to get back on his feet. However, as soon as he starts to feel better, a rush of memories from the past hits him, memories that are both disturbing and shocking. Will he be able to make sense of it all and find his true calling in life? Wanna watch TOP 10 English Foreign films 2017? Headshot is a great pick!

  1. Train to Busan

A train from Seoul, the capital, is headed to Busan. It’s a regular day, nothing special about it. The high-tech train is extremely efficient and fast, and safety is the #1 priority for the company that owns it. However, no safety precautions could prepare and/or protect the passengers from what they were destined to face. There’s an all-out zombie apocalypse out there, and every single person on the train is vulnerable to it. Soon, when the virus strikes most of the crew, the lucky ones who turned out to be immune, fight the zombies to stay alive long enough to figure out a way out of this mess.

Train to Busan

  1. Hardcore Henry

Henry’s past is a mystery, and he can’t remember anything from his previous life. Thanks to some advanced technology, he has been granted a second chance; but he still doesn’t know who to trust and what to do with his himself. The details are all scattered, and it’s gonna take all of his wits, agility and flexibility to escape a group of thugs that want to put him down and to make sense of the craziness that’s going on in the world. Who are those people, what do they want and how on Earth is he so good at killing them? Of the TOP 10 latest English Foreign movies 2017 release list, Hardcore Henry is the most action-packed and exciting one.

  1. The Great Wall

China’s Great Wall has been around for ages, and there are all kinds of mysteries and scary stories surrounding it. According to this movie, The Chinese built it as protection from a horde of bloodthirsty creatures that try to overrun it and kill everything that moves every 60 years. The story follows a group of travelers from the UK who want to trade with the Chinese and form a proper alliance with them. However, they get sucked right into this epic fight for survival. Will they stay and fight like real man, or will they run away the second they get a chance to do that?

  1. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

They’re calling “Valerian” one of the most expensive French movies of our time, and, given the fact that Luc Besson is the director, you can expect an epic action-adventure movie for all ages and nationalities (it’s PG-13). Valerian, the main character of the movie, works in a top-secret government organization tasked with keeping peace in the Universe. Together with Laureline, he embarks on a perilous journey into the unknown. The boy has always had feelings for her, but she never really considered him to be “boyfriend material”. Who knows, maybe this mission will bring them closer?

Ok, that was our TOP 10 popular English Foreign movies in 2017, list!

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When does come out Red Sparrow movie 2017

Jason Matthews novel “Red Sparrow” was released in the summer of 2013 and became an instant bestseller. The novel received a lot of positive reviews, as some critics have even compared it to the works of Ian Fleming and John le Carré. The movie will come sooner. On this occasion, we are prepared full information on movie and also the answer on the question: “When does Red Sparrow come out?”

Have to wait:

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Francis Lawrence is a director of the movie. He is known for the big movie, such as: “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, “I am Legend”, “Constantine”, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay”.

  1. Howard is a compositor of the movie.
  2. Willems is a cinematographer.
  3. Bell is a film editor.
  4. Summerville is a costume designer.

Red Sparrow 2017 movie

When is Red Sparrow 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie will release on screens in the beginning of November 2017 in the USA.

Interesting Facts

  • The movie will be the third collaboration between Jennifer Lawrence and Francis Lawrence.
  • After the announcement of the film in 2013, the year Darren Aronofsky was considered for the role of its director but later dropped out from the project. In the same year, David Fincher and Rooney Mara were seemed as producers, as a director and actor of the film respectively. In July 2015 it became known that most likely that the movie will be directed by Francis Lawrence. Later, in September of that year, Jennifer Lawrence was presented as the female protagonist of the movie.
  • It is a debut movie for the Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin.


The movie Red Sparrow trailer is already available on YouTube.

The real spy story

British intelligence gave their officer difficult task. Out in the Pacific, where at that time was a war between the United States and Japan, in order to collect information about the fighting on both sides. Scout, let’s call him John Smith arrived at the area, first bought a small cargo ship to transport mail and goods between the islands of the Pacific Ocean. War is war, but eat inhabitants of the islands have to. Without such boats which are delivered provisions, it would be bad.

The second thing, this John Smith contacted the Japanese intelligence and offered it services to gather information about the American side for a fee. The Japanese agreed. White Anglo-Saxon, they reasoned, would make it better than any Asian.

The third thing, John Smith contacted American intelligence and offered them his services to collect information on the Japanese side. He told them that hates the narrow-eyed since childhood and always ready to help paleface brothers – American. Those, too, agreed.

And the work has gone. Transporting and trading of food, John Smith passed data to Americans about Japanese and to Japanese, respectively, about Americans. And he passed the information of both of them to the United Kingdom. All three explorations were satisfied by his work.

Red Sparrow 2017

Both USA and Japanese counterintelligence repeatedly arrested ingenious John Smith on suspicion of espionage. John Smith said the password, and counterintelligence, gritting their teeth, passed a spy in their exploration. In the exploration, he was asked: “Well, what are you this time gave to our mortal enemies?” “Yes, I told them little things! – Answered John Smith – and I do not remember exactly. How do I creep into the confidence of your mortal enemies? I’ll bring a lot of information about your enemies! You do not want to see your enemies have lost all confidence in me, and, moreover, tied me, and thereby depriving you of important intelligence? That’s why, reluctantly, I have to cooperate with the enemy for the sake of higher interests.”

Agents from both sides let go John Smith.

This lie would have ended well, but the Americans eventually occupied Japan. And they got to the Japanese intelligence archives. And the Japanese, it must be said or knew or assumed that this John Smith is also on the service in English intelligence. But they put up with this.

However, the Americans read the information provided by this John Smith to Japanese General Staff, outraged by this double-dealing of their faithful ally to the core.

Well, if your traitor caused damage to the United States, so, give him to us! – Insisted the Americans

The British government did not want to give their agent! After all, if the issue because Americans can get from him such information as the previous spy scandal seems like innocent misunderstanding! The British could not find this John Smith in its territory for a long time. But the Americans were persistent. They threaten to “unpredictable consequences” And the British had no choice, how to find that elusive John and agree to the issuance of a traitor to their faithful allies.

But, the best interest of the British Empire, there was a contradictory situation: on the one hand, it is necessary to give a spy, and on the other hand, it is inconceivable that loyal allies got him.

But this situation is resolved happily. The aircraft, which transported John Smith, crashed over the Atlantic. No one escaped. Moreover, the aircraft wreckage was never found.


Dominica has to seduce and to expose the FBI agent Nathaniel who is US mole in Russia. But there tied a relationship between them and it is jeopardized the security of both countries.


  • J. Lawrence as Dominika Egorova
  • J. Edgerton as Nathaniel Nash
  • J. Richardson as Nina
  • N. O’Neill as Sonya
  • K. Konrad as Ustinov
  • D. Miller as Victor

Release Date

Red Sparrow 2017 movie release date is planned on November 10, 2017, in the USA.

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When does come out All I Want movie 2017

This spring will start with various romantic pictures. One of them is “All I want”. It is an indie romantic comedy, so if you like going to small cozy art house theaters, you will probably see it there. So, when does All I want come out? The answer is the sixth of March.

The team

It can be called a project of a group of friends. They didn’t even make character names up, and just named them after the actors. All in all, there are twenty-seven actors.

The leading role is taken by the author of the story – Melissa Center, an experienced actress, filmmaker, step dancer and generally a person of many talents. She acted in various TV shows, like medical and detective dramas, starred in shorts and full-length movies. She runs a personal site and a Youtube channel, where she presents her own mini-series. There are comic sketches, movie reviews, a romance series about couples that met on Craigslist.

All I Want movie 2017

Drew Rausch, who plays Andrew the husband, is also well known for his, mostly episodic, roles in TV dramas and several big movies, such as The Battleship.

The rest of the cast are the friends of Melissa. Most of them worked at the same television series, e.g. Grey’s Anatomy, together. West makes a cameo appearance as Joe the farmer.

The director is West Liang, who has more than ten years of acting and directing movies. He played in a ninja action movie, dramas, and short films.

The story

It’s a mix of romantic comedy and drama about relations between friends. Though the crew has already finished the production of the movie, All I Want trailer is not available yet, even on the director’s Youtube channel. If we visit the official Facebook page, we can see the promotion video where they explain the idea behind the story. Melissa, the writer, says that she wanted to make a movie about friends throwing a party, and she added some shocking plot twists to it. West, the director, adds that the story touched him and he immediately agreed to take part in it. On Melissa’s site, you can watch two reels that present her acting talents in both comedy and drama. Not much is revealed about the plot. Husband and wife host a wedding anniversary party and invite their buddies and family members. During the evening, they uncover a terrible secret about their love life. Everyone gets anxious.

All I Want movie

The production

The process started in spring, almost a year ago. The film has been completed by September. The All I Want 2017 movie release date is 6th of March for the United States. It runs an hour and a half and features Dolby sound. There is no age restriction – it is suitable for every audience. The movie was produced by two independent companies. “Four Dogs Entertainment” was created to produce the movie. The other one is an alliance of Center and West, the authors of the movie. The budget is unknown, but it can’t exceed one million dollars.

Generally, it promises to be a fine movie aimed at people in their twenties and thirties. It is common for actors to gather and make independent movies. Some of them are decent, others are loved only by the fans of a certain actor. It is the first major work of this crew of filmmakers, so we can’t expect an Academy awards level. But even Hollywood sometimes makes a movie with twenty million dollars budget that appears to be a total waste of money. To find out, what does Mel want, better watch it with friends to catch up the atmosphere of the movie. Prepare for an evening at the cinema, and ask us when is All I Want coming to theaters? Our answer is Monday, the 6th of March. Afterward, it will be available via the Internet and on DVD.

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When does come out Ballerina movie 2017

This year is the year of high-profile titles, expected by many people around the world. One of them is the Ballerina – 3D computer-animated English-language film, created with the participation of Canadian and French studios. If you want to know when does Ballerina come out and what exactly the upcoming premiere is, you can read this article.

Some details

The real masters of his craft, which relate to their work with great responsibility, created Ballerina.

The first thing you should know – the film has two directors, two Erics. The first director, Eric Summer, most known for his TV series such as Profilage, Dolmen and The New Adventures of Robin Hood. The other Eric, whose surname is Warin, before the Ballerina directed only one short film – Alex and the Ghosts, so very soon we will see his first significant project. Carol Noble, Eric Summer, and Laurent Zeitoun wrote the screenplay.

Ballerina movie 2017

What is certainly worth mentioning is the star-studded cast of the film. The main characters of Ballerina voiced by:

  • Elle Fanning – young famous American actress, who already has numerous nominations and awards. In the movie, she voices a Felicie Milliner – persistent orphan girl, who with all her heart wants to be a ballerina.
  • Well-known as Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as well as famous for his starring role in the film Chronicle, William DeHaan voiced young inventor and Felicie’s best friend Victor.
  • Quite popular in spite of the very young age (14 years old) Maddie Ziegler, a dancer, an actress, and a model, voiced an uncompromising Felicie’s opponent at the scene – Camille Le Haut.
  • The famous Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress, whose name is Carly Rae Jepsen, voiced a mysterious Felicie’s mentor and helper Odette.

In France, where Ballerina 2017 movie release date is already in the past (the premiere took place on 14 December 2016), the film was released with the voices of Camille Cottin (Felicie) and Malik Bentalha (Victor).

A story

Events are unfolding in Paris in 1879. A girl Felice and her friend Victor live in an orphanage. Felice loves to dance since childhood and dreams of becoming a ballerina. Victor wants to be an inventor. To follow their dreams, Victor offers Felice to escape from the orphanage. Shortly thereafter Felice enters the ballet school, but it turns out to become a ballerina is not as easy as she thought. Every day there takes place the candidates selection, and someone becomes excluded. Felice should work hard to realize her dreams.

The movie Ballerina trailer also shows some moments of Felice’s relationships with other disciples and members of the ballet school. Among them it is the main rival of the girl – Camille Le Haut, who struggles to humiliate Felice. In addition, one of the main characters is a former prima Odette who although has a limp can help the girl with her experience and skill.

Production and release

Eric Summer and Eric Warin put a lot of effort in their first feature film. Creators even claim that their movie contains motifs of such films as “Billy Elliot” (2000) and “Ratatouille” (2007).

Ballerina movie

As a demonstration of directors’ serious intentions is the invitation of the French ballet stars Aurelie Dupont and Jeremy Belingard to develop choreography for the film. Interestingly, that originally planned to create a movie using motion capture technology to convey a realistic movement of classical ballet. However, this idea was abandoned in favor of the sublimity and sense of magic. People can’t dance as it is shown in the film.

Another point is the beautiful design of the movie. Working on the visual component of the movie, the artist Florent Mazurel was inspired by photographs of Paris in 1890, as he studied the architecture of the city. Much of his work was influenced by theater “Grand Opera”, which is symbolized in the movie a dream of the main character.

The first time the movie was shown is October 19, 2016 as part of film Festival in France. In December 2016, “Ballerina” was released in cinemas in the UK and, as mentioned above, in France. Another question – when is Ballerina coming to theaters in other countries, and particularly in the US?

At the end of December countries such as the Netherlands, Greece and Croatia have seen the movie too. In January, Ballerina has already been shown in Bulgaria, Australia, and Germany, as well as will be shown in Poland, Georgia, and Russia in the same month. China, South Korea, and Spain will see the movie in February and 3 March Ballerina will appear in US cinemas.

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When does come out Deidra & Laney Rob a Train movie 2017

In fact, the people who are able to download Netflix on their TV or computer or even their phones if they are constantly traveling have more chances and opportunities to see upcoming movies and series that won’t be released in the cinemas. This entertainment company was established in 1997 and since that it has brought and directed lots of popular projects that are watched in the USA, UK, and other countries. So the main question for fans of this company is when does Deidra & Laney Rob a Train come out? The main adventures in such films start when someone says “I’m going to rob the train”. So what is such upcoming movie about?

First of all, the new project is a mix of comedy, drama, and crime that also contains some scenes of action. In general, this is the unusual story about teenage who go to school like all the other students but the problem is that their mom went to prison. Knowing that fact, they begin stealing different stuff from the trains. It can be clearly seen on the movie Deidra & Laney Rob a Train trailer when the viewers catch the scene where girls sit together near the house and see the train passing by. This is how that “brilliant” idea of robbing trains was born.

Deidra & Laney Rob a Train 2017

The reason why main female protagonists, whose names are Deidra and Laney respectively, start such life is connected to their mom. As it was, she is in the jail so her daughters just decide to support the family and make lots of money. But who knows how it will all end. The local police officers start their investigating as they see that the products and other stuff from the train keep disappearing. Teenagers rob everything they see and they even managed to find a huge box with brand new smartphones.

Movie production and interesting facts

When it comes to Deidra & Laney Rob a Train 2017 movie release date it is important to know that this is the film produced and financed by Netflix so all the dates and premiere are planned for Netflix users only. However, it is also known that its world premiere is scheduled for 23rd of January in 2017 with the release on Sundance Festival of films. When it comes to the date that is connected to the release date that has already been set up and written this is the 17th of March in the same year. On that day all the American users of Netflix will be able to grab the opportunity to watch interesting and breath-taking story.

Deidra & Laney Rob a Train movie

For now, among watching the official trailer, there are some interesting facts about the filming production and the cast:

  • The photography started in Utah state and its different destinations, such as local parks, cities, and high school.
  • As soon as the main production of upcoming American movie started it was announced that Rachel Crow was going to take a part in the brand new project and play one of the main characters. She is best known for participating in the American version of The X Factor in 2011. There she had the unique opportunity to show her vocal talents after what she was noticed by American studios and directors. Rachel also grabbed the chance Nickelodeon gave her and appeared in some popular teenage series.
  • Ashleigh Murray, just like her friend from the upcoming film, is also a singer and actress. People can see her appearing in a new drama for teenagers made by the CW – American broadcast that shows and air lots of series including Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, Supernatural etc.
  • When is Deidra & Laney Rob a Train 2017 coming to theaters all the people, especially teenagers, will be able to see new project of Sydney Freeland who also worked in collaboration with Shelby Farrell.

Just before the information about future actors was provided to the society, it had been announced that production had started in 2016. Later on, there was more detailed information about who was going to finance and direct the film – so at that time Netflix provided its help in order to start a successful project that will be loved by both teenagers and older people. Right after that, the photography began in July in the same year – after just one month of preparations, making documents and setting up and buying all the decorations that were needed for the upcoming American-made project.

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When does come out Pitch Perfect 3 movie 2017

The production of the third film in the Perfect Pitch franchise has begun in January. The script is ready, the cast is approved. We already know when does Pitch Perfect come out – the date is 22 December 2017. Most probably it will not be the last installment, and the series will continue like “Step up”.

Have to wait:

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The reaction of the community

The first mention of the making of the next Pitch was in 2015 in the blog of Anna Kendrick. She just posted a photo of herself holding three fingers up. For now, there are only fan-made trailers, so the best moments of the movie are still unknown.

Pitch Perfect 3 movie 2017

We can expect the movie Pitch Perfect 3 trailer to be seen this summer. In September of 2015 the producers held a Pitch2Smash contest – participants recorded themselves performing a short scene with voice over from the actual movie. You can see a twenty-minute compilation on YouTube. Fans are singing or just reenacting their favorite scenes from the movie. The winner will take a small role in the film and ten other best performers received Blue-Ray copies of the second movie of the series. Now, when Pitch Perfect 3 2017 movie release date is already known, every fan is waiting in anticipation.

The plot

The second part, PP2, is set at the end of education, so it’s safe to aca-assume that at the beginning they will be separated, even live in different countries. They will seem happy but they will realize that it is hard to live without singing. Then either Becca or Amy will unite old friends for a charity a capella contest. They will meet young talented opponents who will be their enemies at first but then they will learn valuable lessons about friendship from the Bellas.

Even though the plot is quite standard for the “contest” genre, it is not the main thing in this movie. Yes, we can say for sure that Amy will be a comic relief who makes jokes about overweight people. And Mae Lee will act as a stereotypical awkward Asian. Girls will have some troubles with their love interests (Dean will have a wife and even adopt a kid by that time) but it all will be resolved at the end. No doubt that the characters will be two-dimensional stereotypes and the jokes will be there just to fill the time between music numbers.

That’s true, but think of this: do you watch dance, or kung fu or musical movies for the plot? No, the plot only glues together the show, it creates a bond between audience and the characters. We predict that the songs will be great, and the girls will give us an awesome show, that’s for sure! We will hear very unusual covers of the famous hits and see various outstanding performances. For the movie, it’s the only way to not ruining the franchise, or else we will see the Pitch Perfect 4 only on DVD.

The cast

From the beginning, it was certain that Anna Kendrick will play the main role and Rebel Willson will be there for her. They starred together in several movies outside the PP. Most of the previous team will appear in the movie – “black gay woman” Ester Dean, “awkward Asian girl” Mae Lee, as well as Camp as Aubrey, not to mention Shelley Regner.

Pitch Perfect 3 2017

The girls are experienced actresses. They have got most of the fame from the first Pitch, and they started to play in various films and TV shows. Little is known about the male cast, but it will differ greatly from the previous movie.

The script writer remains the same. The director, however, is changed and now it is Trish Sie who is in charge of making the movie. Probably the script writer Cannon will at least make a cameo and we will see the director. It is yet unknown what famous singer will play in this movie. They published a group photo in January, on the first day of film making.

If anyone asks you when is Pitch Perfect 3 2017 coming to theaters, you can easily answer them that the date is three days before Christmas. You can just watch it in a company of friends or you can set a nice romantic date at the cinema. After all, scientists have proven that singing together creates a really strong bond between people, that may even grow into something bigger than friendship.